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San Diego Brewery Tours at Aztec Brewing Company

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Aztec provides a great variety of beers that can be described as being a little bit old style Mexican beer and a little bit new style Southern California beer, all crafted together. Book a limo and let us design the brewery tours for you!

Why Choose San Diego Brewery Tours at Aztec Brewing Company?

The Aztec Brewing Company is a unique place you must check out on your beer tasting tour. This brewery praises itself with a long history which started in Mexico during Prohibition.

When prohibition ended, the brewery was moved to San Diego and became known as ABC, standing for Aztec Brewing Company.

This is a lovely themed location that will enchant you. Their staff is professional and mega-friendly and they will warmly recommend you their best beer varieties.

Speaking of which, we were happy to have tasted the following specialties: the Macaroon Nut Brown, the El Dorado, Aztec Agave Wheat, Aztec Amber, Hibiscus Wheat Beer, the Chipotle IPA, the Bronze Ribbon Winner Noche de los Muertos. Moreover, they also have some great seasonal beers called El Humo (the Smoke) Rauchbier, and ABC Retro Lager.

This brewery’s laid-back atmosphere, free snacks, cool décor, and, of course, amazing beers are enough reasons to give it a try. Don't miss the chance to make a stop and check out during your brewery tours.

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