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San Diego Brewery Tours at Rough Draft Brewery

Prices & Packages

Tues & Wed: Noon to 2:30PM, 3PM to 7PM; Thurs, & Fri: Noon to 9PM


Beer Tasting

$4 - $9


A gem in the Warehouse Craft Beer scene, Rough Draft feels like a great bar! It's a MUST to have it on your brewery tour itinerary. With our skilled, experienced, and professional chauffeurs at the wheel, you are destined to have the best brewery tour in San Diego!

Why Choose San Diego Brewery Tours at Rough Draft Brewery?

The Rough Draft Brewery Company is managed by a friendly team of people who have a true passion for making great beer. They have been crafting this beverage for almost 20 years and their journey is far from being over.

Their charming tasting room will provide you with the best setting for a professional tasting session. Check it in your brewery tours. If you are not the type of person who cares about luxurious settings, 5-star restaurant arrangements, but you rather enjoy a pint of homebrewed classics that are up to par with the best beers that the San Diego microbreweries produce, then Rough Draft Brewery Company is a place you'll definitely enjoy. Should you decide to come to visit this brewery, don’t hesitate to ask any beer-related questions. These guys are really passionate about what they’re doing and more than willing to share their knowledge with guests. Also, their bourbon barrel specialty beers are impressive, so give them a go when you drop by for a pint.

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