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San Diego Brewery Tours at San Diego Brewing Company

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Providing great local, regional, and imported tap beers along with a fantastic lineup of their own brews, San Diego Brewing Company focuses on IPAs. Let us help you discover San Diego Brewing Co. and book a limo to enjoy the brewery tours in a safe and responsible way!

Why Choose San Diego Brewery Tours at San Diego Brewing Company?

San Diego Brewing Company has a vast tradition in beer crafting, These guys started in 1896 and they were referred to as the most important industrial enterprise since A.E. Horton founded San Diego.

Today, the new San Diego Brewing Company offers up to 50 taps of beer every day. Their fresh beers are artfully crafted in small batches from their own recipes, and all of them are unfiltered.

So, if you love this type of beer, this is the best place in San Diego to grab one.

Another great aspect that distinguishes their beers is that most of them are brewed with just 4 ingredients, without any preservatives or adjuncts like corn or rice.

Moreover, they have a terrific cuisine comprising some delicious dishes that will compliment your beer. Some of our suggestions include their boneless wings which can become quite addictive. This is a great place to hang out with friends.

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