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San Diego Brewery Tours at Blind Lady Ale House

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Blind Lady Ale House is all about a great variety of beers, delicious pizza, and a diverse crowd! We are more than happy to take you for a fun day of brewery tours in San Diego! Book a limo and never worry about a designated driver for your group!

Why Choose San Diego Brewery Tours at Blind Lady Ale House?

Blind Lady Ale House is one of our favorite beer-tasting destinations in San Diego. This place offers a noteworthy gastronomic experience and a wide array of drafts that will amaze anyone.

This great brewery will welcome you with its utterly relaxing atmosphere enhanced by its friendly staff and chilly jazz beats.

Their acronym is BLAH, but it’s got nothing to do with boredom; you’ll see it for yourself as soon as you get here. Their cool rotating draft will drive you crazy and so will their wide range of select beers.

BLAH's excellent draft beer is always served with attention to detail: 26 taps, short beer lines to keep the flavor, and pure water rinse are used to remove sanitizer residue from the glasses. Some of our favorites were the peculiar Zumbar Stout, boasting a smooth and unique flavor, and their top-quality IPAs.

As for the foods, you can choose from a wide variety of basic, but tasty dishes. They keep their menu simple with Neapolitan-style pizzas topped with fresh-made mozzarella, local veggies, sustainably-produced meats, and delicious salads. One thing you should definitely include in your brewery tours.

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