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San Diego Brewery Tours at Groundswell Brewing Company

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This is a cool little brewery tucked away in an industrial area. They have a good variety of beers that you can savor in a spacious area. Enjoy the brewery tours in a safe and responsible way with Aall In Limo & Party Bus and let us do the driving!

Why Choose San Diego Brewery Tours at Groundswell Brewing Company?

Groundswell Brewing Company is a must-see destination in your beer tasting tour through San Diego. These guys want craft beer enthusiasts to explore the hidden flavors and understand the complexities of the taste.

They focus on beers between 4.5% and 7.0% ABV and their goal is to provide a well-balanced, well-crafted session beer.

If you come here, you must taste the following super-beers: the Pogue Mahoe, the Honey Amber, the white IPA, and the delicious milk stout brewed with cherries.

This brewery has that nice bar/pub feel that makes it an ideal location for groups of friends who want to chill out and chat. The cozy setting is enhanced by a lounging area. Groundswell was built with a sense of community in mind and wants its customers to feel right at home while sipping on their favorite beer, so don’t hesitate to finish your brewery tours here if you want to unwind.

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