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San Diego Brewery Tours at Helms Brewing Company

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Helm's is a hidden gem that stands out against the 70+ breweries in and around town. Let us help you discover this brewery in a San Diego limo brewery tours that we can customize in any way you choose, for a truly relaxing day out!

Why Choose San Diego Brewery Tours at Helms Brewing Company?

Helm’s Brewery is a hidden gem set in the middle of San Diego's industrial area. They specialize in craft beer and provides a wide variety of specialties which are made not only for the beer connoisseurs but also for the average beer consumer. If you decide to come here, make sure you try the crowd favorite Wicked As Sin IPA, with floral notes and if you are a chocolate lover, you must try the Chocolate Night Imperial Stout, which includes real chocolate! Other varieties we really loved are the Samuin Harvest, the flavored Beeruccino, and Hop the RIPA.

Helm's Brewery has their home brews listed above the bar with flat screens on either side for sports viewing. If you are into Porters, Stouts, Browns and Ales, this is definitely the place for you. This is a family place where you shouldn’t shy from coming with your kids because everyone is prone to have a good time. Moreover, they are also pet-friendly. Bottom line, it’s a brewery where you’ll feel welcomed at any time. Let us help you plan the perfect brewery tours and tasting day in San Diego!

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