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The Best Temecula Wineries with Live Bands

The Best Temecula Wineries with Live Bands By Posted on 14th June 2023
The Best Temecula Wineries with Live Bands

Imagine drinking a glass of wine while listening to good music in an excellent location; this is what happens at Temecula Wineries, while live bands with talented artists will put on a memorable show.

Gather your dear ones and offer them a different experience while traveling in style. Choose to create unforgettable memories at Temecula Wineries and attend amazing live concerts.

An open-air concert at a winery is different and unique, offering:

Wonderful Concerts and Live Music at the Best Temecula Wineries

Thornton Winery

A great location, with incredible shows during the summer season. Thornton Winery is the proper place to stop for jazz, rock, or pop artists. Jazz concerts or live bands with local musicians go on almost every weekend at Thornton Winery.

Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for the incredible concerts at Thornton Winery. Take your friends there and enjoy a wonderful time together.

Lorimar Winery

Lorimar Winery is the perfect place to spend your free time and create unforgettable memories. With live music seven days a week and award-winning wines, Lorimar Winery is where you will surely want to come back. At Lorimar Winery's galleries, you can admire local art and discover many new things.

In addition to great music and wine, their gourmet mobile kitchen offers delicious food pairings.

Enjoy the sounds of live music in a charming winery while the sun goes down.

Leoness Cellars Winery

If it's the weekend, it's time to listen to some live music at Leoness Cellars Winery. Write a new story every Friday and Saturday night by living a unique experience.

Good music, tasty wine, and delicious food - all in one location. Come to Leoness Cellars Winery and create memorable experiences, and for sure, you will want to come here again!

Miramonte Winery

A winery that is always crowded - you will never feel alone here, the vibes you get from Miramonte Winery are one of a kind. Friday and Saturday, you can attend awesome events. Live bands are here to offer a great show while you can focus on tasting exceptional wines.

Make sure you book your reservation at Miramonte Winery!

Wilson Creek Winery

A family-owned place located in the center of Temecula Valley, Wilson Creek Winery is the best place to be on weekends. An absolute pleasure to spend a summer night like this; drink wine, eat delicious food, and listen to great music.

Wilson Creek Winery is always crowded thanks to its lively atmosphere. Coming here is an absolute pleasure!

Cheers to a weekend well spent at Wilson Creek Winery!

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