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San Diego Brewery Tours at New English Brewing Company

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We aim to provide the best brewery tour experience in San Diego and we recommend booking one of our limos so that nobody will have to worry about being the designated driver while the rest of the group enjoys samples of beer.

Why Choose San Diego Brewery Tours at New English Brewing Company?

New English has the low-key vibe of hanging out in a friend's garage, sampling homemade brews in a man cave setting. It is a small tasting room with some stools and barrels to use as tables. There are about 8 beers on tap, 2 on cask, and 1 on nitro.

The Brewers Special Brown Ale and the Dragoon American Red are nice, smooth dark ales and The Explorer ESB has that classic English bitters roll to it.

Excellent, smoothly crafted beers and a friendly atmosphere make this one of the most appreciated micro-breweries in San Diego.

Their British "session beers" are designed for slow sipping to appreciate the flavor and enjoy some conversation over a pint. New English Brewing Company is a must for Anglophiles and craft brew fans!

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