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San Diego Brewery Tours at The Lost Abbey

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Between the happy hour specials, food trucks, lively atmosphere, and huge beer selection, The Lost Abbey covers basically every base you could want from a world-class brewery. We are familiar with all that San Diego limousine brewery tours have to offer and can help you plan the perfect tour! Our drivers will help you choose your own itinerary for special brewery tours throughout San Diego

Why Choose San Diego Brewery Tours at The Lost Abbey?

The Lost Abbey is a great destination during your brewery tour in San Diego if you are a beer enthusiast. This local brewery is loaded with tons of flavor-packed options.

The Abbey is a popular gathering place for locals and tourists alike and the general joy and buzz are part of this brewery’s charm.

Here, they brew beer for each season and they also have their year-round specialties. If you want to make the most out of your tasting experience, we recommend you rely on their expertise and go for the options they indicate.

Our favorites are the peculiar Bob-Denominational barrel-aged beers that they release regularly.

Other options that impressed us were their Avant-Garde, Judgement Day and Repertoire, and the carefully crafted Berliner Weiss. The place in itself is worth visiting, the Abbey is continuously decorating and redecorating itself. The walls are filled with paintings and pictures of the beers they offer. The staff is friendly and the mood is always chill and casual. Bottom line, you have to come here if you are on a San Diego brewery tour.

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