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San Diego Wine Tours at Principe di Tricase Winery

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Principe di Tricase Winery prides itself on being a vineyard, a working farm, and a Christmas Tree Farm. We invite you to go to a wine tasting at this exquisite, unique place. It has a special area for kids, with crafts and toys, welcomes dogs and horses, which have shade, water dispensers, and a perfect place to sniff their way around, and varied spaces and different moods so you can find exactly what you're looking for. All of their wines are vegan and gluten-free, and so is their food!

The winery also hosts private events, so you can organize a birthday party or even spend the holidays with your loved ones. Principe di Tricase Winery hosts various events of its own regularly, which gives you all the more reason to visit it! They don't add sulfites in their wines or use anything that is not just grapes, they don't filter the wines, and they use very little oak, only for red wines. To make your wine tasting experience even more unforgettable, book one of our luxurious limo party buses with your group, which will spare you the need for a designated driver.

San Diego Wine Tours at Principe di Tricase Winery

Principe di Tricase Winery offers 4 different white wines, 2 roses, and over 15 red wines. The grapes they use for making wine include Malvasia, Aleatico, Teroldego, and Sangiovese. Because the winery owners are rather artisans than winemakers, you are bound to relish some excellent wine you may want to take home with you.

If you become mesmerized by Principe di Tricase Winery, like so many other visitors, you have the chance to become a Wine Club member, as they offer 3 types of memberships: Athena at $35 per month, Zeus at $64 per month, and Bacchus at $87 per month. The perks of being a member include receiving one or multiple wine bottles every month, attending several free wine tastings, and having significant discounts at events.

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