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Our 2017 Scholarship Winner - Taylor D., Senior at the Del Norte High School - Read Essay »

Why You Shouldn't Drink and Drive

Most of the times, people mistake the idea of having a good time (at a party, in a club and so on) with the consumption of alcohol, thinking that the drunker you are, the more "fun" you’ll have. To some, driving after you've had a couple of light drinks with your friends is a habit they found out about in high-school and never dropped ever since, as driving to and from parties is an essential thing for party people.

But the one thing that these party people do not understand is the extreme risks they pose to themselves, their friends and the other people (walking or driving along the same road) whenever they drunk drive. A moment of dizziness and hesitation could take away someone's life, injure people, destroy lives, and damaged goods, not to mention the fact that it can send the drunk driver in jail for a long time, as it makes them responsible for destroying the lives or goods of others. In some cases, if the accidents are severe, the driver can be the first to die in the impact.

Both drinking and driving are a matter of personal decision-making, but when a person is already drunk, driving just a couple of miles until they get to their cozy bed at home seems like a good idea, which is why people should reconsider their idea of drinking as having fun.

If you are planning a fun night out to drink with your friends or colleagues, make sure you take proper precautions and plan an alternative home ride for you and your friends before you go out and have a couple of drinks with them. Planning ahead of the time you spend doing shots could save your life and the lives of other people.

Taylor D., Senior at the Del Norte High School

We also are considering these applicants automatically in our 2018 scholarship due to their unique ideas in their essays:

Aaron A. - Depaul Univeristy - Read Essay »

The act of consuming alcohol is a personal choice. An individual participating in the act of intoxicated driving is no longer making a personal decision. He or she is making a conscious decision to risk their own life as well as the lives in the proximity to that moving vehicle. Drunk driving can result in death or severe injury to the human body and personal property. As citizens granted the permission to operate motor vehicles we have the obligation to drive protecting ourselves as well as every other driver on the road. Driving impaired does the opposite of fulfilling these legal and moral obligations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention every day twenty eight people die from an impaired driving related accident. To make this hit home more these are twenty eight people that will not be going home to their families. This statistic is startling high and when broken down, drunk driver related accidents are happening every 51 minutes. Through dialogue with my peers I've found common themes to why drunk driving has become the norm for some adolescents. My peers have explained to me in confidence that they've driven impaired because they felt there was no other options to get themselves and their cars home. Through research I've discovered viable options to avoid intoxicated driving. One option being the use of a car service such as Lyft or Uber. The second option being the use of AAA, who provides free tows for any vehicle within a certain mile radius of the car's location. Driving impaired is not just selfish but completely inhumane. For anybody who gets in the driver's seat knowing that they shouldn't be operating a vehicle I beg of them to examine their moral compass. Encouraging everyone to make the correct decision to not start that car. The lives being saved because that vehicle doesn't leave its parking spot are precious.

Abbey Z. - Robert Morris University - Read Essay »

In high school we had a speaker come to our school and present to all the juniors and seniors of Kettering Fairmont High School. Kettering is a small town, not a whole lot to do, so it makes us close, the entire town knows each other. You could hear the excitement buzzing around the room, it was the day before prom, the upperclassmen were ready for the day to finally come. The noise simmered down as this unknown man comes on the stage, microphone in hand, dragging a chair behind him. He starts by telling us his name and some jokes. Nobody had told us students what this assembly was for, so when the random stranger in front of us changed moods in an instant by sitting down in the chair and rolling up his pant leg, you could say we were all confused. He reached the top of his leg, and yanked it off. It was a transtibial prosthesis, replacing the bottom half of his leg with an artificial one. The confusion levels in that room shot up like a rocket. He stood up, wobbling at first, and introduced himself again. Instead of saying "Hi my name is…" this time it was "Hi, I'm a drunk". He told us his story, I can honestly say it was the same as every other drunk driving story I have ever heard: he drove drunk, thinking he wasn't that bad, he hit another driver, the other driver died while his life was spared, only losing a limb in the process. The worst part about hearing the story was knowing what the reaction of the crowd would be. We have all heard drunk driving stories, and that is the problem itself. As a society we are use to hearing drunk driving stories, we know the ending, and we know how to feel. We should not have these feelings. As an entire country, we should be shocked, this should be unheard of. Nobody should put other's lives at risk for their own fun night. Seeing friends drink and then tell me they're going to drive home always hits me hard. I will, and have never, let my friends put another person's life so they can go home to their cozy dorm room to watch some netflix or eat some snacks. We, as a society, need to think about other people before thinking of our own needs, and this starts with not driving drunk.

Abby G. - DePaul University - Read Essay »

Blink. Thats all it could take and your life and many other peoples lives will change forever. When you decided that after a couple drinks you could successfully drive home. When you made that decision, did you think about all the other people on the road you are sharing the road with or your passengers if any were in the car? Did you think about your family? The answer is probably is no. It is most likely a no because you don't think about the negative outcome of your decision when you make it. You just think you will be able to get home fine because maybe you saw your friend do it once and was fine. However, not everyone will have the same outcome. When you decide to drink and drive you instantly put your life on hold. You put everyone in extreme danger that wasn't doing anything wrong. Drinking and driving is something that doesn't have to be an option. With modern technology today you have many opportunities to get a ride rather than putting yourself behind the wheel. Call up a friend, or even Uber. Nothing is worth going behind the wheel after drinking. Its not worth taking the chance and saying that you are fine and could do it fine. No one should have to tell anyone its not a good thing because everyone should know just how bad it really is. When you are driving, you are in full command. You are in control, having to stop at stop signs, letting pedestrians cross and checking that lane before you cut in front. Driving is like a fully loaded gun. One wrong and the trigger could be pulled. Imagine having a gun while your drunk. It never ends well. Drinking and driving isn't worth losing everything. Blink. And everything could be gone.

Abigail C. - Eastern University - Read Essay »

Drunk driving is something that everyone learns about in high school and knows to avoid. Avoiding driving while intoxicated is quite easy actually, so long as one takes the proper precautions and plans ahead of time, before they drink, how they will get home. Yet, far too many people have gotten behind the wheel regardless of their blood alcohol content. Americans need to wake up and realize that this is no joke. In 2014 in my home town, a boy just one grade above me drove himself and two other people home from a party. This boy and his friends were all highly intoxicated and never made it home. The driver of the vehicle crashed the car into a tree, killing all three of them. I tell this story because that was the first time I was ever affected by a drunk driving incident. I saw the aftershocks of the accident, saw the anger and the depression the incident brought on. The families were so distraught and all of my peers were in shock. How could something like this have happened to our community? This time in my life showed me that driving while intoxicated is no joke , and is something that needs to be avoided as best as possible. I have never truly been a drinker, even now that I am in college. Whenever I know of people who are going out to have drinks, I am sure to tell them to call me if they need a ride. My closest friends know that if they were to ever call me I would pick them up in a heartbeat. No matter what the inconvenience to me, I do not care because it is not my life in the line but the lives of everyone else on the road.

Aimee S. - Boise State University - Read Essay »

My mother is a taxi driver. Growing up with a parent who caters to the drunk and disorderly, I have heard my fair share of horror stories. My mother has told me time and time again how she takes people home from the bars who would've been driving home if it we're for their friends shoving them into a cab. Because my she works late nights, my mother has also told me about the different car crashes she has seen along the side of the roads late at night. She has explained to me from a young age that these crashes could have been avoided with just a quick phone call to a friend or taxi service. I have also learned the importance of a designated driver, or taking a taxi. It is important to not only think of yourself, but everyone around you when it comes to drinking and driving. One crash can lead to the end of many people's lives and several families struck with misery. Because I have strong views against drinking and driving, I have had several instances of backlash from friends. When I see anyone trying to drive after drinking, I try to offer to find them a ride, or even a taxi to take them home. The response I get is always the same. They don't want to spend money on a ride and they don't want to come back for their car in the morning. I see these excuses as ridiculous. Paying for a ride home or taking a trip back in the morning are both a small price to pay for keeping yourself, and the people around you, safe. Now that I am of the drinking age, I see more and more people making bad life choices. But, the only thing I can do is advocate for safe driving and offer people the number of a good taxi service. I will always be an advocate because I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't stand up from what I believe in.

Alena S. - Florida A&M University - Read Essay »

Drinking and driving is a selfish act. You are not only putting your life in danger but you are also putting other peoples lives in danger. Every fifty-one minutes in the United Sates someone is killed in a drunk driving car crash. It is important to avoid drinking and driving because of the harm it can cause others. I have had a family member killed from someone who was drunk driving. She was killed because one person decided to just act and not think about what their actions could possibly do. The passing of my cousin was very hard on my family. My family and I wanted to stay mad at the man who did it but, with therapy we learned that wasn't the best coping mechanism. We learned that we need to forgive even thought the situation hurt us tremendously. We also learned that we need to inform people about how drinking and driving is killing our society. There are many things that you can do to avoid drinking and driving. You can plan ahead to have a designated driver, call a friend, call an uber, etc. There are a wide range of things you can do to prevent taking someone's life or even your own. When planning to drink we should always be responsible and mindful to stop any drinking and driving incidents. While in high school I was given the opportunity to participate in every fifteen minutes'. This program is targeted to stop drinking and driving among teens and just everyone in general. This program not only affected me as an individual but, also my school as a whole. Two months prior to this event we lost one of our classmate's due to drinking and driving. When the incident first happened it was a big wake up call for everyone. I feel that seeing demo related to drinking and driving was an event bigger wake up call; informing us that this can happen to anyone. I wasn't very close with the student who passed away but, I tried to help the people who was, cope with her death in the best way possible. At the end of this program my class and I all took a vow to never drink and drive. With this I knew that my classmates and I would do what we could to stop drinking and driving as a whole. Alcohol affects the way you think and your perception of things. When driving a vehicle your motor skills are necessary to drive safely. Drinking and driving is not only a poor decision it is also a crime. Many people think that driving themselves home after drinking will cause no harm. Little do they know they could be potentially ending their life or someone else's. Drinking and driving is a risky move and ultimately a choice. Why take the risk, just put the keys down and find a ride home. We all need to keep the roadways safe by not drinking and driving.

Alyssa M. - Robert Morris University - Read Essay »

My father is a fireman, so I have seen firsthand the affects of drinking driving. Seeing and hearing about the car accidents, injuries, and even deaths, was enough for me to never think about drinking and driving. When someone is drinking, and they get in the car to drive home, they are not only taking their own life into their hands but everyone around them as well. Hurting yourself is your own choice, but putting innocent people in jeopardy couldn't be more selfish. As a young child a innocent girl from high school was hit by a drunk driver and killed. This girl had done nothing to deserve this, no one was ready for her to go, and there are no condolences that you can offer her family. That man is now in jail. A night of drinking and driving not only took an innocent girl from her family, but now he will spend his life in jail. Was it really worth it? Being in college you are exposed to alcohol and parties, and how you handle it is everything. If you believe that you are old enough to drink than you need to be old enough to make wise decisions. If you do not have a "DD" than you shouldn't be drinking. There is not a drink or a party worth going to that you would have to drink and drive for. There is no longer an "excuse" to drink and drive. We have excellent technology and applications, such as Uber, that allow us to have a ride virtually anywhere we would need to go. As long as you have the app, you just pay a small fee and a car arrives to take you wherever you need to go. Everyone thinks "it won't happen to me" or "I will be fine." You are not fine, and it will happen to you. Putting your own life at risk is one thing, but do not take innocent people down with you.

Amelia E. - Florida State University - Read Essay »

It is not new information that consuming alcohol greatly impairs judgment, causes drowsiness and drastically slows reaction time. It is also not new information that safe driving is highly dependent on fast reaction time, alertness and good judgement. Both these ideas are tried and true and even though they make the connection between alcohol consumption and dangerous driving that is both evident and undeniable, every day, people of all ages continue to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. These continued acts of drinking and driving are not due to a lack of warning, but are instead the result of a lack definiteness in our warnings. A majority of the warnings we use now include the words 'could', 'may', 'might' and 'possible' when outlining the consequences of driving under the influence. "You could injure yourself and others." "You may be pulled over by law enforcement and fined." "You might go to jail." "It is possible for crashes cause by drunk driving to be fatal." While these are all true statement, they allow the "that will never happen to me" mentality to prevail. By using these words, the impact is diminished and there for the warnings are without a personal connection. In order for education and awareness on drunk driving to actually be effective we need to change our language. We need to replace our 'could', 'may', 'might' and 'possible' with 'will'. "You will injure yourself and others." "You will be pulled over by law enforcement and fined." "You will go to jail." "Crashes caused by drunk driving will be fatal." By eliminating any kind of chance that the act of drunk driving can go unpunished, simply by changing the language we use to discuss it, we can strengthen the arguments against drunk driving and help better connect the consequences to those who are being warned against it.

Angela F. - Grand Valley State University - Read Essay »

There are several reasons why you shouldn't drink and drive. First and foremost, the danger not only to yourself but to someone else in the vehicle with you or another car on the road. Alcohol has this affect on your body that not only delays reaction time but also inhibits your ability to make quick and good decisions. Our nervous system is made up of tiny little electric impulses that are sent to our brain to tell us what we should do next in a situation. When we drink, we limit those messages from being sent in a quick manor, leaving us seconds behind in the decision making process. Not only this but why take a chance of killing yourself or someone else when life has so much more to offer than a life of remorse, grief, and most likely spending time in jail due to your decisions. On the flip side of that, we are not always aware when we have been drinking that we are making bad decisions until it is too late. We may not believe or agree that we need to take a step back and let someone drive for us. I have no personal experiences with drunk driving, however, I know the ramifications of friends who have had to live with and deal with being a drunk driver and very simply getting pulled over before anything tragic has happened, luckily for them. I work at a facility that allows someone who has a drunk driving offense to complete their community service by working with us. It is all too often that I see some people come in with not only one but three drunk driving offenses, having to complete more than 450 hours of community service. It often makes you wonder what it would take to get them to stop drinking and driving, would it actually take accidentally killing someone with no intention to do so. In 2008, more than 1.4 million people were arrested for drunk driving and more than 11 thousand people killed by drunk driving themselves, or being the victim of their own driving or that of others. This equates someone being killed every 45 seconds. If we take a step back and watch the clock, that is an amazingly tragic amount of people who didn't need to die. People continue to drink and drive because they may feel if they drive slow they will be okay, maybe they don't think they are as drunk as others see them. They may also feel ashamed for drinking so much and not want to call someone to pick them up or just trying to escape their own personal problems. Whatever reason for the choice to get behind the wheel to drink and drive, always remember that not only are you affecting your own life but you could harm the life of others. Alcohol inhibits the ability to take anything around you seriously, and this inability can seriously change your entire life in a matter of seconds. I personally have struggled in the past with being stubborn and not wanting someone to drive me home. It came down to someone taking my keys and not returning them, which I am now thankful for, because I could have seriously harmed someone or myself while allowing my stubbornness to over come.

Anjali B - Queen Mary University of London - Read Essay »

Intoxication is the experience of getting rid of your responsibilities and obligations for a while. It feels good to forget your pain or stress for a short while. Some may even say that it is necessary for them to cope with their everyday lives. While others, like college students, relate the drinking to their idea of fun and euphoria. The underline is that alcohol tastes bad, burns your throat, makes you do silly things, has many long-term negative health effects, gives painful hangovers and is one of the most expensive beverages out there but is still unbelievingly popular. All because it has the power to make us forget and we crave those few moments of freedom. But is it worth it to forget the responsibility to human lives? When a drunk person gets behind the wheels, they endanger their own lives and of those around them. Most importantly, everyone knows and understands this but still the cases of road accidents increase every year in multiples. Most drivers at some point in their life have driven under the influence of alcohol. Some of these may include teenagers, who seek fun in heavy drinking, racing their cars, testing their driving abilities and boasting about it afterwards. Though they are all school and college going educated young people, their reckless behaviour is attributed due to their young blood and excused with same reasons. The argument by tired parents is "We behaved same at that age". But isn't it time to change that behaviour. If your child ends up losing their lives due to drunk driving, then it means that your excuses for and coddling eventually smothered the life out of your child. They will never get to become the supposedly responsible person you are today because unlike you their luck ran out trying to tackle the implications of their drunk choices. On the other hand, if these young drunk drivers end up killing some other driver or pedestrian, then what? The died people won't get their lives back if you sober up in your life. Your remorse and guilt with stay with you, burdening you and impacting your life decisions. No matter how much you tried to prevent the accident by swerving the car left and right, you were still the one who decided to get drunk and then drive rather than taking a cab. This makes you the killer, an accidental killer but a killer nonetheless. If the victim survives and receives life long handicap, the situation is still shameful and beyond redemption. Maybe even worse, because now the victim has to pay the price for your callousness. You will be the reason for their lifelong physical and emotional pain and the recipient of their hatred. The person whose life you took away or else ruined, could have achieved so much in their lives but thanks to you, they can never do the great things they dreamt about. You not only ruined their bodies but their dreams and somehow that is more painful. Maybe they were the sole bread-earners for their family and now their family will face enormous survival problems on top of losing a loved one. The kids in that family may never have the safe upbringing and good education they deserved and were being provided. Even if the victim was a homeless person sleeping on a sidewalk, that person lost his life just because, you were overconfident and insisted driving when drunk. No normal person can live a guilt-free life after such a heinous error in judgement for which other innocents paid with their lives. All of arguments in upper paragraphs hold true for the adult and even senior citizens. You are suppose to be the intelligent ones but when you do something this impulsive and thoughtless, you are essentially setting a bad example for the young people you love to associate with the word 'rash'. Even more surprising is the number of people who get drunk because of a personal pain and then drive under the influence of all that alcohol mixed with their pain. They try to justify their lapse in judgement because of their extreme distress, which is for the lack of a better word, shameless. If you were switched with the victim or their family member, would you be willing to pacify yourself by accepting that excuse? Could you forgive the murderer of your loved one because they were facing some problem in their personal or professional life which millions of people face everyday without ending up killing someone? The answer is no. Even when you are taking a patient to hospital in a near life or death situation, you still cannot create such a mayhem that it becomes a life or death situation for someone. Doing so because you couldn't keep track of how many alcohol you ended up consuming is a pathetic attempt at any defense whatsoever. This essay is sharp because I have experienced the life-ruining effects of drunk driving. Around 15 years ago, the husband of my paternal aunt was travelling to his hometown in a state transport department bus.The driver was roaring drunk because the journey was at night he needed alcohol stay awake and ward off cold (or so he said to the passengers). The bus collided with the truck head on and went down the ditch killing almost all passengers and staff including my uncle. With no life insurance, his non-earning pregnant wife and two children ended up without shelter and money to support themselves. After spending most of their lives on the mercy of the relatives, the boys couldn't get the proper education and comforts deserved by every child. The pain of losing their father at young age mixed with the lack of guidance of a father figure in life led to wrong life choices like drugs, pickpocketing etc. The elder brothers are jobless and depend on the meager earnings of the youngest one. The mother is bitter, sad and feels threatened by her violent children. I have tutored all three of them throughout their school education.After the drug problem was discovered, I enlisted them in the support groups of local NGO for anti-drugs an an anger management where I drive them every sunday. As of now, I'm trying to find jobs for the unemployed boys while enrolling them in open education college. This close interaction with them for the past 9 months has lead me to experience the lifelong cycle of depression left behind by the bad decision of one person. This is only one case an I can only imagine what other negative ramifications were faced by the families of other victims. One life lost from a family can result can the collapse of the whole unit. Hence, the first and foremost thought instilled in every person's mind should be of "caring for others". When we become selfless and review our selfish decisions in terms of their possible impact on not only our lives but of those around us, we become capable of taking responsible decisions even in the most of difficult times. Secondly, pubs and bars should employ people to ensure that no drunk person is attempting to drive themselves. Cab should be called for the drunk patrons and taxi companies may team up with the drinking hotspots in a city. The designated driver approach is positive and must be promoted more. In the end, rather than drowning our sorrows in alcohol or seeking fun in a bottle of intoxicating liquid, we must find avenues to vent out emotions in a productive and helpful way. This may include exercising, joining any sports or even extreme adventure for fun junkies. Helping others is the best way to feel happy and forget pains. Drunk driving will only result in a chain of ba results that will forever alter our lives in negative ways. Hence, drinking and driving should be avoided at all costs, no matter how harmless it seems at that moment of time.

Anthony P. - Grand Valley State University - Read Essay »

I'm in the back seat when he starts to drift across the road. The car was full, and everyone was laughing and singing, paying no attention to the fact that all of their lives were in the hands of a seriously intoxicated driver; including me. I can't remember why we were driving, or where in fact we were trying to end up, but I didn't question it until it was too late. Suddenly there was a turbulent shaking as the car was sucked down into the ditch. Everyone was screaming when the driver jerks the wheel hard to the right, freeing the car from the grasp of the deep ditch, sending us back across the road in front of an on coming car. Another hard turn and we're back on the road, driving away from a set of tailights stopped in the road, right where we almost collided in front of them. At this point everyone is in shock and I tell the driver (who was one of my close friends) to pull over. He didn't want to at first but after I said something, everyone joined in, ultimately giving him no choice. We all got out of the car not really knowing what to do. I checked all sides of the car and saw that the only damage was on one edge of the front bumper from going into the ditch. I took the keys from my friend, and called my parents. They were extremely angry, but also overfilled with joy at the fact that I had called them. Drinking and driving just don't go together. It's easy to trust someone saying they're fine at a party, but the bigger person will take their drunk friend's keys and call their parents or a cab. Not only is drinking and driving suicidal, but it is a danger to anyone else on the road, too.

Antonio R. - University of Texas at El Paso - Read Essay »

In 2011 my father passed away due to a drunk driving accident. He went to go see a boxing match in a small town near Odessa, Texas. When he was driving back to El Paso he was already under the influence of alcohol. Due to fatigue and alcohol he then fell asleep on the road on . When he fell asleep, the truck went out of the road and rolled over several times, at last landing on its tires as if nothing had happened. Nobody had seen the accident, nobody was there to help him and no one seemed to have noticed anything since the truck landed on all 4 tires. When help was sent they got there only to find he had passed, he choked with his own blood. Help got to him until the morning and it was too late. My family was torn by his passing, he was a good person that did not deserve this but it was his decision to drive when he could've just stayed home to watch the fight. Before my father passed away I had just graduated high school, and I was not able to go to college due to me having to help my mother with the bills and our home. I then got a full time job and I helped her for four years until then I was able to go back to school with the money I had saved up. I personally do not drink and drive because I don't want to repeat the story or worst hurt someone by something that can easily be avoided. If I go out with my significant other only one of us drinks so that the other one can drive. My father's death affected me greatly because it was something that could have been avoided and maybe he could still be alive today. He was a person that I learned a lot from and I treasure him and his passing hurt. Drinking and driving is serious and it has been going on for the longest time. In my culture, we take drinking and driving lightly until something bad happens. We should not drink and drive because it can instantly take a life. There are also consequences for drinking and driving which are expensive and at times you can even end up facing jail time. There is no reason as to why ruin your family's life or someone else's due to poor decision making. I agree with the consequences that drinking and driving has, it is a dumb thing to do when there are so many resource available for you not to get behind a wheel.

Arielle R. - DePaul University - Read Essay »

Drinking and driving can cause the family and friends of loved ones to be put in an uncomfortable situation such as planning their funeral. This is sometimes the result of drinking while intoxicated. I believe that it is important not to drink and drive because I would hate the thought of my family planning my funeral or someone else's funeral. One personal experience that reminds me not to drink and drive was when my family and I were heading back from a road trip and the semi-truck driver was a little drunk and he ran into the back and side of our car. Everyone in the car was sleep except my mom, who was driving, and I. All of a sudden we hear a big semi-truck ram the back of us. My mom then carefully pulls into the right lane and then he comes down the left side of the car and sideswiped us. By this time everyone in the car is well awake, scared, and nervous as to what is about to happen next. The lug nuts had spikes on them and it churned up the entire left side of our car. Luckily by the grace of God, everyone was ok. One thing that I learned from this experience is to NEVER drive while intoxicated and to never take life for granted. To this day, I am very cautious while driving and I get very nervous while passing semi-trucks on the highway. An adversity that I have experienced was a financial adversity. I have a twin sister and my parents have been providing us with the best education possible, although it was challenging at times. During Junior year of high school, my dad was having medical problems and was in and out of the hospital. My whole family found this time very devastating because he was our main provider. We faced this adversity by making some financial decisions that were going to help us at this time. This meant that we were very conservative about how and where we spent our money. Also, this experience was an emotional time because my grandmother's dementia was increasing and so was my father's health problems. Things got better when my dad regained his health and went back to work to provide for the family. From this adversity, I learned that sometimes God has a different plan for you and all you can do is be a part of the process in His plan.

Artem G. - University of Colorado Anschuts Campus - Read Essay »

The reason why NOBODY should drink and drive is because one could cause harm to him or herself or someone around them. I remember a horrific car accident that happened several years ago on the intersection of Mississippi and Havana in Denver. From news I heard that intoxicated driver drove his car right into the Baskin Robins café killing a little boy who set by the window while his mother was buying an ice cream for him. One of my friends knew the family of the boy. My friend told me that after the tragedy the little boy's father started to drink, and his mother started to have mental problems. Also my friend told me that parent divorced later on. If the driver would not be intoxicated, or at least refused to drive that night, this nightmare would not happened and the boy would be alive and the whole family would live happy life. I am wondering why do one need to drink and drive, how come he or she does not understand that such behavior could lead to a tragedy. I am against drinking and driving, I wish there would be serious prosecution for those drivers who do drink and drive. I wish people who drink and drive would be imprisoned. I do not see any other ways to eliminate such behavior.

Ashlyn P. - Grand Valley State University - Read Essay »

Almost everyday you hear from the media about someone getting in a car collision due to drinking and driving. It is sad to hear these tragic stories on a regular basis. So why do people risk a couple of drinks and feel there is no harm to their life when they hop into their car under the influence? Maybe, it is because they do not fully understand how drinking and driving is affecting them. Drinking and driving is not okay and you are risking yourself along with others. If you drink and drive, you are risking to get legal penalties, costs, and putting yourself and others in danger. Another 500 dollars come out of your pocket for a ticket when you decide to drink and drive. You could have saved this money if only you did not choose to drink under the influence. Not only are you losing 500 dollars due to paying a ticket, but you are also in charge of all your fees. You will have to be paying for attorney fees, court fines and an increase in car insurance. Drinking and driving doesn't sound so fun now, knowing that you would have to pay so much due to a easily avoidable act? On top of losing money from drinking and driving, you will have to deal with the consequences of legal penalties. You could result with a license suspension if your blood alcohol concentration was above .08%, refusal of a test or if given a DUI. Not being able to drive for a month to year may cause even more complications in your life. Sometimes jail time is required as well due to drinking and driving. Having a suspended license or mandatory jail time is not worth the alcohol while driving. Lastly, the consequence that will stick with you forever is that you are putting yourself in danger and others in danger. Being under the influence can take the turn for the worst which results in a crash. Collisions could result with a lot of damage with injuries and death. Knowing that you were the person that took someone's life or the person who hurt someone physically will stick with you forever with so much guilt because you can not fix the situation that happened. That horrible experience you will never forget and it would be challenge to help yourself recover from that situation. Is it worth the pain to drink and drive? I have never had a personal experience with drinking or driving or never knew someone who had an experience with drinking and driving. However, in drivers training I will never forget how I felt watching a movie of other people telling them about their story of drinking and driving. They explained how it affected their life and that they could not take back for what they did. The film will always stick to me and is a constant reminder to why I will never drink and drive because the consequences are not worth it. Overall, drinking and driving even though is against the law, many people decide to do it anyways because they do not fully understand the consequences. Paying tickets and fees will not be worth it when you are trying to save on money or make a living. License suspension and jail time due to drinking and driving is something that you would never want to happen to you. Putting yourself and others in danger is not worth the pain and suffering. So why take a sip of any alcohol knowing that you will be going in a car later and knowing that your life could be turned around with punishments? Cites: http://criminal.lawyers.com/dui-dwi/legal-consequences-of-drinking-and-driving.html http://dui.drivinglaws.org/resources/how-much-does-a-first-offense-dui-cost.htm# http://www.livestrong.com/article/142478-reasons-why-not-drink-drive/

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In 2015, over 10,300 people died in alcohol-impaired driving counting for nearly two-thirds of all accidents that occur in the United States. According to cdc.gov home of motor vehicle safety. My father is a police officer, and has been in his line of work for more than twenty years. The time around getting my permit he told me about the horrible incidents of drunk driving, and how their lives changed forever. He told about a young man that was killed in a drunk driving accident, he had a full ride scholarship to his top college plus a soon to be basketball career. All that was taken from him because the driver felt that he was okay to drive after a night of drinking with his friends. Just like anything that we decide to do in our lives, our actions can have certain consequences. Receiving any kind of DUI can result in points toward license suspensions, fines between $200-$500 and even 180 days in jail, and this is all just with the first offense. In my opinion, I feel that all teens interested in driving should be informed about the danger of drunk driving, to avoid accidents such as the one my father told me about. Throughout my life, I have overcame many adversities. I have learned how to manage my money this past school year to prepare myself for college. Learning about tips to be more successful financially. I hope to minor in finance this upcoming school year and open a non-profit organization called the Financial Literacy Institute. Hoping to teach underprivileged communities about finance, the vocabulary, and tips and tricks to be financially stable. I want to share the adversity I overcame with others in my community and beyond that.

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Aushana Ransom July 27, 2017 AALL In Limo & Party Bus 2017 Scholarship Program Everyone have a chance to do the right thing. Part of that is actually having a clear mind on things, also having control over what you do. I don't think a person that's been drinking and choose to get behind a wheel of a car, have neither of those things. I want everyone to be afraid to drink and drive. Think about all that time it actually takes to get a license. Think about the lives that you could possibly put in jeopardy, especially kids. Think about your family, your love ones,YOUR life. Is drinking and driving worth losing your license, taking yours or someone else's life? According to projectknow.com a tragic drunk driving accident happened in Toledo, Ohio in December 2007, this crash occurred when a drunk man drove his pickup truck into a minivan carrying a woman and her four children. All the passengers in the minivan died. The man was later sentenced to forty-three years in jail. I could only imagine how tragic it was for the Woman and her childrens' family. That family didn't ask for that, it could've been prevented if the man had a clear mind, had control over what he was doing and didn't DRINK AND DRIVE. I could almost relate to their pain because I almost lost three of my family members in a drunk driving accident. My auntie and my two cousins was in the car with the drunk driver, but they was not aware of it. They didn't have a vehicle at the time and she was their only ride home at the moment. It only took 5 mins after she started driving and she wrecked. The car flipped multiple of times and left my family members in much pain. Luckily the drunk driver and her mother was not hurt at all. My auntie had broken ribs, a deep cut in her face and bruised bones. My cousin Mardrel had minor injuries and my cousin Zyia had it the worst. At first everyone thought Zyia was okay until she discovered she couldn't use the restroom. She had major injuries in her pelvic area and had to be rushed into surgery. Which left her with a bag on her side, she used to urinate, until everything got back to normal. This particular accident bothered me for a week straight. After they returned from the hospital they stayed at my mother's house until they was able to function on their on. Seeing that every day made me cry. I was able to get through it by praying to God, thanking God for keeping them alive. Major and minor accidents due to drunk drivers could be prevented because it's a choice. Choosing to drink and drive is a selfish choice to make. People shouldn't drink and drive because it's the wrong thing to do and it's not worth it.

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Drunk driving is a problem today that causes a lot of innocent lives to be lost. Most of these deaths caused by drunk driving can be avoided, most of these deaths are senseless deaths caused by the ignorance of others. According to the Center for Disease Control every day twenty eight people in the United States die from an accident involving a drunk driver. This shows that many people are affected by drunk driving every day, and the sad part is that most of these deaths are unnecessary. Most drunk driving deaths could be avoided if people understood the dangers of drunk driving. There is an organization called MADD that stands for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and according to their data one third of people arrested for drunk driving are repeat offenders. This means that these people do not understand the danger that they are putting themselves and others in, these people don't understand how easy it would be to just swerve out of their lane and end the life of someone who has so much more to live for. Many people have been affected by drunk driving, and a death in a family, or a death of someone you know can just tear people apart. In high school I had a friend who lost his mother in a drunk driving accident and he just never was the same person that he used to be. He used to come to school every day with a smile on his face and a few jokes that he was waiting to tell people, but after losing his mom he hardly came to school anymore, he no longer joked around with people, and more importantly he became a completely new person. People affected by drunk driving lose so much more than the driver. They might lose a family member or a friend, whereas the person who was driving drunk might only get a few scratches, or maybe a fine, or maybe jail time, but this is nowhere close to what the victims lose. Drunk driving is a serious problem that can be prevented, and there are many ways to prevent it and save the lives of innocent people. Arguably the most important way to prevent it is to just use your better judgment when drinking, and to never drive drunk.

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You shouldn't drink and drive because it puts you, your passengers and other people on the road at risk of being involved in a deadly accident. Drinking and driving is a hazardous, reckless act that endangers and claims the lives of millions of Americans each year. According to the National Center for Injury Prevention Control and the Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention in 2015, 10,265 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (29%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States and nearly 1.1 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. One percent of the 111 million self-reported episodes of alcohol-impaired driving among U.S. adults each year (https://www.cdc.gov/motorvehiclesafety/impaired_driving/impaired-drv_factsheet.html). These statistics give an insight into why you shouldn't drink and drive. Driving under the influence of alcohol is so very dangerous due to the fact that it negatively affects the body and impairs the senses of the driver, something that can have dire consequences. Drinking has a snowball effect; alcohol affects several bodily functions needed to drive safely. The first and most important part of your body that alcohol affects is the brain, specifically your judgment. This means your ability to think clearly, reason, plan ahead, and make sound decisions becomes impaired and puts you in danger. This reduction in brain function is followed by the reduction of one's coordination (motor skills), concentration and attention to detail, comprehension of what you see and your vision, reaction time to small deviations and tracking of your position on the road as well as other vehicles around you, signs and the center line. With all the risks of drinking and driving, it is imperative that people understand that you should avoid driving under the influence of alcohol at all costs. Alcohol consumption should not be taken lightly and if you plan to drink on a night you go out, it is important to plan a safe way for you to get to and from your destination. You should also try to make sure if you're with company that they have a safe way to travel as well. When you decide to drink, you must also decide to be safe, drinking and driving not only affects you but also the people around you. In conclusion, you shouldn't drink and drive because it put you and others in danger. Impairing the senses, it can quite frankly result in tragedy. With the increased chance of having an accident, anyone's life could become forfeit; you, a child, a mother, your friend or even an entire family could be killed in accident which could have been avoided if the driver is clear headed and attentive to the road. You should never drink and drive, and if you do drink take the necessary precautions to stay safe because it can be the difference between life and death.

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I believe we should not drink and drive because it dangerous. You can even hurt yourself or hurt other people, and you may even lose your life or go to prison. That is something that may affect you, your life, your future and your family. Every day here in United States of America and around the world, many people are dying in car crashes and others are getting injured because of drinking and driving. Those accidents are not only when you are drink. Some accidents are a result of driving and texting or distractions that may get you in a car accident. Another thing that may get you in a car crash is when you don't follow the rules of the road and take some kind of drugs that may affect you. When you are drinking and driving or taking some drugs, there is a possibility that you may lose your job , your driver's license and even education. My personal experience is that I came from a country where we don't have a lot of transportation. But I know that driving and drinking is not good because I always tell myself or people before you want to do something, think about the impact you may have or the result that you may get. The important things that I will always avoid in my entire life is that I will never drive and drink or use drugs. Even though I am new to this country and I don't have much experience with driving, I know the rules about driving safely. When you want to do something, ask yourself or another person is that is a right or wrong thing to do.. I usually tell people to ask another person's opinion and thoughts, because even the Bible said it's good to ask questions or for help. When you drive and drink, you and I need to think about the impact on you and other people.

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Drinking and driving is so common yet so dangerous. It has never made sense to me why the idea of getting behind the wheel after getting intoxicated is even being entertained by anybody. Nonetheless, a lot of people still do it and that means that concerned people like myself need to do a better job of spreading awareness. Growing up I have been surrounded by a lot of drinking; whether it was my parents and their friends or the university that I attended. My parents did a fantastic job of making sure I understood the danger of drinking and driving. They did this by telling me stories of friends that found out the hard way and the consequences that it comes with. I have also had close friends that taught me through their bad experiences to stay away from the wheel. To this day I have never driven while under the influence and I want to increase awareness on how easy it is to avoid. The most important thing to me on why to avoid drinking and driving is how it affects the lives around you. You might die or get seriously injured when acting in this way but it's your family and friends that suffer from it the most. Both my father and mother have lost good friends to the perils of drinking and driving and watching how it affected them really gave me the perspective I needed to avoid the peer pressure and stay true to my beliefs. Any time that me and my friends are near alcohol I make sure to have a bowl ready to gather keys because you never know when a wrong decision will be made. The people around you might get upset but it is always worth it to keep them off the road. Keeping my friends and family safe is the number 1 priority in my life and spreading awareness will make a difference.

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You should not drink and drive well for one because you are not yourself when intoxicated. I have seen too many people that I know personally get hurt in accidents and nearly died and it was all over them drinking and driving. With me being this close to 21 I would never drink and drive because is dangerous not only for your self but for the others on the road also. My close friend just got into an accident this past July and he was given a 8% chance of even living the flight to the nearest hospital. He broke just about every bone in his body and he was in a coma for about a month. When he came out of the coma he had no idea what had happened to him, just going through that with him made me really think wow he could of hit me head on and killed me and would of never known what had happened because he was so intoxicated. All in all drinking and driving is not a good idea because you will never know what the outcome may be. You could end up dead and then your family has to live with the fact that you were drinking and driving. People should always have a designated driver or a plan ahead of time so that smart choices are made.

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In the year or 2017, we would think that not drinking and driving is common sense, and yet people continue to think that they are able to do that. Last year, I briefly dispatched for state troopers, and many of the calls that came in were regarding drunk drivers. "Yes, I'm on I-59 Southbound at the 50 mile marker behind an 18 wheeler that is all over the roadway. He looks drunk. Ya'll need to do something before he kills somebody...we just passed the 60 mile marker and he's throwing beer cans out of windows." Calls like these were too common, and the drivers ranged from all ages. Many times these complaints would end up with someone getting seriously injured if not killed, the driver pulling over and literally passing out, or the driver running off the road 50 feet into a ravine. You should not drink and drive because it can ruin your life as well as someone else's. A DUI can cause a person to become ineligible for certain jobs. It places points on a person's driver's license. It causes your car insurance payments to go up whether or not your can afford it. If you do it too many times, your driver's license will be revoked. There are people who have not had a driver's license since the 1990s because they chose to drink and drive. Depending on whether or not a person can afford bail, they may lose their job because they had to wait so many days until their trial date. Besides the economical disadvantages, you could also kill yourself. Drinking and driving is not worth potentially losing your life over. Drinking and driving can also ruin someone else's life. You may go out one night with friends and have a few drinks thinking that your driving isn't impaired until you run a red light causing you to t-bone an innocent driver. This actually happened to me in 2015. The other driver wasn't drunk, but I imagine that I wouldn't have been able to walk away had she been drunk. It took me a while to get back on my feet because it was the Monday before Christmas. During that time it rained almost everyday for the whole month of December so it was a mess for the adjuster to drive 2 hours to inspect my vehicle since it was totaled. I was only able to receive a rental car for so many days before I had to find my own transportation which was hard to do because I wasn't making much money. Suppose I had been the head of a household with small children to take care and seriously injured. That would have taken food out of their mouths. Had it been a drunk driver, I wouldn't be here. People who choose to drink and drive do not realize the lives that they can ruin if something like this happens. In conclusion, in 2017 we should not have to still be telling people to not drink and drive. I pray that eventually the cases of drunk drivers will go down. A person who drinks and drive can ruin their life as well as someone else's. At the end of the day, it is not worth it.

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Drinking and driving is one of the most dangerous things that someone could do. When someone is intoxicated while driving, not only is the person a danger to the people around but they are also a danger to themselves. Driving while drinking alcoholic beverages makes the person driving loose the senses that they need the most when they are driving. They may get hazy-eyed, so they may start seeing all blurry and hazy which makes them not see the road well, and their hearing may also be affected and most important their focus is lost because they are in their own world so they do not know what is going on around them and may cause many accidents. They could crash into multiple cars causing multiple collisions or they may run over someone or many people. They could even run over animals. They could also just crash into a tree or a pole or something and they may harm themselves and whoever else was in the vehicle with them. Overall, drinking and driving is dangerous to everyone around the person that is driving under the influence. A couple of years back my family and I had a car accident. I remember that my older sister was driving and my mom was in the passenger seat and my other older sister and my younger sister were sitting in the back with me and we were on our way home. I remember that I was sleeping because it was already late and I was tired. Anyways, one moment I was sleeping and the next I just felt this huge hit on the side and the car just started spinning around until it hit a wall. It turns out this truck hit us on the driver's side because the truck did not stop on the red light and when it was our turn to go it hit us directly. When the firefighters, police, and ambulance came they obviously found out that the person that was driving the truck was intoxicated. The images are still vivid in my mind. The truck mainly hit my older sister's side, which was the driver's side, and her arm got caught in the door, so they had to cut out the door. Also, at that time my sister was expecting her first child, so it was just chaos. Thankfully, the baby was fine but my sister's arm was not. Right now, her arm is full of scars and she can barely even move her fingers, and what is worse is that it was the hand the she wrote with so she had to learn to write the other one. Thankfully, the rest of us did not get as injured as her, but I did get a broken arm and my two other sisters got minor cuts of their faces. My mom did suffer some injuries to her ribs and now she always complains about discomfort in that area. The driver from the truck only had minor injuries and he had to pay a lot of money to my sister because she was the one who got the worst injuries. This experience was so eye opening for me because it was the first time that it had happened to me and it honestly extremely traumatizing for me. Therefore, drinking and driving is dangerous and people should be aware of that and if they are aware then they should stop doing it.

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Today may be the day that your best friend dies in a car accident due to drunk driving, you never know. Statistics show that every 51 minutes an individual in the United States dies due to a drunk driver. This means that 28 people die every day, to alcohol related car crashes daily. Statistics also show that chances are one in every three individuals will be involved in an alcohol related crash. Now, the question is, what are you going to do about these numbers? If each of you takes a stand in the fight against drinking and driving, the world would be completely different. Those numbers mentioned earlier would fall like rain from the sky. So, how is this possible? First, you can sign up with advocacy groups online or in your community. Multiple groups are standing up against drunk driving. If you cannot find one online or somewhere in your community, start your own. When it comes to making a difference in the world, it only takes one person to start the fire that could ignite the world. The other way in which you could stand up against drunk driving is by sharing your story and the harmful effects of drunk driving. About five years ago, my church and I were going Christmas caroling in surrounding communities. We went out in hopes of sharing the cheer of Christmas. We rode on a truck that carried a trailer covered with hay bales. All of the kids and their families sat on the hay bales as we drove through town. Some of the kids were tired of sitting on hay bales and decided to go sit on the edge of the trailer. The driver then called back and told the kids that they were not to let their feet hang nor were they able to sit on the edge. About fifteen minutes later, a swerving drunk driver came and banged into our trailer three different times. In this situation, we were very blessed, but not everyone is. In this particular circumstance, several kids could have lost their legs or easily died. To prevent situations like this we need to share our story, especially those who have had severe injuries and losses due to drunk driving. I remember in high school that there was a woman that came to our school with the person that killed her daughter in a drunk driving collision. Her words and testimony prevented several high school students from ever drinking and driving again. She shared several stories and pictures with the audience that left them speechless. Then the drunk driver came and shared his story. You could hear the sorrow in his voice when he said that he was deeply sorry for the pain that he caused to the family of the individual that he killed. When people share their stories, they can make a difference. This is why I ask that you share your story. Maybe a drunk driver has never affected you; if this is the case, share the facts that you do know about drinking and driving. Save a life!

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A common conflict we have across many countries is drinking and driving. When individuals are under the impression of drinking, it leads to both vision and judgement impaired decision making As noted, driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.8% is illegal. Hearing the siren of a police car, taking a breath analyzer test, as well as having to deal with a driving under the influence citation (DUI) is not worth it the consequences at all. Driving under the influence is the one main causes for car accidents. Not only is drinking and driving a life or death situation, but also includes several consequences. Such consequences are paying fines, affecting your driving record, serving community service, education programs, and serving in jail. Although the minimum legal drinking age is 21 in the U.S. , it does not mean it is acceptable to operate a motor vehicle. At the age of 21, the brain is still developing until the age of 25. Although I have not been involved in such situation, I know friends who have been in accidents due to being in a vehicle with a drunk driver. When I know I will be under the influence, I make sure I have a designated driver who is responsible enough to ensure safety not only for my own benefit but also to others. It is highly important to avoid drinking and driving. Like I had previously mentioned, it is important to designate a reliable driver for the sake of everyone. If a designated driver can not be relied on, then there are always cabs, uber, lfyt , and responsible parents to rely on for transportation. Also, it is equally important to be educated on the significance of drinking and driving. If an individuals feels like they will drive regardless if they are under the consumption of alcohol, it is best to give the keys to someone who is and will remain sober throughout the event. It is important to take action responsibly and avoid driving under the influence.

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Drinking and driving is a very serious and fatal situation in many people's lives. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of 2011, every ninety seconds a person is injured in a drunk driving crash. There should never be a reason for someone to drink and drive, especially with all of the available transportation that is provided for us including; buses, trains, uber, cabs, taxis, or even a sober friend. There is no shame in calling someone for a ride, especially if you are keeping yourself and others in less danger. Personally when I think of why it's a bad idea to drink and drive the first thing that comes to mind is the other drivers. My dad used to drink heavily at a gym that we went to as a family, but afterwards he would insist on driving home. We didn't live more than ten minutes from this gym, but it was still not a good idea in anyone's eyes. When my mom asked to drive it would usually cause fighting, which generally ended in my dad driving anyways. Although it was worrying that my dad was driving after he had been drinking, he was never completely drunk and we never got in a car accident. By no means does that excuse him for driving, but I thank God that nothing ever happened while our family of six was driving together, whether my dad had been drinking or not. This may not seem to have a huge impact on me since there was never a giant car crash or a loss of a loved one that I experienced, but I did witness a traumatizing car accident in 2016 that has made me a little leery when driving at night. During the summer of 2016 I witnessed a car accident near my school where two guys had been racing and drinking slightly. The guys that were in separate cars were good friends, and as I drove past I could see one of the cars flipped over and the other very damaged. Finding out later about the situation was hard because I was right there and I could have easily been caught in that car accident if I wasn't paying attention. In that moment I realized that not only is it dangerous to drink and drive, but as a driver in general you have to be constantly aware of your surroundings because you don't know what is going on in someone else's car. To this day I am always a designated driver for my family members, and I have been a more attentive and alert driver since then.

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Drinking is obtaining and consuming alcohol in excess, more than the legal limit. My father was an alcoholic and even though he never got caught drinking and driving he did wreck his vehicle because of it. A study was conducted that in a drinking and driving accidents the person who is drunk is less likely to be hurt because they don't try to avoid the danger until it's too late and react slower to the dangers. This slow reaction to the world around is what makes them dangerous. Most accidents with drinking are people who are struck while by a drunk driver. This is because the world around them is slower and some objects aren't where the drunk person thinks they are so they react with what they feel and their impaired judgement cost someone a life. When you drink the alcohol is filtered to your body like water and its nutrient properties enter your blood stream and it travels to the brain where the small amounts can build up until you are drunk. When you reach your individual level the brains processing is decrease in capacity and speed. This affects what you see as well, something a foot in front of you might acually be two feet in front and six inches to the right. Now the object you think that you are going to miss it but instead you just hit it head on. It is possible for someone to know what is going on while they are drunk but that kind of knowledge and ability comes from experience and failure, and we can't afford the failure.

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I work for a university on an overseas military installation. I see many different students in my office. One time a student walked him and started talking about the increase in AA participants. The student I was speaking to works as a tech with Chaplain Services where they lead the local A.A. I ask him if I could attend as an observer to which he said I could. I go later that week as an observer to listen and experience a snapshot of their struggles. Most of the stories shared were that of accomplishments but there was once that left me empty. There was a girl who seemed around my age. She had straw blonde hair, no make-up, and a muted face. She introduced herself and asked to share a struggle, all supported her request. She told us of a time when she hit a mother and her son in a head-on collision. She went out on a normal Saturday night after being invited to go bar hopping. She told her us her plan was to take a taxi. She told us, she stormed off after a fight with her friend. Forgot in a blind drunk rage about taking a taxi and went driving. She told us she was so tired and swore she thought she was okay to drive. She had the cash for the taxi in her pocket when she was rushed to the ER. As she laid bare her sins through sobs all I could think is, how many times have I sworn I'm okay to drive? I could be this girl. She trusted herself to drive safely and it was a comfortable lie told through a drunken stupor. Now a family is missing their mother and possibly their brother. How would I be able to live with myself? She sobered me.

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It was my 21st birthday and I was having an adult beverage for the first time. My friends treated me to a bottle of Ciroc and Red Bulls to get the night started. As we shared some laughs and Ciroc-redbulls we decided where to go out to my first bar. We decided on a dueling piano bar just one town over. Knowing that all of us would be drinking we asked my boyfriends mom to drive us. She happily agreed to drop us off and pick us up at a god-awful time early in the morning. Looking back on that night I am grateful that everyone in the group had agreed to get driven. Looking back I would not choose Ciroc-redbulls as my drink of choice, but that is a story for another time. Ever since my 21st birthday I decided that I would either be the designated driver and not drink, or find alternative safe transportation. Drinking and driving should never be an option. You shouldn't drink and drive simply because with the ability to get rides through Uber, Lyft, Taxi, or friends makes it so easy to plan ahead and never need to drive drunk. Driving after drinking poses so many risks to not only yourself but other people in the car as well as other people on the road. You can seriously harm or potentially kill someone else with your decision to drive after drinking. We only get one chance to live this life, and we can ruin it when we drink and drive. I have seen too many friends make that decision and left with the consequences. It is not worth it to drink and drive, ever. With proper planning or utilizing options like Uber or Left there should be no reasons to drink and drive. I always feel a personal responsibility for the people I am with in making sure that they get home safely if they have been drinking. If we could all look out for each other there would be less incidents of drinking and driving.

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Drinking and driving is a problem that is seen in all countries. There are laws that have been passed to create the prevention of drinking and driving. One consequence that is seen throughout the United States is a DUI and it is relatively common. The fact is that drinking and driving should not be done on the basis of two factors; the fact that it is illegal and just that is is extremely dangerous. The more we avoid it the better. As we grow up there are more opportunities such as getting to go out and to drive, etc. Driving is a responsibility that many people do not take seriously. The problem is that one may think that they have not had drinks over their limit, but they actually do go over their limits which is what happened to a close friend of mine. As she was leaving a party with her boyfriend, they were driving under the influence where without notice their car had crashed. Luckily, they were both wearing seat belts so their injuries were not serious. The sad thing is, the car crashed could have ended both their lives. If you are going to drink, have a sober partner. For the party always take a partner that will be sober for that night to drive back to the house instead of risking your life. It is very important to do so as it will you from many possible consequences. This happened to the friend of mine just as we were beginning to go out and as soon as we learned from that terrible experience that she had to go through, no one goes out alone. If we are driving we always have someone to be the designated driver. Fortunately, nothing has happened to me as far as drinking and driving because my best friends and I always take the advice our parents give us about the safety of avoiding drinking and driving.

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Choosing to whether or not drink and drive is the same as choosing life or death. Drinking and driving does not only effect the driver and passengers, but every other person on the road. Alcohol can numb the senses, thus drinking even a little bit can change a person's decision making enough to cause a life changing decision. Driving is a bigger responsibility than most people think. I have never been in a car with people who have been drinking, but I have been a passenger many times with people who decide that it is more important to use their cell phone instead of keeping their attention on the road. Because of this situation, I have had to explain to these people that I do not feel safe when they decide to drive while distracted. From this confrontation, my friends are not happy and usually tell me that it is going to be fine and that I need to calm down. To them, they think they are still in control and are fully aware of their surroundings, but studies easily show that this is not the case when people decide to text and drive. This is the same situation when people decide to drink and drive. People think that even though they have only consumed a small amount of alcohol, they are still focused enough to drive, but this is not true. Buzzed driving is the same as drunk driving, therefore the possibility of a fatal accident is still the same. With all of these facts in mind, I have needed to go through the decision of whether my life is more important than keeping a friendship. Usually I overcome this issue by deciding to be the driver so I do not have to worry about dealing with any of those possible situations. This adversity has made me change my views on the decision to drive while distracted, whether it is from drinking or texting, the possible side effects are simply too vast for someone to take the risk.

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The topic of drinking and driving is a very often discussed topic and it is well known that not only should people NOT drink and drive but the vast majority of the public is well aware of the consequences. There have been strict laws and tougher penalties passed over the years regarding drinking and driving thanks to organizations like MADD. Unfortunately, there is still a problem of drinking and driving due to people being reckless, immature, and feeling that they are invincible in that they are in control of their situation. Currently, we have more options that are available for people who drink too much to be safely driving and these services include UBER and LYFT and are less expensive than traditional taxis. In addition, if there is a large group then a Limo service where everyone chips in and helps to pay which makes it affordable. There are many opinions and thoughts on the ways to discourage people from drinking and driving but I personally feel that the most effective way to get their attention is to show the harsh consequences of drinking and driving. If more people saw the consequences of drinking and driving such as being arrested, incarcerated, losing their license to drive, possibly losing their jobs, paying large amounts of money for DUI convictions, and lawsuits then it would get the attention of those who may drink and drive to be more cautious and not get behind the wheel. I also feel that even though the laws and penalties have become tougher for those who drink and drive, they are not harsh enough. The fact is that too many innocent people die at the hands of drunk drivers and it is not fair that an innocent person loses their life while the individual that caused the accident serves only a few years if any at all and then has the rest of their life to live. The penalties and sentences should be much tougher for drunk drivers, especially those that cause permanent injury or death to innocent people. Those that cause deaths due to drinking and driving should serve a minimum of fifteen to twenty years and should not be allowed to get a driver's license after their release. In addition, those who get DUI's should lose their license for up to five years in addition to paying penalties and doing community service and lastly watching videos and films regarding the effects of drunk drivers and how it kills innocent people and affects the families. It is true that there are steering wheel modifications for testing alcohol content, these are not foolproof because an individual could simply drive a different car without the steering wheel alcohol modification. Possibly, in the future all cars could have this type of device for testing alcohol content on every vehicle as a standard device and those with older cars could be mandated to get their cars modified as well and would be affordable with incentives. Yes, this sounds harsh but if there are tougher sentences and penalties, then the message will get out to the masses that drinking and driving will not be tolerated and that there will be tough consequences. In addition, if every car on the road had steering wheel modifications for alcohol level then this would also prevent those who are intoxicated from being able to operate a vehicle. In addition, in the present day there should be no excuse to drink and drive because there are affordable options available in the form of UBER and LYFT or Limo services for large groups and parties and most likely there will be more of these types of services in the future. In summary, education is extremely useful for discouraging drinking and driving but it is not enough because when someone is intoxicated they are not thinking clearly or using sound judgement in addition to the feeling that they are invincible and have things under control. Stricter laws, tougher penalties, longer and harsher sentences, and alcohol level steering wheel modifications for all vehicles on the road will be a step in the right direction to reducing the incidence of drinking and driving and make our roads safer for everyone.

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My immediate thought was, "This can't be undone." I was shaking and hyperventilating. I could smell what I thought was smoke filling my nose. Do I move? Was I supposed to move? Oh my god, my parents. What are my parents going to think? The airbag had deployed, and it registered somewhere in my mind that being hit with an airbag was supposed to hurt, but I couldn't seem to feel any pain. In the middle of the crowded California freeway, the car I had hit moved across traffic and pulled to the shoulder. Meanwhile my only thought was to call 911. Accidents are emergencies, right? I couldn't remember. As I looked at my phone, I had somehow managed to dial a 14 digit nonsense number when I thought I had simply hit the three-digits that meant safety. By the grace of God, a giant truck in the lane next to me held up traffic to give me space and eagerly motioned for me to pull over next to the other damaged car. I obeyed, not knowing what else to do. The woman in the car was fine. Her son was fine. The bumper of her car was bent, but entirely fixable. She had insurance, I had insurance. My parents were on the way. As far as accidents go, it wasn't as bad as it easily could have been. When my parents arrived to pick me up and move the car to the nearest auto-repair shop, I sat in the backseat of my dad's car and thanked God that I hadn't been texting. I hadn't been changing the radio. I hadn't been daydreaming. I hadn't been reading a sign. I hadn't been drinking. I had been speeding up and looking briefly in my mirrors to change lanes and avoid traffic when the car in front of me unexpectedly stopped. It was an accident. Purely an accident. It occurred to me that if I had been doing anything other than attempting to safely change lanes, I don't know how I could fathom what happened. If I had been drinking before I got in the car that day, and someone had gotten hurt, I would not have been okay for a long time. I suffered no physical injuries from the accident, and the car was fixed in about three weeks. As I believe anyone who has been in accident would say, the mental trauma can be nearly as debilitating as the physical trauma. Almost a year later, it's still hard for me to drive on the freeway. My muscles tense, preparing for impact each time a car gets too close. Anytime I accidentally hit a curb when parking, I jump, remembering the feeling of the collision. It takes time to heal from these mental wounds, but gradually as I have moved forward I have attempted to find value in what happened. Each time I enter a car, I am reminded of that feeling of relief that came upon the realization that no one was hurt and that the accident wasn't the result of distraction or alcohol. This terrifying experience forced me to understand the level of responsibility every driver has to everyone else on the road. Getting behind the wheel of a car should be a tacit agreement to respect the lives of those in other vehicles. I can't really express how fervently I advise other drivers against distracted driving or driving under the influence. It's not worth it. There's no amount of money in the world that could fix the wounds of a drunk or distracted driving accident. Every single day that person has to wake up and remember that he or she caused damage to another person's life that's irreversible. It's also not solely the responsibility of the driver to stay off the road after drinking. The responsibility also falls on friends and bystanders to do all they can to prevent that person from getting behind the wheel. Ultimately we all suffer from the burden of free will so the blame falls on the person driving if he or she chooses to do so, but generally speaking in our culture we should do more to make sure our roads are safe of drunk or distracted drivers. I am so grateful I am that my accident was not caused by simple negligence. That accident was a reminder to me of the responsibility of every driver to be careful on the road because accidents happen even when sober and attentive.

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The reason why drinking and driving is not a good mix is simply because it is dangerous. Risking a life of hurting someone is definitely not worth it. Going to jail is another reason drinking and driving is not worth it. To put it simple, to go out and drink and drive and risk it to lose a driving privilege and having a record is just not worth it. To conclude, drinking and driving is not worth it and it can wait so don't risk it.

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In elementary school, we were taught about the importance of living drug free and not to drink and drive through the D.A.R.E program. When you're so young, staying drug free seemed like it was the easiest thing to do, like you wouldn't even dream of touching anything that could impair your mind or body. Sadly, the harsh reality is that lots of people succumb to the influence of drugs and alcohol on a daily basis, harming themselves and often times many others. Driving under the influence has become something that is to be expected on many occasions such as holidays and big town festivals. Ever since I began driving, my mom always warns me in her motherly voice," Watch out for drunk drivers! It's (whatever holiday/festival) so there will be many out there!" It never failed that the following day the news would report all the accidents that had happened that night and how many people were injured or even more tragic, killed. Death is something that is sometimes unavoidable. People die for many reasons like breast cancer or old age, but death by car accident due to a drunk driver is something that can be avoided all together. It is important for all those with a driver's license to realize that once you get behind the wheel of a car, you aren't just placing yourself in a potentially dangerous position, but also placing everyone around in one. This is why drinking and driving is something that you should never do. For example, recently news has spread fast of a young woman who killed her 14-year-old sister in a reckless car accident. The girl had been driving under the influence while also filming herself live on Facebook singing to songs on the radio and waving her hand around. The girl had no care in the world and probably thought that there would be no consequences for her misguided actions, but there was. Her sister had to die and won't be able to graduate high school, go off to college, have a rewarding career and a family. This is something that girl has to live with knowing and think about every day for the rest of her life. In high school, there were some kids I went to school with that lost their lives because they thought they were "okay to drive." It was heartbreaking to be on campus and not see them walk by in the hallway like they have been all quarter. Seeing people mourn the loss of the student who would no longer be coming to school and sitting with them through economics class was painful. It came as a shock to everyone that something like this could happen, here one day and gone the next. It really puts life in perspective and shows just how fragile we are as humans. I've never lost any real close friends or family due to a drunk driving accident so I can't say that I know the sorrow it brings, but I have experienced loss from other things like health conditions and even suicide and it hurts to lose someone when it doesn't seem like their time to go. Finding peace with a loss of a loved one is hard when it comes unexpected, but I can only imagine it being harder when it comes by the hand (or car) of a drunk driver. No one should have to experience death or loss of a loved one due to drunk driving. Its time everyone revisits elementary school and remembers those thoughts they had when they were younger that drugs and alcohol are bad and shouldn't be abused. Maybe then there would be a little less agony in the world.

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There are many obvious reasons as to why you should not drink and drive. It's dangerous, it's not a smart decision, and that it's unnecessary. However, that barely begins to explain the depth behind the reasons. You should not drink and drive because your mistake to not follow the law could not only cost you lifelong damage, but a stranger, or friends life damage too. Of course, it is so easy to tell yourself when you're drunk that "you got this" and that you will be okay if you drive because "you're not even that drunk", but in that situation, you can't just look at yourself because one slow reaction time, or one mishap of passing a red light or stop sign could potentially leave you unharmed, but can completely change or ends someone else's life. And although I have never experienced the guilt that would come with that, I can guarantee that it is something you would not want to live with for the rest of your life. Going along with that, another reason why you should not drink and drive is because you are putting everyone else on the road in danger because you did not want to get a ride or find an alternative way home. You could be putting someone's only child, someone's beloved wife, or best friend, or maybe even someone close to you in a situation where they may or may not make it to see the next day because you "weren't even that drunk". People can go on and on for days lecturing our youth about the dangers of drinking and driving. Personally, my old high school use to get cars from drunk driving accidents towed onto our front lawn to show students what can happen if you make this poor decision. However, sadly more than a handful of students choose not to pay to close of attention to any of these lectures or reminders because they feel that something like that would never happen to them. Nevertheless, none of us are invincible, and although someone may feel that they are "smart enough to not get in an accident" if they drive drunk, I'm sure about 60-70% of drivers who survived an accident while being under the influence have said the same thing. You should never drink and drive because even if you believe that you can make it home safe, nothing is ever guaranteed and asking for a ride home is going to be much less effort than possibly having to go through physical therapy, buy a new car, or even go through court.

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Why You Shouldn't Drink and Drive We've all seen those commercials, right? "This is your brain...this is your brain on drugs...any questions?" However simple of a commercial it was, those eggs frying in that pan on the television said it all--drugs change your brain in a way that sometimes can't be undone. Alcohol, a commonly used drug, especially due to it's legal status and ease of access, also changes your brain and body's functional ability, quite notably in an individual's state of relaxation, judgement, and reflexes. Not to say that imbibing in alcohol is bad, especially when done responsibly and in moderation, but as the old saying goes, "There's a time and a place for everything." With regard to drinking, that phrase is especially true when it comes to driving. My father was an alcoholic, and my mother (a mother of 6 kids!) did the right thing (as I have come to learn through my own personal experiences) by divorcing him when I was only 6 months old. As a consequence of growing up in a single-parent family, we never had much money to go around, and always had to live frugally. When I went to college the first time (1992-1997, earning a Bachelor of Science degree), financially, I did it all on my own, as she couldn't help and, honestly, I wouldn't dream of asking her for help. Now I'm a 42-year old woman going back to college for Automotive Technology (I love to work on cars--I'm getting straight A's!), and after losing my job during the recession and being unemployed for a time, I've learned that it's OK to ask for help, in this case through a scholarship, even if you don't necessarily get it. Just based on how I grew up, I've never really been a drinker--always the designated driver. And seeing how drinking affected my friends at parties, it really stuck in my mind just how much drinking and driving don't mix. No matter what, though, I always knew I would see my friends at work come Monday morning--because I drove them home--no turning on the television or reading in the paper that I lost a friend as so many others have due to someone drinking and driving. And that was a good feeling--looking out for the ones I cared about, and also them depending on me for their safety. The most important thing to remember about drinking and driving is that it could take the life of someone's baby. Everybody is somebody's baby, no matter how old they are. And that is why you should never drink and drive--the possibility of imparting lifelong pain into the life of another person, just to feel good for a few hours, or because you don't want to come back later and pick up your car at the bar, or whatever the "reason" may be, is irresponsible and societally wrong to do. It's just not worth the "what if" factor that follows a drinking and driving tragedy.

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Drinking and driving is a term I had always heard but thankfully had never been able to relate to. It wasn't until my freshmen year in high school that I experienced it firsthand. My "Nina"/godmother, was the one who every day after work not just wanted but needed to have at least a few beers every single night. She was the one that I didn't want to attend family gatherings and not because I didn't like her or want her there but for her own protection. I knew that by the end of the night, if she was there, it would be a night full of tears, yelling, and name-calling between her and everyone else because she always insisted that she could drive when everyone knew she was in no shape to be driving. The fights would get so bad that we had no choice but to let her go because she would find the keys and take off before we could stop her or she just would push the right buttons so that the people trying to help her would just let her go. She was always lucky and somehow good at driving like she was sober. Unfortunately, almost 5 years ago to date, my Nina's luck ran out. My Nina had gone out with some friends and had been drinking, she ended up getting pulled over for speeding and that's when the officers smelled the alcohol. She spent the night in a jail cell to sober up and went home with her first DUI. Between fees and AA programs, that DUI cost her 11,000 dollars. She fell into a pretty deep depression because she was so ashamed of herself but returned to alcohol because it was her only comfort. Nine months later, she got into an accident so bad that she totaled her brand new, three week old Kia Soul and received her second DUI. After that second DUI my Nina was put on house arrest for 90 days. That second DUI cost her 18,000 dollars bringing up her financial cost for those two DUIs to 29,000 dollars. No one should ever have to go through what I watched my Nina go through, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Furthermore, the reason why you should absolutely never drink and drive. This unfortunate personal experience with drinking and driving has become my motivation for never letting myself or the others around me drink and drive. ** If I am fortunate enough to be chosen for this scholarship, I please ask that I remain anonymous if my essay submission is to be shared with the public or anyone in order protect my family and I's privacy. Thank you.**

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We are lucky cars were designed to obey drivers. If cars were to do anything else, a crash would likely follow. Although this is common sense, numerous drivers have not been demonstrating this logic through their actions. These drivers know that it is common sense to drive sober minded, but they still opt to risk harming their own lives, their families' lives, their own cars, and other belongings. They expect to not get caught by the law and to remain safe against the odds. The purpose of not drinking and driving, and other common restrictions, is to avoid irreversible damages. As the daughter of handicapped parents, I learned to watch the road for my own safety. Although I am confident my father is a good driver, I am usually afraid that his hearing and communication problems may impair him to notice hazards on the road. This experience is no different when I am in my cousin's passenger seat. He has no disability, but he is an adventurer. After his usual routine of working and partying, he speeds the roads looking for an adrenaline rush, and a tangible way to practice his video gaming skills. He is a great driver, except when he violates one of the most basic principles of driving: exceeding the speed limit, driving under the influence of alcohol, and driving recklessly, especially at night. When my cousin bought his shiny new car, he fulfilled one of his is childhood dreams. He made sure he made the best experiences he could for the first few months of driving, until he caused a major crash and totaled it. According to the security cameras of commercial areas in the city, it was evident that he was racing another car under the influence of alcohol. One of the recordings showed his car hitting a bar that was no longer open at two in the morning. The car skid one hundred and eighty degrees while destroying chairs, tables, steps, and the entrance of the bar. He was fortunate that there were no pedestrians at the scene, avoiding killing innocent lives with his dangerous driving. He was in the hospital the following day, and had to pay for all the damages. Although his recovery was very costly, the emotional price of explaining the situation to the family was even more painful and shameful to him. The black colored scar left from the asphalt barely faded, as a reminder of his poor decision. Today, he avoids talking about the accident, but he makes sure to not repeat the same actions again. Only after the accident did he understand my need to be attentive on the road and my respect for driving regulations. Instead of risking a tragedy to learn careful behavior, everyone can avoid these situations by making good decisions from the start. My cousin's crash taught me that there is no one more attentive than the law. The law's main purpose is to provide safety and not to cause aggravation. They were created by people who know that no accidents happen on purpose. Of course, before my cousin chose to disobey the law, he did not predict the damages he left. These regulations were made to prevent us from harm and to care for our choices. Limitations, including not drinking and driving, were not made to limit us, but to protect us. The same way we expect the car to obey the driver, we should expect ourselves to obey the law.

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What has made it so easy for those who are intoxicated to get behind a wheel and be willing to damage the lives of others? Why do people do it? How much is a life worth? I would like to think much much more than $6. On average, that is the price of a sober ride that I myself have paid to avoid risking the lives of others. I have personally seen friends and family greatly affected by a person's decision to drive after consuming alcohol, so what is it that prevents someone from finding a sober ride? These are all questions I have found myself asking, especially since enrolling and attending a large state school such as Colorado State University. Growing up, I have witnessed firsthand the atrocities that drinking and driving can cause. The most challenging of these occurred toward the end of my high school career. I remember coming home from school to find three of my cousins sitting in our kitchen. Soon, I would find out that they would be moving in with us due to their dad getting behind the wheel after drinking. Because of that single bad decision, unimaginable consequences were introduced into the lives of all three children as well as their father. Though I always understood that drinking and driving was a bad idea that could come at a high cost, personally experiencing the turmoil and pain brought into numerous lives has reinforced drastically what I was always taught growing up. Later, after arriving in college, I have seen others make the same exact mistakes. Many times, there may be no direct consequence at the time. But eventually, there always is. Sharing the affects that alcohol behind the wheel has had on my family to those around me has helped me convince others of the importance of a sober ride as well. If one ever thinks $6 is too high a price for eliminating the risk and life-changing consequences that drinking and driving can cause, I would urge them to consider whether they would like to go through a similar experience as me.

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As a child, I have seen several signs and television ads regarding drinking and driving. Now it's so easy for me to sit here and say you should not drink and drive. If you are caught, so many things could happen to you. I know I would be lying if I were to say I never drove under the influence. See I might not have been drunk on alcohol, but I'm just as guilty of the crime because I had a minor surgery and right after decided to drive myself home. I sit here writing this essay and think about all of the individuals that have lost there lives at the hands of someone else carelessness. The choices we make when someone is under the influence will affect you for the rest of your life. Many insurance companies will not pay for damages, there are fines you will be reasonable for, and you could even get jail time. We all are at risk when we decide to get in the motor vehicle. We all risk the chance of getting hit by a drunk driver or someone under the influence. Statistics show over 50% of accidents are caused by someone under the influence of alcohol and the other 50% of the accidents are a fatal car crash also related to alcohol. If I could touch one person with this essay, I would be ok. A close friend of my family that played in the NFL had a lot going on in his life and chose not to call someone for help. On November 18, 2013, due to him drinking and driving. At that time he killed an innocent man who had a wife and children. The pain in his mother's voice, when she got that call that he was no longer with us, is a feeling I would never want to put my family through that type of pain. In November she laid to rest. Her one and only child and he left behind a smart and vibrant daughter that he will never see grow up. Some people believe that one beer is fine, but per law, the blood alcohol content level is .08, and that is considered a DUI in the United States. So I repeat we all have choices in this life but who am I to decide when it's someone else's time to go, and that is what I'm saying when I decided to get behind the wheel under the influence. We should all start to take a stand and hold each and everyone accountable for his or hers actions. Maybe we can get that percentage lower than 50%. Always remember that one drink can change your life for the worst and never the best.

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Recently I came across an article on 18 year-old Obdulia Sanchez and her 14-year-old sister, Jacqueline. Obdulia made the mistake of driving under the influence that resulted in a wreck, killing the younger sister. To everyone's horror, she was videotaping the entire accident and was heard saying "I just killed my sister, and I don't give a (expletive)". The heart wrenching scene was seen by hundreds of thousands of people across the internet, and it was all because of drinking and driving. That precious young girl, just shy of 15, was taken by the carelessness of alcohol. What makes it so much worse is that the alcohol made Obdulia numb to the situation and unaware of the real pain she has just caused. My own uncle was driving while drunk last year, and wrecked his truck. Thankfully, he was the only person involved and suffered a skull fracture that extended past his eye socket. He too made the mistake of driving while intoxicated, but was spared. Every day innocent lives are lost due to impaired judgement alcohol creates, and people are not catching on. Everyone can do their part to spare lives of children, mothers, fathers, and siblings. If a driver notices a vehicle on the road driving erratically or they notice the driver is not sober, they should immediately alert authorities of this. If a person is enjoying a drink at a bar and notice someone getting drunk, they should alert the bartender and help them secure a safe way home. No night of fun is worth the potential pain and suffering driving drunk causes. Society should not blame solely the person behind the wheel, because nearly everyone who drinks has driven drunk. They were lucky to not have hurt anyone in the process. Society as a whole needs to put into effect better ways to prevent these horrible accidents from happening, not just punish those responsible after the damage has been done. Strangers need to look out for other strangers once their judgement has been compromised in any way, because it's not just the driver's fault. It's the fault of the man at the bar watching the visibly drunk woman get in her car and leave. It's the fault of the bartender letting the drunk group of college students pile into a truck without a designated driver. It's the fault of the person driving behind the car swerving in and out of lanes. They all could have prevented the fatal car accident, because their judgement was not impaired. They chose to let that stranger drive drunk, and now completely innocent people have to pay the price for all their choices. I've been in the vehicle where the main driver was unable to drive safely, so I offered to take the keys from her and drive her and my little sister safely home. I could have easily just let her drive, and I could have been the one longer living because of the small decision I made of not letting the main driver drive drunk.

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There are countless reasons why you should not drink and drive. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and can change your whole life. Drinking and driving puts you and your passengers in danger along with anyone else on the road, or even walking down the sidewalk, as well. Any sort of impaired driving can cause your attention and ability to perform the task at hand, driving, to decrease significantly. There are so many resources especially in today's day and age that there is no reason to be drinking and driving. Majority of the population owns a cell phone, so it is very easy to contact a ride whether that is a family member or friend or a taxi or Uber driver. There is no harm in having a fun night with your friends, but there could potentially be a lot of harm in the way you decide to end your night. When I was in high school, I was president of a club called SADD: Students Against Destructive Decisions. Every other year our club got to participate in a program titled "Every 15 Minutes". This program was based on the statistic that every 15 minutes someone dies from an alcohol-related collision. Students were used as actors and a scene was set up where one student was driving under the influence and crashed, killing some students and severely injuring others. Our local police and fire department would participate in the program and report to the scene, declaring some victims dead and taking others off in ambulances while the rest of the student body watched. Parents of the actors had to claim their children's bodies, meet them at the hospital, or even pick out caskets while the parents of the driver had to go to court and watch their child get sentenced to multiple deaths and life-altering injuries. It all felt so real and was a truly impacting experience which would leave majority of the spectators in tears. It was a great way to show that getting behind the wheel when you are impaired can change your whole life and the lives of everyone around you in a split second. It was an experience that will stick with me forever and remind me of the consequences of making that decision. It is important to remember that there is always someone you can call to get you and everyone around you home safely.

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As the son of a 24 year police veteran, I have seen the dangers of drinking and driving. Since age 15, I have been on ride outs with my Dad and taken my friends as well. My parents believed in showing me the dangers of drinking and driving before I was behind the wheel. I have seen the vehicle where two officers were killed by a drunk driver. I have seen firsthand the lives that drinking and driving destroys. Two families lost their husbands and fathers. This made a huge impression on me before I learned to drive. I realized that lives can be saved by designated driving. Before I started driving, my parents told me that they will not be mad if my group needed a ride home. They said they would rather get a phone call for me to be picked up, then for me to get into a car with a drunk driver or to drive drunk. The good news is that my generation has embraced Uber and I believe this is a good deterrent. It is the cool thing to do and students like it because it is affordable. As well, on college football travel weekends and Spring Break trips, my friends and I always have a plan. We park the vehicle, put the car keys away and know we will not drive it the entire weekend. We have made this plan because we do not want to harm ourselves or anyone else. We want to have a future. Most of my closest friends make good decisions but I have many friends that do not. These students are not mature enough to see the impact of their actions. Some of this is due to their age and some are due to the influence of their parents. My mother tells stories of 50 year old parents saying I can drive home from the restaurant because I only had a few. It infuriates my mother because they think they are above the law or having an accident. There will always be a need for people to educate individuals about the dangers of driving and driving. Therefore, the school districts, officers and victims must keep taking steps to prevent drinking and driving. This includes discussions with parents, teachers, police officers and even police ride outs. As well, the offenders that speak to school districts do make a difference because they usually look just like your friend or brother. They are not a scary, dangerous criminal. They are normal people that made a poor choice. Also, the victims that speak out about their loss and how one choice changed their life forever. Furthermore, the pretend drunk driving accident scenarios acted out on campus do influence students. When a student sees a bloody student (actor) being carried away in a body bag, students can not erase that visual. Being the son of a cop, I am grounded and have learned lessons from many accidents and funerals my father has attended. I will always be involved with charities that work toward protecting our citizens from drunk drivers. As I continue college and then enter the finance world, I know I will be exposed to drinking, parties and business dinners. I will always be the designated driver and focus on safety. It is a situation that people face every day and they must be proactive. As we have seen in the media, many people do not watch out for each other and let them drive drunk. I plan to be proactive and watch out for my college friends and for my business advocates. I believe it is an issue that everyone must talk about not just the teachers, victims, advocates and the police officers.

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I personally do not drink. But if I did I would never get behind the wheel of an automobile after drinking. I have witnessed others doing so and if I were in a position to stop them, I would suggest or arrange other means of transportation. If I knew a person who was impaired from consuming alcohol, I would be quite willing to drive them home myself or call for assistance. Driving drunk is not only dangerous to the driver and his passengers but can cause injury or death to other innocent people who might be involved in an accident. Every day the newspapers print stories about the death or life threatening injury from an auto accident caused by a driver who had been drinking. Many times that driver is a young person or teenager who has not matured enough to learn the dangers of drinking and driving. Our laws are not always strong enough to put people behind bars when they have caused the death of other people while driving drunk. Suspending a license doesn't always work as the guilty driver may continue to drive illegally. If people want to have a good time and drink there are plenty of other means of transportation to get them where they are going without getting behind the wheel of a car.

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If there is one thing in the world that really can get under anyone's skin, it is self-center selfish people: people who don't realize that there is a world outside of the bubble they have made for themselves. The complete disregard for others feelings, happiness, or even well-being is enough to make an seem ugly both inside and out. However, if someone gets behind a wheel of a vehicle drunk, they have just become the ugliest person in the world. Regardless if the person is a "happy drunk", "funny drunk", "sad drunk", or even a "sleepy drunk", they are ugly inside and out. A drunk driver is a person who has decides to give complete disregard to anyone else and assume that everyone realizes that they are the only ones who exist; the only ones that matter. This is apparent for several reasons: first, when a drunk driver is behind the wheel, they are manning a 2 ton machine, with the capabilities of maiming and killing others if not handled properly. If that sounds like a war death machine, it should: a drunk driver is not existing in the real world, just their own. In their world, they could be concentrating extra hard to make sure that the road that is slightly blurred in front of them becomes a little straighter. Or they could be going faster, just so they can gets themselves home at a faster rate to start to sleep off the obvious pain they may be feeling; whether or not, the drunk driver assumes that everyone cares about their plight and takes no regard as to what the other "rude" drivers or pedestrians are doing to get in their way. They are so many different worlds that could be imagined for a number of different drunk drivers, but that's the problem; they are in their own worlds, not the real one that is going on at the moment. When my cousin, Danny Hogus, was struck by a drunk driver I can only imagine how that driver cursed out loud because he was standing in his own front lawn with his best friend. How angry the drunk driver got when he finally stepped out of his vehicle and realized his buzz would be done for the day because now he had reentered the real world. Plain selfish, that's all drunk drivers are. Why shouldn't people drive drunk? Well, a great reason would be that it would save all of the other drivers in the country a lot of money! How high insurance premiums are for driver's that have never even had an accident? Still in the hundreds! How could this be? Well, drunk drivers do play a factor in this, but for once they are only partially to blame. Drunk drivers insurance companies take on a huge debt when their selfishness finally shines through: not only are they forced to replace cars, but they are forced to pay for medical, dental, and sometimes even funerals cost for the "rude" people that got in the drunk driver's way. Some insurances end up paying for years, even after the drunk driver is no longer a customer, just because they decided to give a selfish person the opportunity to drive. So why should you drink and drive? There are a number of different reasons that could fill page after page of scientific reasons and death statics from all over the world. Books of people just killed this year from these selfish drivers could be volumes long and still would not be able to be held in the largest of libraries. Perhaps the best reason not to drink and drive is because it is a definition of character; not only does it show responsibility, it shows respect for others and respect for yourself.

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Drinking and driving are both things people love to do. At the same time, it is something that should never be mixed together, like pineapple pizza. I have never drunk before, and I have still not been behind the wheel, but even then I know how important it is to not drink and drive. Being drunk has an impact on the body in which a person's physical, mental, and emotional behavior can be easily altered. The physical effects of being drunk include dizziness, blurred vision, and lack of physical over the body. So if a person is drunk this ultimately means that they will not be able to see correctly what is happening in front of them, and if they do spot something their reaction time will not be as quick as it would being sober. Being drunk also affects the mind because it eliminates any reasoning and common sense. People tend to be bolder and do things they wouldn't imagine when being sober. So when a person is drunk they begin to get an "in the moment" type feeling and conduct acts of recklessness. Lastly, tying back to the mental state, being drunk also affects the emotional state of a person. When a person is down, they drink to forget about the emotion thus doing taking actions to try and fill that void. They will not care anymore about what happens to themselves and/or people around them. These are all effects of being drunk. It's bad enough already being drunk, but driving while in that state. A drunk person will not be able to steer or break correctly or as responsive as their sober selves will. They will forget their surroundings and conduct acts that may seem "fun" to them such as speeding. If they speed and see someone in the way, their responsive time will not be as strong and will conclude in a tragedy. Lots of negative things can come from drinking and driving which is why it is enforced so much not to do it.

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I remember the day I got my license and I could drive on my own for the first time. It was March 21, 2017 and I was a nervous wreck. I had practiced every day for the past two weeks for that test, dedicating time and effort into the hope of being free on the road. When it was time to finally take the test I made several mistakes, yet to my delight my driving instructor turned to me and told me I passed. I was beyond excited and ready to step into this new journey of life. Afoot and light-hearted I stepped out into open road, I moved with the wind and outraced the clouds. I was one with the world. I grew up in a strict and sheltered household and was not allowed to partake in much activities. Thus, driving around town felt like an escape. The world and all the possibilities it contained were mine. Imagine that I, being as free as I am in this very moment and all the moments I took on the road, had to give that feeling up. The act of drinking and driving adds points on your license and can strip you of that license, which in my case is my freedom. In addition, drinking and driving is considered by most states to be a misdemeanor and can result in a small fine or a year of jail time. However, if someone else is harmed or killed because you were driving under the influence of alcohol, that crime can become a felony, which is more serious and can result in longer jail time. Not to mention the fact, that you could never be free of the guilt of having taken someone else's life due to your recklessness and irresponsibility. In life, the most important thing to me is my freedom and driving allows me to have that. Don't let drinking and driving strip you of your freedom.

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A friend of mine volunteered driving high school kids home from parties to keep them safe. That same friend died because one night he had a drink and crashed his car. Despite the overconfidence some people may have, thinking, "I only had a couple beers. I'm fine to drive," numerous studies have shown that even a single drink can seriously increase the risk of a crash, regardless of age or driving experience. The hard truth is no amount of alcohol is safe for drivers, and no driver is so skilled that they should be behind the wheel after drinking. Further, there are numerous safe alternatives from taxis, public transit and ride sharing to limousines and party buses, which come with safe, professional drivers and a party built in.

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Our lives are so small and fleeting. Everyday you wake up there are less people in the world as a result of drunk driving. Not all of these people may matter everyone, but everyone matters to someone. This decision is detrimental not just to the driver, but to their loved ones and everyone around them. In many cases the driver is barely harmed in drunk driving accidents, but the lives of others can change completely. Imagine losing a mother, a father, a son, or a daughter. There are consequences to every one of the actions we make. Why should the irresponsible decisions made by others be able to impact our lives so severely? Throughout my life alcoholism has plagued my family. My parents have tried to shelter my little sister and I from this disease but you can't keep it quiet forever. The environment I grew up in has caused me to be much more cautious when it comes to drinking in my own life. The older we get the greater a chance we come to being just another statistic. Personally, I have been very careful to avoid dependence on alcohol meaning when it comes to hard times there's no substance to lean on. It is at our most vulnerable that we are most susceptible to succumbing to our vices. Going into my junior year of college and being a member of a fraternity on campus I must be vigilant as ever. We've had our own internal issues with the subject of drinking and driving within our fraternity that we have taken care of and do not take lightly. There are brothers who feel the need to have a morning shower beer or wake up and shotgun a beer before getting out of bed. Living the college lifestyle where you do what you want when you want the majority of the time is all well and good, however it is when you get behind the wheel of a car and put other people's lives in danger that it becomes a real problem. Self destruction is a personal problem that must be dealt with, but when others are put in harm's way this is where the line must be drawn.

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To me, one of the most terrifying experiences of my life remains losing control of my bike when I was thirteen. I thought I was so cool on my purple bike zooming down the hill towards my house until it all came to a screeching halt and I hit a border and went flying off… I don't remember what happened in that split second but I do remember limping home because of a cut on my ankle, the blindness that came as my glasses flew off and the fear that settled in as soon as I saw just how close to cars entering the highway at full speed I had been… I also remember realizing that, perhaps due to human nature, I had been briefly addicted to the high speed and completely forgotten other things. That was the moment I said I would never lose control again and let myself be blinded to what is going on around me. My bruises and fear of riding my bike have long faded but my scar on my ankle and mind have and will probably remain with me always. In other words, I resolved to always be conscious of my actions and never impair my senses and even became a bit obsessed with this. Needless to say, that not only do I not drink and drive (and not only because I am not yet 21) but I also try to use public transportation as much as possible to avoid the dangers that come with other people drinking and driving! One of the things that is hard to think about when intoxicated and caught in the moment is other people. We, the people driving on the street, crossing it or simply walking on the sidewalk, are also in danger every time someone impairs their senses and decides to operate a vehicle weighing a few tons and travelling at speeds which can cause much damage to a frail human. As such, to me, there are few things more selfish than someone not only putting their life in danger but also those of innocent people going about their daily business. No matter how sober you think you are, I can assure you that there is scientific evidence that any alcohol consumed affects you and while there are few things I could say that could change anyone's mind about not caring if they harm themselves remember that you are not only hurting yourself! What about your family? Your friends? What about the future you who, if you happen to cause an accident, would have to live with that guilt? And, of course, what about the people whose lives you just cut short? Who were they? They probably also have a life you disregard every time you drink and drive and family and friends who care about them. There are different thresholds for different people, maybe those thoughts and questions would make some reflect on their actions and realize the dangers of drinking and driving, maybe they will roll like water off their backs. In some ways, even though I don't entirely remember it, I am grateful for that moment when I flew off my bike because it taught me the importance of using your senses and responsibility. That bike accident all those years ago was my moment of realization, what will be yours? What will it be for people who are confident that just because they have never yet had an accident or feel "fine" after a drink? Various platform like social media and classes in school have started to spread this message of the ways that alcohol inhibits your senses and decreases reaction rates and the dangers of drinking and driving but, is that enough? This is a subject that we should all feel comfortable talking about and creating environments where we can stop friend, family and acquaintances from partaking in such behavior. As for me, I can only spread the message and make sure that the ones close to me don't drink and drive. And despite the fact that some may mock me for being boring, I will continue to remind myself that at any meeting or party these problems can be prevented by just one person: "If not me, then who? If not now, then when?" (John Lewis).

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Drinking and driving has been a huge cause of death since before automobiles were ever made. Believe it or not people use to have accidents on horseback in the 1800s because they were intoxicated. In 1910 New York became the first state to adopt the law against drinking and driving. I personal believe that people drink and drive because they think that they are actually less drunk than what they actually are. A drunk person ability to rationalize is suppressed by all the alcohol which make their decision making skills delayed. When I was in high school there use to be a group of students that would drink and drive because they thought it made them look cool. One day I had a talk with that group of individuals and explained to them drinking and driving is not cool at all because there is a huge possibly that you could end up killing someone or getting killed. Those group of kids laughed at me and called me a loser so I decided to take it a step further and report them to the Dean at my school. The Dean looked into it and found my story to be true and then the Dean got the kids parents involved. Students started calling me a snitch and all sorts of other very mean names but I didn't let that affect me because at the end of the day I was able to save a life weather they recognized that or not. I think that the initiative needed to address drinking and driving is that people need to step up and start reporting to the police anyone that they may feel is drunk or has had a little too much to drink. People should not be afraid to speak out because you could be possibly saving many lives when you take a simple stance.

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You should not drink and drive for obvious reasons - it is not safe for you, your passengers, or anyone on the road. However, that is the simple answer. In my opinion, it is important to not drink and drive not only for safety reasons, but the example you are setting for your loved ones. I have been personally affected by drinking and driving - at a young age my father, who now is a fully recovered alcoholic, would drink and drive more than I ever knew of. When I was about 6 years old, my brother, father, and I attended a family party at a local park. My father obviously drank at this party, but was our ride home. Unfortunately, our family and friends let my father get behind the wheel and drive both me and my brother home. I will forever play that car ride home in my head. It was scarier than any roller coaster in my life. And for that reason I will never drink and drive, or let anyone I know get behind the wheel after drinking. My father's lasting impression on me that day is that he did not care for our well-being. We could've seriously been hurt, or hurt someone else. That example he set for me was a learning experience that I am now thankful for. Many parents do not think of the example they are setting for their children when they have a few beers and drive home - but children notice that, and later on in life think it is okay to do the same thing - when it is indeed not okay.

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There is no reason to ever drink and drive, because the risk/reward is in literally no one's favor. It's too much to hope in this day and age that no one will know the pain of a drunk driver, so unfortunately I can say from personal experience, and with no reservations, that the ramifications for drunk driving reach so much further than the active participants. Ten years ago, I babysat for a family with three children. The parents were loving, the kids were adorable, if a bit excitable. My mother was the tutor for the oldest child, so our families knew each other well. One morning, I was awoken by my mother to the last thing I ever expected to hear; the father of those children had been killed in a drunk driving accident. The world had fallen out from under me, but I was small potatoes compared to the hurt caused to those children, and his family. All I could think of was getting to those kids and hugging them. We spent the morning with the family, arriving just after the mother had told the children. The oldest, a twelve-year-old boy, was a very spiritual kid, and was able to use his faith to help him through it. The youngest, a three-year-old boy, didn't really understand what death meant and was concerned with comforting those around him who were upset. The middle child, an eight-year-old girl, was the one who scared me the most. She had always been a vibrant, hyperactive kid who liked to climb everyone, especially her dad, like jungle gyms, and have screaming contests. The child I saw was empty; she was a child shaped echo where a beautiful spirit had dwelt. Things didn't get better. The oldest child started dreaming that his father was back, then sobbing when he woke up alone. The middle child stopped eating and when I asked her why, she said "I'm too sad," but it wasn't through tears, it was through a place of depression and despair that no child should ever have to fight through. About a week after his father's funeral, the youngest started asking when Daddy was coming home. No one could give him an answer, so he started asking louder. Then screaming. Then sobbing. This went on until I was babysitting a couple weeks later. He and his sister came to me in tears, grabbing onto me. This tiny little boy, through tears, asked me, "Erika, is Daddy coming home?" It didn't feel real. How could this be real? Was I supposed to lie to these kids to stop their tears, or tell them the truth and love them through the pain? I chose the latter. "No sweet boy, Daddy's not coming home," I said through my own tears, hugging them closer as they lost all control and sobbed into me. "Why does God do this if it hurts us so much?" the little girl asked after a few minutes. Her words didn't just evoke a sort of pain in me I didn't know existed, they threw accelerant on anger I didn't had been smoldering since the accident. How dare this man, this father, with children who needed him, choose to do something so selfish, so STUPID as get behind the wheel after drinking? How DARE he put his children through this complete Hell? How do you claim to love your children and family and do something like he did? Fortunately, time is a universal panacea, and there is an underappreciated strength in children to keep growing past sorrow. The children have all grown into wonderful young adults and teens and have learned to laugh and find joy in their lives. But they should never have had to endure what their father put them through. The ramifications for the actions of a drunk driver are never restricted to affecting only the drunk driver, and no one should ever create that chain by drinking and driving.

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During my senior year of high school, I was preparing to go away to college and leave home for the first time. I was ready for this new chapter in my life and couldn't wait for what college had to offer: friends, going out, and possibly having a boyfriend (Note: didn't happen until after college). I wanted to make a new life for myself and leave high school behind. With senioritis kicking in, I was tired of the younger students in my classes who didn't take school seriously. During my marketing class, Stephen, a popular ninth grader, would stop by our class daily to joke around with his friend, also Steven. The student teacher, an ex-rocker, although incredibly nice, did not have decent reign over this class so the more his control slipped, the angrier I felt at this boy for taking advantage of him. I got so fed up that after class one day I went to the teacher and told him that I couldn't take the lack of discipline and wanted to study in the library where I could get my work done for other classes. This was the first and last time I ever gave someone an ultimatum. The next day, Stephen and Steven's brother, Eugene, were tragically killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. This event shook my world. I could not believe how mad I was the last day these boys were alive. I was very bright at seventeen, but still acted like a punk however; how could I have been so self-righteous? The man who hit these boys was drunk and ran through a red light. These boys both had a whole life ahead of them, one preparing to finish high school and one just starting. Oftentimes people forget the responsibility they hold when they are on the road, how they are not only liable for themselves but for the people around them. This man drank while driving and the result is irreversible. He stole their lives all because he couldn't have someone else drive him home or stay where he was. I went to both boys' wakes in the two weeks to come. For one year I wore a blue memorial band as an act of a scarlet letter. I felt terrible guilt for these boys and carried it wherever I went. One day while living in Brooklyn, I went to a PostSecret event hosted by Frank Warren. Frank Warren is the gatekeeper of secrets and I had to tell him my secret. I wrote it on a piece of loose leaf and when I met him, I read my eulogy to these boys. He was empathetic and I felt relieved because up until that point, I had never told anyone how I felt. After telling Frank my secret, I was able to move forward. It has been seven years since Stephen and Eugene were killed but the amount of pain that this man caused their friends, family, and community is still reflected on. When I see road signs on the expressway for texting, I think of this event and relate it to drinking and driving: It Can Wait. Article: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2011/04/21/long-island-mothers-battling-to-put-alleged-drunk-driver-away/

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In my opinion, drinking and driving is a very selfish and careless action. It is scientifically proven that a person's concentration's abilities, vision and accuracy are affected while being under the influence. A buzzed body that operates a fast-driving vehicle can turn into a fatal event. As I am originally from Hungary I am used to a ZERO tolerance when it comes to alcohol. One might think that one bottle of a beer will not affect his/her abilities to drive but the laws say it otherwise. Where I come from you cannot even eat a chocolate dessert that contains any kind of liquors as it will show that the person has consumed some sort of alcohol in the past couple hours. Growing up in that environment gave me the discipline I have today. I simply do not drink and drive. Not one glass, not one sip. As alcohol affects everyone in a different way, the law cannot exactly measure what is allowed and what is not for one individual. The most devastating instances are the ones where sober people get hit/hurt/killed by drunk drivers. It is truly an unforgivable act of carelessness. Drinking and driving not only affect the driver but the people around it as well. The drunk driver puts everyone's life at a risk. The most upsetting thing is they might not even remember what they have caused and continue to drink carelessly while operating a vehicle. I pray every day that my family and friends can drive in a safe environment where people are cautious and sober when it comes to transportation. It is important, that we humans stick together to help each other not to destroy other's families and friends. There is no argument about drunk-driving. The rules apply to everyone the same way and they all should obey it the same way as well. Bars and bartenders have to be very cautious when handing drinks to their customers. It is also important that they call a taxi or a third party transportation agency to drive their guests home safely. It is the responsibility of the workers in hospitality to pay attention to their customer's drinking habits while on premises, as well. Being a person who works in the restaurant industry I pay special attention to requests of alcoholic beverages. As I can officially not deny to serve an adult with proper identification and behavior, I always pay attention to their action and speech after the first drink and wisely think about their second order if they decide to consume one more. Drunk-driving affects everyone and everyone around as. Being sober is essential for avoiding devastating events and memories.

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It is impossible to argue that drinking and driving is at all acceptable, but for some reason it still happens. Despite all the horrific accidents, serious injuries, and tragic deaths, there are still numerous occurrences of drinking and driving happening today. As a student who has had several personal experiences with drivers under the influence as well as being an advocate for awareness on this issue, I can personally attest to why no one should drink and drive. It began my first year of high school. As a freshman, I was so excited for all the future held for me. In just a short year, I would be able to be behind the wheel of a car myself! With high school came a lot of freedom and responsibility and I was ready to take it on. However, things started to dramatically changed that September. Just a month into the school year, a junior who I attended high school with was pronounced dead due to a fatal accident caused by his own under the influence driving. I remember being in absolute shock when I found out that night. As I was growing up I was always taught about the dangers of drinking and driving, but now they were a reality. It was hard for me and the rest of my student body to accept the fact that we had really lost one of our own. Unfortunately my experiences didn't stop there. The spring of that same year my high school lost yet another student, this time due to another drunk driver hitting her. The first student death of the year was hard enough to accept, but this time an innocent girl lost her life because of someone else reckless choice. It was unfair, and the community was heart broken. A year later, one of my co-workers at my part time job was found unconscious late at night in a deadly accident as a result of his own drunk driving. He was airlifted to a local hospital and had to undergo serious treatment. We waited nervously for several days wondering if he could survive this horrible accident. Luckily, about a week later, we were thrilled to find out he was making a recovery. However, the accident would have some serious lasting impacts on his life, including permanent scars and minor brain damage. Although I did not know any of these students very well, their deaths had a personal and lasting impact on my life. I was so saddened to see students with such great potential lose their lives to accidents that could have been easily prevented. It is reasons like this, people should not drink and drive. Instances like this are playing out each and everyday and people are losing their lives due to reckless and impulsive decisions. No one should drink and drive, not just for your own safety, but for their friends, family, loved ones, community, and innocent people that will be affected. These tragic events we experienced in my community worked as almost a wake up call to me and others around me. It was then that our high school began the program 'Road to Reality.' Road to Reality has become an annual event that educates the community on the dangers drivers face on the road. During the event are demonstrations done by the local fire and police department, educational information provided for parents and students, and a graphic performance of an accident scene done by volunteer student actors that portrays the story of what will happen when someone makes the choice to drink and drive. Road to Reality brings the dangers of automobile accidents to life and helps educate the community about how serious your choices are and the impact they can have on others. The event has become extremely popular in our community and grows each year. I was personally involved in the program throughout my four years of high school and was lucky enough to be able to see how it has been positively impacting drivers in my own community. My experiences with drinking and driving had a serious impact on me. I had it my mission to educate others about how important this topic really is, something that most people don't realize until it becomes a reality to them. I hope to continue to share my stories in hopes that one day, drinking and driving will no longer be a reality.

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Drinking and drinking must be the top tier of risk factors anyone is involved with whether they are the driver, passenger, or a bystander. Driving while intoxicated not only puts your life at stake, but all the innocent drivers on the road as well. Imagine having a loved one receive a call from the police saying that you got into a car accident because you were being reckless? Even worse, imagine getting that call and knowing the accident was fatal and either you lost your life, or the innocent driver did? I'm in college and one of the top things I've seen are accidents due to drunk drivers. Whether you're of age to drink and think your alcohol tolerance is better than when you did when you first started drinking, driving intoxicated is the dumbest decision you can ever make. I'm only 19 years old and I've seen at least 3 accidents due to a drunk driver while being in college and have been told endless stories about others. The closest experience I had to death was with a drunk driver and I was a passenger in the car. I was going to a party with friends and one of my friends offered to be the designated driver for the night. I wasn't drinking because I know how some of my friends act and I wanted to be there to take care of them if something went wrong. When he came to pick us up, I had this pit in my stomach. I didn't think much of it until we got to a main road in Gainesville, Archer Road. Archer is where I've personally seen the 3 car accidents. As he was driving, he started swerving into another lane but didn't realize it. I raised my voice to tell him he was swerving and if he had been drinking. He denied drinking but I was now becoming more aware of his reckless driving. There was a red light approaching and he wasn't stopping. I screamed at him to brake since he was driving into oncoming traffic. He managed to brake about less than a foot away from a car passing us from the front. Everyone fell silent. I wanted to get out of the car and just Uber back home, but I knew they were drunk. I drove them to the party and as they stepped out I stayed in the car and told them I was taking care of the keys and the only reason I was staying was because I didn't want them making choices like that that night. When you come close to being in an accident that can become potentially fatal, reality hit you. Drinking and driving is wrong. If you want to drink, have a designated driver or call an Uber home. There are so many options you can take to get home safely. Value your life and others around you.

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Partying, drinking, and late nights with friends are all common themes in the life of the average college student. While it seems all fun and games, it is only a matter of time before people head home, regardless of mental or physical state. Drinking and driving from an objective ethical viewpoint, regardless of whether it is Deontological or teleological ethics applied to the situation, is a horrendous personal decision, and an even more atrocious decision in light of other people's safety. I thank God I have never lost a relative or close friend to driving under the influence of alcohol, but it is an issue that my family has known far too well. My mother's uncle passed due to the effects of alcoholism. My mom's side as a whole are all too well acquainted with liquors of all varieties. I have personally never intentionally drank an alcoholic beverage. I believe that the law is to be followed, therefore I do not drink, but I would hear story after story of the effects that drinking has caused people I know. I am not against alcohol, but there must be some form of education done in order to prevent the horrors that have stemmed from it. In many other cultures, drinking a glass of wine with dinner is commonplace, but living in the South there are many Christian (I am a Christian) circles that consider alcohol taboo or sinful. The Bible doesn't teach against alcohol, but drunkenness. At the end of the day it doesn't matter your religion, ethical ideology, or personal convictions. Drinking, especially in relation to driving, has caused too many tangible nightmares to not be dealt with. Through educating the younger generation on responsible drinking, drinking and driving can become a problem of the past.

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When getting behind the wheel of a vehicle impaired from the consumption of alcohol, you are taking an enormous risk, a risk that defines a fine line between life and death. Alcohol effects each person differently depending on a multitude of variables including the amount consumed, the type consumed, the age of the person consuming, and various others. All of these factors however contribute to the fact that alcohol consumption impairs a person's ability to see, think and react appropriately with regards to operating a vehicle. In the bathrooms of the football stadium on my college campus, hang posters that depict a mirror with bars representative of a jail cell. When you look at this poster your reflection staring back at you is blurry and hard to focus in on. There is a simple caption at the bottom that reads, "Buzzed driving is drunk driving". Our university has a campaign of Zero Fatalities regarding drunk driving. These posters are a form of advertisement to this campaign, attempting to insight students and our local community that it only takes a minimal amount of alcohol to impair our senses when driving a vehicle, and you can easily find yourself in jail. One reason our university launched the Zero Fatalities campaign is after a football game, a local news sportscaster was crossing the street to his vehicle and was hit by a drunk driver. He died shortly after the incident. Drunk driving results in more death and tragedy than people seem to realize. Even if you think you can pass a sobriety test, alcohol inhibits our reaction time greatly. When driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, it may be necessary to stop suddenly due to traffic, a pedestrian, or even a stray dog in a neighborhood. With an inhibited reaction time, it would be very difficult for the signal in your brain telling you to hit the brakes to actually reach your feet to carry out the necessary action of stopping the car. Watching the news after the incident involving our local sportscaster was very difficult. As a family, we watched that newscast every night, and eventually the crew seemed to become family themselves. This particular sportscaster was not only involved in local sports, he was also majorly involved in food drives, blood drives and clothing drives the news station held annually. He had a great personality, left behind a loving wife and children, as well as his family at the station who dedicated every show that week to him and his family. It was amazing to see the community come together to support his family financially and spiritually as his wife had recently been diagnosed with cancer and his boys were still quite young. This is an example of how drunk driving effects a community, I can only imagine the grief and struggle of the effects when it's a family with little to no support. It is important to avoid drinking and driving altogether because no one should have to deal with the grief of losing a loved one to a careless act of impaired driving, as should no one have to deal with the guilt of taking away someone's family member. Unfortunately there is no clear-cut way of ending the number of fatalities caused by drunk driving except banning the consumption of alcohol altogether, however if history repeats itself I'm sure we all know how that will end. For now the best we can do is continue making advertisements such as the ones located on my college campus, as well as the TV commercials showing accidents caused by drunk driving and just how quickly it can change a life.

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Every year my school puts out an old and completely totaled car that looks like it came straight from the junkyard. It's not till you decided to take a better look and read the tattered sign next to the car that you realize it's a car that was demolished from a drunk driving accident. As you keep reading you learn that the kids were 17 years old driving the car and unfortunately they were killed. It took me till my senior year of high school to actually decide to find out what happen to that car I've driven past going to school for the past four years. Every kid in my school drives past that mangled car everyday for a month and I'm positive only 10% or less of those kids take the time to read that old sign. For those who have read it though I know it sticks with them for the rest of their life as it will for me. Drinking and driving is not a topic to go lightly on, in fact I believe that it is something we should go into detail on and shine a light on in schools all over the country. I can't remember hearing in my school the permanent effects that drunk driving can have on not just yourself but those around you or the mind boggling statistics on it, or even a story about how it affected someone. I've of course been told not to drink and drive but that's to enough for some kids. Maybe parents and schools are scared to talk about the topic because of all the deaths that have happened because of it. I think they want to believe that we are all good children and wouldn't be capable of doing anything so horrific but the truth is it happens, every year, every month, every day, every hour. I believe wholeheartedly that this topic is something we need to talk about more in schools all over. That car without a windshield, missing a wheel, with no obvious structure to it is an image forever imprinted in my mind. How did those kids die? Maybe from a night of too much fun, maybe from a little too much to drink, maybe from not having enough information, maybe from being scared to ask for help from their parents. We can't know for sure... their not around to ask but one thing is for sure those kids lives were ended to early. I believe we need a better system for kids who drink and drive. Kids should not be scared to ask for help. If a system was in place to transport kids who need a safe way to get home or parents were more open and honest with kids I believe we could save lives every day. A simple assembly could be held at each high school in the united states to promote safe driving. Parent could be encouraged to take to their children about the dangers of driving under the influence. Such a small push could make a huge impact. When I was young my sister lost three of her friend to a drunk driving accident. I was too small to understand or even be told what had happened that night but it's a day that sticks out to me. I didn't know her friends, honestly I couldn't tell you their names. What I can tell you though is the exact look my sister had on her face when she came home that night. I can tell you what she wore to the funeral the following week. I can tell you that I was a confused little kids seeing my sister so upset. You don't realize how incidence like drunk driving accidents can impact people's lives. Again, I don't know those kids who died. I don't know their names. Though they taught me the repercussions of making one mistake. For that I strongly encourage kids, teens, and adults to drive safe and think about how down the line how many lives you could impact. Driving drunk is more than just a choice, it's a risk you take every time you do it. Just think, maybe next time that could be your car outside a high school encouraging students to make the right choice.

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Driving is a dangerous act on its own. That is why many prescription drugs do not allow people to drive while they take them. Humans need all their focus to drive safely, and any less can put them at a very large risk. No matter who the driver, driving is a big deal. The car is not a toy, it is a large dangerous machine. Drinking or taking other drugs usually have a large effect on your cerebellum, the main controller of the The first and most obvious reason driving under the influence is such a big deal is that the driver cannot operate the vehicle properly and is more prone to run into objects or go off road. This is due to the fact that a driver's head spinning and vision is greatly impaired. To see what a drunk person's vision is like under the influence, where the drunk goggles and try to walk around. Not an easy task at all, especially when driving over 40 miles per hour. The second reason people under the influence are a great hazard is because they have very slow reaction times. All immediate motor and cognitive reactions are greatly impaired. Ironically, this is the one of the most important skills required during driving. Otherwise, how is the driver supposed to dodge a sudden obstacle or problem that is encountered during the trip. The final and probably the absolute most important reason why driving under the influence is a big danger is the fact that inhibition is slowed and the decisions that are made are not made in the right mind. A sober minded person would keep in mind to take it easy on the throttle, and to look far ahead for any possible threats. A person under the influence usually doesn't think to themselves that they are actually under the influence and will try to accomplish crazy automotive feats that are crazy. These three reasons mixed together summarize why driving under the influence is a big deal. It is a crazy idea and causes so much risk and harm to more than just the person driving. When drunk it is better to stay away from all types of self-driven transportation. This is why people shouldn't drink and drive.

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Many people drink and drive without thinking about the consequences. No one thinks that anything bad could happen until it actually happens. What drives a person to get behind the wheel while intoxicated? Back in 2015 I was celebrating a friends birthday at a house party. I had driven to the party that night, but was too intoxicated to drive when it was time to leave. My friend at the time who lived close by me said she would take me home and that she was fine to drive, because she wasn't 'that' drunk. I remember this day all the time, because she ran a stop light on the way home, I thank god that there were no cars in sight and we were safe, a simple stop-light run could have cost us our lived. I immediately sobered up to the thought of us being reckless and was in shock. Am I really in the car with someone who is too intoxicated to drive? My life had flashed before my eyes, sobering me up as I screamed at my friend to pull over. I called my sister to pick us up that night. I was ashamed that I trusted my friend who I knew had been drinking to drive. What a stupid decision I had made by not being careful enough to know that I was a passenger to a drunk driver. Life could change in an instant and I know this, because it did for my cousin Angela Gonzalez, a victim to a drunk driver in 2009. Many people do not see the harm in driving while intoxicated, because they have gotten away with it several times. Not all times will be the same, not only are you gambling your life away, but you are also gambling someone else's life that you come across on the road. I am always reminded of the stop light and my cousin Angela, may she rest in peace. I hope this story serves you to think of the consequences before you drink and drive.

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Drinking and driving is a horrendous phenomenon, especially among younger people. Teenagers and college students get their driver's license around the same time they start to drink. This combination of gaining freedom and entering adulthood leads to partying and increased social interactions, which includes drinking with friends. Although young people aren't going to stop driving or drinking anytime soon, the combination of the two together needs to come to an end. The question of: Why shouldn't you drink and drive?, should be answered through anyone's notion of common sense, yet the very same question proves to be extremely elusive. So, how do we find a solution to address this terrible problem? I can't speak on the behalf of all young people, but I can share through personal experience how I have never encountered or fallen guilty to this problem. There is one piece of advice that comes to mind that always resonates with me when I think of drinking and driving. The advice came when I first received my driver's license roughly three years ago. My dad told me in an exaggerated manner to not even smell a beer and drive. If I ever was in a situation where I needed a ride, he advised me to call him, a friend, or a cab for that matter. There should be no exception to drinking and driving. Also, let's not forget to avoid being in the car with someone who is driving while drunk. I've witnessed this problem of driving while intoxicated through the stupidity of my own friends. Friends of mine in the past have been pulled over while drunk and had to spend the night in jail. Fortunately, no one was hurt which is more important. If you're not going to stop drinking and driving to prevent harm to yourself, which you would be idiotic not to, don't drink and drive for the safety of others. The idea of the common good of others paired with common sense is all the reason someone needs to not drink and drive. Lastly, I would like to address what you won't miss from drinking and driving. There are times where I have been peer pressured to get in the car with someone who is drunk, yet I have never made that mistake. Just because your friends are getting in the car and encouraging you to do the same, just take a moment to be the smart one and find a different method of transportation. There is no shame in prioritizing the safety of yourself and others. You won't miss the possibility of getting into a crash or being put in jail. No matter how tempted you are to get in the car, just don't.

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Driving Under the Influence Imagine being in a bar with a few of your good friends. Everyone is drinking and having a good time. You're going to leave and travel home, but you friends won't let you because they know the dangers of driving after having a few drinks. Instead they call an Uber to give you a ride home. You would be extremely lucky to have such smart friends. Drunk driving is a very serious problem in our society today, and has become increasingly socially unacceptable causing the thousands of alcohol related traffic fatalities to decline considerably. Drunk driving can be very deadly. Yet many people drive while under the influence every day. Drivers who are drunk are blamed for the loss of as many as twenty-five thousand lives in highway crashes each year and hundreds of thousands of severe injuries all related to driving under the influence! Isn't that crazy? Drunk driving is a very difficult subject in my family considering I have had two uncles die from alcoholism. My uncle Doug ended up flipping his entire Ford Expedition in the middle of the interstate. Mind you, this man worked a 6 figure job at the Pentagon and was a very intelligent man. However, his PTSD sadly got the best of him as a result of the accident. All I could remember after getting the horrendous phone call saying that my own uncle was in the hospital for a drunk driving crash. That is a feeling that I never want to experience again. It has almost created a ripple effect. (not just in our family) His death unfortunately made me more aware of the dangers of driving impaired and I warn my friends almost every time we get together to "text me when you get home safe" just because I have flashbacks to that horrendous phone call. Furthermore, it is thought that drunk drivers have a long history of doing this and many prior arrests. However, as I mentioned before my uncle had a perfect life while working for the United States Pentagon. He was a complete war hero who served in Desert Storm. In addition, most of those killed in drunk driving accidents are innocent victims whose behavior did not contribute to their deaths. On average a drunk driver that kills have never been involved in an alcohol related accident before and have no proir convictions for driving under the influence. Most of the drunk driver's victims are the drivers themselves, their passengers, and other families on the road. It is very clear that drunk driving has affected my immediate family and I don't think we will ever be the same without him. Impaired driving is currently the leading cause of unintentional injury deaths in America today. In fact, it is said that ab out 40 % of the population will be involved in a alcohol related crash during their life. Drunk driving is especially dangerous to young people, who seem to be more involved than others. After our family was affected by the tragic event, we have been more aware of impaired driving. By aware I literally mean calling the police to report suspicious driving out on the road. Ever since the accident I have been warning my friends to never drive while impaired. It is 2017 and technology has advanced so much that there should be NO reason anyone needs to drive while intoxicated. Lastly, drunk driving is still the number one cause of death among young people, accounting for 20% of all deaths from ages 15 to 20. Drunk driving is such a hard thing to overcome though. In our society alcohol is overwhelmingly accepted as a facilitator of sociable interaction, and the great majority of adults drink. But steps are being taken and the numbers of deaths are declining with the use of Uber and Lyft who offer cheap taxi rides all from your pocket smart phone.

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The pain, the losses, the simple mistakes one could have easily avoided if they had not gotten behind the wheel while intoxicated. My hometown has lost many of our high school students due to people drinking and driving. The biggest hardship my town has had to deal with was when I was in middle school. There were 4 high school students driving to get pizza. They were in a Michigan left and waiting at a red light. A 44 year old women in a SUV came up behind them highly intoxicated and did not stop. She crashed into their small car, causing the car to flip. She never stopped and continued on through the red light. Three of the teens died on impact and the driver passed away the next morning at the hospital. All 4 of these young people had younger siblings either in my grade or my brother's. They weren't doing anything wrong and like that, one lady managed to ruin an entire community. Sadly, this is not the only time I have had to deal with the death of someone in my city because someone had been drinking and decided to drive anyway. A 16 year old girl whom I had gone to school with was the victim of a drunk driving accident. Her car was hit going through a light late on a Saturday night. She was in the backseat, the car rolled and she was not wearing her seatbelt. This lead to her being ejected from the car and she passed away on scene. This was the hardest one on me because I was friends with her; she was one of those people that could make you smile no matter what you were going through. She was an incredibly bubbly and outgoing girl. She was the popular athlete but everyone loved her because she was nice to everyone. She stood up to the bullies for kids getting picked on and she was just an overall amazing person. Her laugh was contagious and now she is no longer with us all because a male in his thirties decided he was okay enough to drive home from the bar. This all could have been avoided if he had just called a friend or taxi for a ride home. Please do not drink and drive or someone else could pay the price for your mistake.

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It's easy to explain to a sober person why drunk driving is bad. Yet have you ever tried to convince an intoxicated person? I knew he was drunk the second he started spouting out all the reasons he did not like his job while our boss was within earshot. We were at an informal gathering, after work, with an open bar and he had yet to learn the importance of pacing yourself between shots of whiskey. The crowd was dissipating and he grabbed his keys to drive home. We have all been in this awkward situation with a drunk friend or acquaintance. Do I step in and politely suggest he not drive home? Have you ever tried to have a rational conversation with someone who's liquid courage has given them a sense of invincibility? You don't want to make a scene. You're surrounded by coworkers. Will they think I'm over-reacting? Should I mind my own business? What if he gets in an accident? What if he gets hurt? What if he hurt someone else? Can I have that on my conscious? Will this forever be one of those moments I wish I could relive and do differently? I took him to the side and suggested he take an uber home. His response was "no, I'm fine. I have places to be. I need to drive". This is when you reach into your manipulative bag of tricks and try one of my five favorite tactics. Tactic 1: Empathy - Convince him that he must be drunk because you are drunk. "I drank less than you and I can barely focus. I am so drunk, you have to be too!" Let him know you do not plan to drive either. Tactic 2: Paranoia - Make him feel like he is going to be pulled over regardless. Lie and tell him there is a checkpoint nearby and that the breathalyzers in the county are notorious for higher than normal readings. Tell him the county is trying to make up funds from a bad investment and police have crazy pull over quotas they have to met. He will probably be pulled over even if he is sober. Tactic 3: Financial - Let him know that a drunk driving ticket can cost $10k in fines. It is a felony. He could lose his job. Without a job he could lose his home. He could lose custody of children. Exaggerate consequences as much as possible to make the point. Tactic 4: Guilt - Play the guilt card. Let him know about a family member that passed because of a drunk driver. Not that he would ever hit anyone but in the event any accident were to happen, if he blows into a breathalyzer then it will automatically be seen as his fault. Everyone will judge him, assume guilt even if he was "sober enough to drive." Tactic 5: Pay for his Uber - Consider it your good deed for the day. Sell it to him as you are getting him his own chauffeur home. He can relax in the backseat and keep the party going when he gets home. His car will be safe. He can uber to pick it up tomorrow. An uber is so much cheaper than a DUI. Tactic 6: Blame Someone Else - Tell him, if he gets in his car and drives away someone at the party who does not like him is going to call the police and give his license number, car description and location. Bob in accounting has been gunning for him for months, this will be how he could get him fired without worrying about unions or legal. It is all Bob's fault he should not drive. If these six tactics do not work and you think tying him to a chair is overboard then try to cut him off and keep him there as long as possible to hopefully "sober" up before driving. You may never know what could have happened if he had driven away so consider yourself a hero. You may have saved your friend's life and you did not even have to donate a kidney.

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Drinking and driving is an issue that seems to cross all political parties. The reason why is clear, because drinking and driving is wrong. I don't mean wrong as in it's illegal so you shouldn't do it (although that's certainly a consideration), I mean morally wrong. Drinking and driving is selfish. It is selfish because it puts the driver at risk. The driver who is someone's child, spouse, friend, student, coworker, etc. The driver puts the other individuals in his car at risk, who also has many ties to people in their family and community. And at the worst level of risk, the driver puts an innocent person at risk. One who chose not to drink and drive, but is on the road assuming other drivers are as safe as them. On the open road, there is no limit to who is in the car. Drinking and driving may kill a young girl whose life has not begun, paralyze a father, and give someone lifelong disabilities. The possibilities of harm are endless. I know this because I was once put in harm's way by a drunk driver. However unlike most individuals whose life was permanently altered by a drunk driver, the drunk driver was someone I loved, my uncle. I was 8 years old and it was New Year's Eve. My mother dressed my younger sister and me in frilly, ridiculous dresses and we went to a New Year's party at my aunt's house. My uncle drove us. I don't remember much about the party, but I remember everything that happened after. My grandparents, and my sister and I piled into the car. My uncle had a few drinks, but no one thought to stop him on his way out. On the way to drop us off, he hit a car. It was a small accident and no one was seriously injured. My uncle didn't want to face the consequences of his actions, so in his irrational state he decided to speed away. The police officers arrived on scene and saw him fleeing, and naturally began the chase. Those few minutes were the most terrifying of my young life. He was barely in control of the car. I held my little sister's hand. I vaguely registered that at the time she was screaming and crying. Thankfully, after what seemed like forever, the police did stop us and no one was injured. But they could have been; my grandparents, my baby sister, or a stranger on the road could have been killed that night. My uncle did face the consequences of his actions. It took years for him to rebuild the bridge that put so many people in harm's way that night. No one plans to get into a car and hurt the people they love, or take an innocent life. But precautions must be taken in order to be vigilant about our actions. In today's day and age, there is no reason to drink and drive. Have a designated driver, call a cab, or rent a limo for you and your friends to have safe and responsible fun. Every decision we make has an impact, what will yours be?

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This year drinking and driving has been an ongoing discussion in my household. Unfortunately, last winter, my brother was pulled over after a seemingly fun and harmless evening in Grand Rapids. He blew over the legal limit, landing himself a spot in a cell overnight. After many court dates, AA meetings and random tests my brother thought he had overcome this bump in the road. He hadn't. One morning at community service he got chosen to be randomly tested and had been wrongly drinking a couple of beers with his buddies the night before. Let's just say he didn't blow zeros. Another court date later he was sentenced to 3 months in jail. This broke my family. My Mother cried for days, my Father had never been so silent. He missed Thanksgiving. He missed the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series and he had to drop out of college for the semester. But he was safe. For this reason I try to look at this experience as a blessing. The officer that arrested my brother that night was not only protecting him but also everyone else on the road. My brother was spending time in a place where I never imagined he would be but he was healthy, he didn't hurt anyone else and he was learning his lesson. The resources to avoid drunk driving these days are remarkable. We have Ubers, Taxis, party busses and limo services. It is unnecessary and dangerous and there are severe consequences. As a first hand witness of the consequences that drunk driving has on a person I go above and beyond to prevent anyone from driving that has had even one drink. That one turn of a key could be the end of a person's life as they know it.

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The importance of not drinking and driving. Drinking and driving is dangerous. It can take your life or somebody else's life. Honestly I don't believe there is a good message to get through to younger drivers who don't already believe that drinking and driving is bad. The dangerous of this need to be learned through a personal experience. I have had my own personal experiences when I was younger and can see the experiences that others are going through now. I have totaled a car by drinking and driving. I was extremely lucky that time. I had crashed into a street sign, I don't even know how fast I was going and the sign came through the windshield and stuck into the passenger seat. If I would have hit the driver side I would not be here today. Even after this incident I didn't get the picture that drinking and driving would cost me. I didn't always drink and drive but sometimes I would and was still extremely lucky after that incident. I was driving through Oklahoma in the middle of the night with my children in the car when I saw headlights coming at me. I was not drinking, I had finally realized that drinking and driving would hurt me, someone I care about, or anyone, but this was a shock to me. Thankfully I was able to get out of the way and hope everyone else was as well. I now work in a jail and see different people come in that have been arrested for drinking and driving. Some of them have caused accidents that have killed others. Some of them have had good lives before they were arrested. I have even seen coworkers that have been arrested for this and lost their jobs at the jail. I am sure that the financial struggle of just being arrested is hard enough to deal with, not to think about the struggle someone has to go through with knowing that they killed innocent people because they got behind the wheel after drinking. Like I said before it is going to be hard to get the message through to a lot of young drivers who don't already get the message. It is going to take a personal experience for many of them to get the message. It could be one of their friends or family getting into a crash because of drinking and driving. It could be them getting arrested for drinking and driving or some other trouble for it. I just hope that some of them get the message because for everyone that decides not to drink and drive that is one less person on the road that can potentially cause an drunk driving accident.

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A lot of accidents and deaths are caused by drinking and driving every year. They could have been avoided if the drivers would have taken an alternative form of transportation like a taxi or a bus. Public transportation is not available everywhere but taxis and ubers are. You only need to take out your phone, make a call or open an app. Even the drunkest person should be able to do that. You should not drink and drive because it affects your reflexes and decision making. To drive you must have a clear mind so you can focus on what is going on in the streets. Even staying in the lines of the road is hard for someone who is drunk. Being drunk makes you reckless, not realizing that you can harm yourself and others. While drunk speeding and crossing a red light does not seem as risky as it is. When you drink and drive you not only put your own life at risk but also that of the people around you. When you are drunk you might not see people in the streets clearly and hit them with your car. When you cause an accident with another car you put yourself, everyone in your car and the people in the other car in danger. I personally have been in situations where driving after drinking alcohol would have been more convenient and cheaper, but I decided against it. When I am drunk I know that I am not capable of driving anymore and I do not want to risk causing an accident and putting my life and others at danger. I always take an uber to bars when I know that I will be drinking alcohol. It has become a routine to me. I do not have to worry about drinking and driving when I do not even take the car. All in all, I think it is important that people do not drive after drinking alcohol, because they cannot think clearly. They will endanger themselves and other people.

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Every year there are so many deaths that are caused by driving while under the influence. Towns and cities all around America have this kind of problem and it truly is an epidemic in our nation. Drinking and driving has an immense amount of consequences and these consequences lead to why a person should not drink and drive. Annually more than 15,000 deaths are caused by drunk driving, that is 15,000 people who have lost a mom, a dad, a brother or sister, ore even a best friend. Not only is their death but their is also horrible injury that occurs. In my small town we don't have many drunk driving accidents, but the one that showed me the most adversity was when I lost two very important people in my life because of a drunk driver. I ha lost two of my best friends in a drunk driving incident and it shattered my world. Losing friends is so tough because it seems like there is no hope and when they are gone there is no reversing it. I overcame this by getting involved in school and actually helped in information programs in the school to help defeat drunk driving.

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I am pretty young, with my entire life to experience. Doing something as stupid as drinking and driving can potentially ruin that for me. As a young adult, I need to think more about not only my safety, but everyone around me. I could not live the same way knowing I put someone else in harms ways because I was drinking and driving. It hurts just trying to imagine loosing someone I love because I was reckless. I do not want to ruin other people's live because I was drinking and driving. For me, drinking and driving means that I do not care about the lives of others. There are too many people that have died drinking and driving, many of them being people around my age. I looked at all the statistics, and I realized that could be me one day.

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Growing up in a small village in northerner Mexico, I was never exposed to any dangers. I grew up in a time where women weren't even allowed to drive and drinking and driving wasn't something I was concerned with. I am the oldest of four children and it was always my responsibility to look out for my younger siblings. When my family migrated to the Land of Opportunities back in 2005, we depended heavily on my father since my mother didn't know how to drive. Always asking for rides or walking because we didn't know how public transportation worked, my father knew we couldn't live like this and he decided it was time to teach my mother and I how to drive. My mother has always being nervous and learning how to drive was making her nervous, I learned how to drive and she didn't. Having a second driver in the house was very helpful. As the years went on, I taught my three siblings how to drive! We grew up in a household were my parents never drank and I had my first beer well after my 21st birthday. In the eyes of many, we were a perfect family. My parents had four young adult children, all in college with promising futures. My almost twenty year old brother, who was a freshman at Grand Valley State University, was liked by everybody. He was funny, smart, caring, and handsome. We all felt uneasy knowing that my brother was spending time with guys older than him and we constantly talked to him about making good choices. One afternoon, he decided to go to one of Grand Valley's football game. As he was getting ready to leave, I told him to be careful and make smart choices. He smiled and said he was going to make smart choices. Later that night I got a phone call from Grand Valley's police department asking me if my brother was okay. I was extremely confused and the police officer went on to tell me that was brother had been involved in a hit and run. My brother called me and asked me to pick him up; I asked him for his location and told him I was on my way. Before I left my house, I called the police and told them where he was. As I drove there, a thousand scenarios ran thought my mind, was he okay? Were the other passengers okay? As soon as he saw me, he started crying and apologizing. Police showed up and he got arrested. Seeing my brother handcuffed and in the back of a police cruise was heartbreaking but necessary for him to see how all of our actions have consequences. Our family fell apart and we were lost as my parents were trying to figure out where they went wrong. My brother fell into a deep depression and all of us worried about him committing suicide. Thankfully, the passengers of the other vehicle were fine and after months of therapy and our family working on helping him he became himself again. Drinking and driving is a selfish decision because people do not realize the harm they cause to all the people around them. Drinking and driving is not worthy and it has severe consequences.

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The dangers of distracted driving and specifically drinking and driving have become quite obvious as the number of traffic injuries and deaths increase every day. Having completed four years of college, I saw students who were intoxicated drive after a night out. I have also seen a lot of people step up, including myself, to walk someone home so they do not put themselves and others in danger. I have offered up my car to someone who was sober, and even though I had a vomit stain that took months to stop smelling, I'm glad I could help people arrive home safe. I have also seen many DUI's and even the damage that can occur as people I know have stolen cars while drunk and driven them into buildings. Even if nobody is hurt, the risk you run is not worth it. Everyone should have a plan to get home and since we now have Uber and Lyft, there is almost no excuse for drinking and driving. The town my school was in did not have any, but it was so small, you could walk everywhere. My roommates and I have had many random people sleep on the floor or couch in order to prevent them from driving home after a night of drinking. As I've gotten older I see now more than ever how awful drinking and driving can be. Someone can lose their license or total a car, which could result in them losing a job when there are so many fines associated with a DUI, and of course, the ultimate price is the loss of a life. My father has always been a heavy drinker and has put my sister and me in danger when we were younger by drinking and driving with us in the car. He almost always had orange juice and vodka while he was driving and one of my most vivid memories of him was when he was completely intoxicated taking us home, which was over an hour drive home. He was all over the road, he kept calling the IPass a remote control or laptop, and he had to pull over several times to pee on the side of the road. My father could have easily killed us and it didn't take my mother long to get full custody of us. My father's drinking problem along with other things, landed him in jail several times until he finally went missing for several years where he had no money and no place to go. I told myself I would never let drugs and alcohol get the best of me and I haven't, instead, I am about to start medical school in the Fall. Drinking and driving can affect more than just the person doing it, including innocent victims in the wrong place at the wrong time. These tragedies can easily be avoided if people would think about the safety and well being of others around them. Vehicles are powerful machines that can be turned into weapons with an intoxicated driver behind the wheel. We should all have a plan to get home or a place to stay and be willing to help others stay out from behind the wheel when they've been drinking. Many more lives can be saved if we could all start being responsible for our actions and not assuming we are invincible. The fear of a DUI shouldn't be the reason you don't drink and drive; fear of losing a life should be.

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Alcohol has always played a big role in America. An addiction etched into the history of our nation by the countries response to the Prohibition Act from the years 1920-1933. It would seem that drunkenness and violence are two past times also connected to alcohol use. Although there are a slew of negatives, drinking and driving should not be considered one of those past times. Hundreds of people die every year from being struck by drunk drivers or the drivers themselves are killed. The media has been pushing for safer alcohol tendencies with convincing commercial ads, highway billboards, and internet advertisements attempting to change the culture of alcohol for the safer. Before, all you heard was simply, drink responsibly", now there are full on campaigns to stop drunk driving and the unnecessary toll of lives and injury that almost always follows as a result. To get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, one's blood alcohol content level must be below 0.08. Anything more than that and you'll be wheeled off to the big house. Law enforcement is cracking down on detaining drunk drivers harder than ever. A first-time DWI is categorized under the law as a misdemeanor, where as any more after that can be classified a a felony punishable by jail time and a substantial bond amount. So long story short, just don't do it. Always practice smart alcohol consumption and always have someone whom is given the task of getting everyone home safely just as a precaution whenever alcohol is being consumed. Our life is more valuable when just thinking, "just one sip" is okay. It is never okay because that one sip could lead to more.

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Drinking and driving is one of the deadliest habits practiced by majority of the world's population. The problem is, people believe that the action is acceptable because they "think" they have control while they are under the influence. However, drinking while operating a motor vehicle is one of the main causes of accidents that occur on the interstates and major highways. Usually, drunk driving occurs while partying with friends, hanging out at bars, or going to a sports game. It is common for people to think they are invincible while intoxicated. Of course, friends and by standards will think it is funny because you are stumbling all over the place. However, you do not just become a danger to everyone around you, you also become a danger to yourself. Making the decision to drink and drive could result in major consequences. This matter should be addressed and avoided. On average, every forty minutes a drunken driver kills someone. On February 25, 2006, college freshman Jessica Rasdall killed her best friend Laura Gorman. It all started when the girls went to a late-night club with a couple of friends and had drinks. The teens left the club around 3 am with Jessica behind the wheel, and that's when life changed for them both. Rasdall drove down a hill and crashed in to a tree injuring herself and killing her best friend. The behaviors of drinking and driving results negatively. To reiterate, it is one of the main causes of highway death known to man. A person driving under the influence is prone to cause an accident compared to a person who is distracted with putting on makeup or texting while driving. In the event of an accident, a death is most likely to occur. Those who survive an accident could consider themselves extremely lucky to be alive, even with partial or total disabilities. If you are caught with an alcohol level over the legal limit, there is a chance that you could face jail time or suspension of your license. As a result, these consequences could go on your legal records and impact you for the rest of your life. Throughout my entire young "adult-hood" I have experienced many obstacles, but I knew that it was my faith being tested. You ever heard the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"? I am a firm believer of that saying. I believe that we are put into situations to build us up not tear us down, but it is solely up to you to push through and overcome adversity. When overcoming obstacles, you must have the right mindset. You cannot always think of the worst-case scenarios in every situation. In addition, we must stop making excuses for ourselves. Excuses are the lies that we tell ourselves when we are too afraid of what the future holds. Making excuses will only keep you limited, and overcoming adversity is impossible if you are making excuses. Having faith is such a powerful tool of life. "It takes more energy to live a life full of fear than to live one full of faith. To fear is to convince yourself to live in walls you build yourself. To have faith is to convince yourself to embrace change" -Ispiyr. All in all, with the right mindset, less excuses, and a little faith, success should come natural for you. With success comes many challenges and adversity, but you must realize that every obstacle is designed for your destiny.

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The rule of thumb that I tell people is that if you can't afford to pay for a ride home after a night of drinking, then you can't afford to go out to drink. There are two main reasons as to why you shouldn't drink and drive. The first one is because you should value your own life. The second one is that you should value the lives of others. One night of drinking and driving can cause irreparable damage. Just this February, I had a drunken adolescent drive through my fence, past all the patio furniture, through my living room and into the dining area as my parents were eating dinner. The force of the giant Chevy pushed the dining table into my parents and knocked them backwards. Luckily no one died in this accident, although things would have been different if my parents had sat in the seat closest to the wall. Though I am grateful that my parents came out of the accident unscathed, this incident has costed us emotionally. The driver was a young man named David and he must have been having a good time on that Friday night, but he didn't think about the consequences of his actions. His decision to not call for a ride resulted in the destruction of my home and it robbed my family of the safety that we used to feel. It's a terrible thing to be anxious even in your own home. Every time my mom hears the loud roar of an engine passing by our home she'll get nervous. For months we had to live with a giant hole in our home because we were waiting for the insurance company to assess the damage. Unfortunately the insurance company couldn't cover the damages and so David had to pay for the repairs out of his own pocket. I invited David over to my home so that he could meet my parents and see how his actions affected us. He was remorseful and apologized to my parents for all the trouble he'd caused them. My parents forgave him and told him to be careful for his sake and for the sake of others. To me, drinking and driving is no different than pointing a loaded gun at someone. It's unfortunate that David had to learn this lesson the hard way. I refuse to drink and to drive because I value my life and the lives of others. I have worked so hard to overcome my challenges in order to make it to where I am now. I had an unconventional upbringing because of my dad's gambling addiction. I started working at the age of four in order to make financial contributions to my household. My mom and I worked at a sweatshop, located in Downtown Los Angeles, where we would produce brand-named clothing for department stores. Though these dilapidated and dusty warehouses were no place for a child to work in, I did develop a strong work ethic. There were times when money would be so tight that we would go through trashcans to look for aluminum cans to recycle for money. Despite attending the gang-ridden public schools of East Los Angeles, I was able to apply myself and become the first person in my family to go to college. I went on to earn my Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley on May 11, 2012. I majored in Molecular and Cell Biology and minored in Global Poverty and Practice. In August 2013, while I held a full-time job, I enrolled in the University of Southern California's Master of Public Health Program and I graduated in August 2015 with a cumulative GPA of 3.7. This Fall 2017 I will attend Michigan State University College of Human Medicine to pursue my medical degree. Not only will I be enrolled in the medical program, but I will also participate in the Leaders in Medicine for the Underserved (LMU) Program. This means that I will complete my clinical rotations in Flint, Michigan and provide the much needed healthcare services to this medically underserved community. After the public health crisis in Flint, there is still a great amount of work to be completed and I am excited to take part in it. A career in medicine is a challenge for anyone who decides to pursue it. But as a child of Chinese immigrants, I knew that my low-income background and my lack of resources would create difficulties that the typical medical school applicant did not have to face. English was my second language and I had to navigate through the world of academics on my own because my parents never went to college. To achieve my goals of becoming a physician, it required a higher level of initiative and resilience. Through hard work I've transcended financial and linguistic barriers in order to become a physician and I am not willing to throw everything away by drinking and driving.

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There are endless reasons why you shouldn't drink or drive, but here's the biggest one- you are putting others' lives at risk. What if someone else is in the car with you? What if you hit another car, or a biker, or a pedestrian? I fully believe that we are all responsible for our own lives- but if you drink and drive, you then become responsible for others' lives as well. Drinking and driving is selfish. Just have a designated driver, or call an Uber. Don't be stubborn or arrogant, because there's always that chance that something goes wrong. You get pulled over. You get in an accident. You take a life. I tell my parents this, whenever they think that they're "fine" to drive after a couple of drinks. Would a cop think you're "fine"? It's common sense. My feelings concerning this matter were only amplified after listening to my coworker's story. She lost her older sister and her best friend to a drunk driver a few years ago. Hearing this story, made it real. People can die. People do die. I've seen the downfalls of alcohol manifest in other ways as well. Both my father and uncle have suffered from alcoholism. My father fought through it, and is doing extremely well. My uncle could never beat it, and his health declined so greatly that he passed away five years ago. He was my favorite person in the whole world, and his addiction never changed his bright personality. Alcohol does things to people, things I wish I never witnessed. But it's made me stronger and more aware. I know alcoholism can be hereditary, and I refuse to let it control me. I will never drink and drive, for my coworker and all the people like her. I will never drink and drive, because the risks are far too great, and people's lives are worth too much.

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Drinking and driving is well-known as being dangerous and unwise. Not only can you injure or kill yourself, but others as well. I had learned quickly that it is never smart, no matter who it is. I went with some friends to a bar one night and all was going well. We were having fun and talking, it was generally a nice time. Soon it was time to leave, and I was riding with a friend. I asked if she was okay to drive which she replied that she was, but soon after I found signs that she was too intoxicated to drive. She began to go over the line a bit on the road more than a few times, causing me to question her state of mind. I should have said something sooner because shortly after we were driving around a slight curve on a back road, and she had gone over the line while a truck was coming straight at us, who had been even further in the middle of the road. I yelled at her to move, and luckily she was attentive enough to swerve over as soon as I began to yell to her. We found a place to stop on the side of the road and because I had only one drink early in the night and was sober, I decided I should drive the rest of the way. Shocked and a bit shaken she agreed, and luckily we made it safe that night. Although no one had been hurt, there are so many cases of drinking and driving that had killed people. Whether its a teen who swerves off the road, or an adult who hits a car and kills the children inside of it; people can get hurt. Both adults and teens will have the idea that it wouldn't happen to them, but there are so many cases that prove them wrong. Teens have taken the life of children or even their own friends due to drinking and driving, as well as adults. No matter your age, you are accountable for your actions. With the knowledge you recieve regarding drinking and driving you should take action to stop it. Not only for yourself, but when you see others who may make that mistake as well. You could be potentially saving someones life.

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Drinking and driving not only affects the driver who is inebriated, but affects the families of said driver, the families of the surrounding drivers, and other drivers itself. Drinking and driving has affected me in my personal life. My cousin and best friend, Danny, was the victim of a hit and run caused by someone under the influence of alcohol. Danny's death not only changed my life, but everyone who knew him and loved him. His death brought sorrow and unimaginable pain that I don't want anyone else to go through. A split second decision changed not only the driver's life, but the lives of many. Since his death, I have taken it into my hands to join TRUST, a form of DARE, which is against drinking and driving. I also make sure to let anyone I know who has been drinking know that no matter where they are, I will be there in a matter of time to avoid them getting on the road.

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Drinking and driving have become a big problem in America. A huge amount of people die each year due to alcohol, and a larger amount gets in trouble with the law. Drinking and driving are against the law. It is the most dangerous thing to do and to be involved in. Many people drink and drive without thinking about the consequences. In a sense, alcohol limits your ability to use your motor skills.It also negatively to pay attention.Drinking too much can slow your reaction time and a person needs that reaction time while driving.Impacting the way you make decisions, can lead you to make terrible and dangerous choices. Car accidents are the main outcome of drinking and driving. It is not only a danger to y but it is also a danger to others around you inside the car and out. It can either kill you, the passengers, pedestrians and even other drivers or even badly injure yourself or another that can have a bad impact on everyday life.It can also land you in prison and end up on your permanent record.It will also land you D.U.I and a hefty fine of a couple thousand or more and no one wants to lose that much money. No one wants to be held responsible for killing or leaving someone with serious injuries for the rest of his/hers life.Every single injury and death caused by a drunk driver are totally preventable. That's why it is very important to have a designated driver, a person you can trust or don't drink at all. All in all, drinking and driving is not right. It is not worth the consequences, and it is not fair for a drunk driver to risk the lives of innocent people.

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Drinking and driving are two things that are fun when done in seperation. Once the two are conjoined, there are irreprehensible results. Often times adults feel as though they can " handle their liquor." People that are incapable of making sound decisions are not well enough to drive themselves anywhere. The next time you have been out with friends and you've had a few drinks, don't drive yourself home. A drunk driving conviction might strip you of professional licenses that lawyers, nurses, doctors, drivers, more are required to have. In many drunk driving accidents, drivers being to drift into other lanes of oncoming traffic or drift off the road. In some cases, those convicted of drunk driving are required to complete alcohol programs or driver retraining courses. One of the most common consequences for a drunk driving conviction is a license suspension. If you needed a reminder why you should never drink and drive, we are sharing five of the top reasons why it's better to stay off the road when you've had a few drinks. Did you know that some employers will fire you on the spot if they find out about your drunk driving conviction. For some landlords, they may even choose not to rent to a tenant who has had drunk driving arrests. Conducting a quick search online will reveal your entire criminal history, including any drunk driving arrests. Losing your license could even result in the loss of your job if you aren't able to get to work regularly and on time. I feel it is essential to make sure everyone has access to education about the dangers of drinking and driving.

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Driving drunk is a huge problem today. Age is not the main factor since any person can use poor judgment and get behind the wheel after a few. The legal limit within the state of Florida is 0.08% BAC (blood alcohol content). All states are not the same, they vary within the degree of impairment. What people need to understand is one does not have to be drunk to be considered impaired or under the influence. One drink can be the end of a life. I am an emergency medical technician for the state of Florida. I work for a local ambulance service called Sunstar Paramedics. We are a dual response system with the fire department. Us and the fire department are considered first responders to every 911 call made in Pinellas County. Pinellas county has some of the most dangerous highways in the nation. The amount of MVCs (motor vehicle collisions) we get dispatched to is to high to count. 90% of the MVCs are fender benders with no injuries. We take a set of vitals and make the people involved sign a form called a refusal saying they are declining treatment and transport. But the other 10% are the calls you here first responders refer to as "the ones that stick with you". Unfortunately, I have been added to the list of people who have run a fatal car accident. Half way through my shift my partner and I get dispatched to an intersection for an MVC. We hit enroute and start moving towards the directions of the call. The call gets coded emergency so we are going lights and sirens. While enroute to every call we get notes from our dispatchers explaining to us what is happening at the scene of the 911 call. It was as follows. Grey mustang made illegal U-turn. Grey mustang collided with motorcycle. Heavy damage. Person in mustang seems to be impaired. Person on motorcycle not moving. CPR instructions given. Me and my partner knew then that this call was going to change everyone's lives involved. Once on scene our priority was the motorcyclist. Due to the amount of trauma he sustained he went into cardiac arrest. Which means your heart stops beating and your respiratory efforts stop. We put the patient on a backboard and transported him to the local trauma center as a trauma code. Once at the hospital the patient was transferred over into the hospitals care and the started treating him. 7 minutes later they called time of death. While I was cleaning my stretcher the driver of the vehicle was brought in for minor injuries. He was so impaired he didn't even know why he was being transported. The driver of the vehicle took a father, son, husband, loving friend because he decided to drink and drive. The driver will never drive again, he will be convicted of vehicular manslaughter while being under the influence which comes with jail time, he will have the weight on his shoulders of killing someone because he decided to drink and drive. Myself along with my partner and the fire department on scene will forever remember the smells, sounds, sights, and faces from this call. We all will forever be impacted by this tragedy because he decided to drink and drive. Lives were forever changed that day due to him thinking its no big deal to drink and drive. Uber is your best friend. Don't drink and drive.

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There are plenty of obvious reasons to not drink and drive: you could harm yourself or others, you could total your car, or you could fatally injure yourself or another person. This is not to mention the jail time you might suffer under any of those circumstances and the pain and suffering you would cause not only your own family but potentially another person'a family as well. There is no good reason to risk all of that just so you don't have to pay $20 for a cab ride home when your incapacitated. I do not have any personal stories involve drinking and driving because there are safer means of transportation when you want to have a good time, like party limos!

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The reason why you should not drink and drive it's because not only are you putting yourself in danger but others around you. Someone in my family got killed by another person drinking and driving and it really put harm in my family members lives because the person that caused the accident lived in my family member lost their life. Drinking and driving is almost the same thing as texting and driving it can wait. When you drink and drive you're not thinking about the consequences that you're given to yourself and also if you have people in your car which you you're putting them in danger to. So when you think about drinking and driving ask your self this question, "is this a good idea?" Myself personally has never been a victim or his cause a drink and drive an accident but I see the damage it can cause to people because people lose their lives every day because a person is not thinking about consequences will happen when they drink and drive on the road. I am not saying that alcohol is not good for you even though most experts to say you should never drink alcohol but don't you think that you can wait and not when you're about to put someone in danger that you're not thinking about a stupid mistake that you're about to make. When my family member lost their lives I was devastated because they were just innocent bystander and just like that you can lose your life in it instead because someone wants to make a wrong choice.

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Recently I was sitting at the table with my daughter and her friend, both of whom are 10 years old and we were talking about a SADD day camp that my daughter is attending next week. Her friend asked what SADD was. I explained it's Students Against Destructive Decisions. She replied that she was never going to be a part of that. I looked puzzled, but then she said it's because she isn't going to drink or drive drunk. For many people who have never experienced the pain and heartbreak of losing someone due to drunk driving the concept is almost foreign. I never imagined that it could happen to anyone I knew, much less someone so close to me. Much less twice in a lifetime. In May of 1988 an accident involving drunk driving shook our high school when three students were thrown out of the back of a pickup truck that was being driven by a drunk driver. They had been at a Crank-It-Up event at a large car accessories shop where the driver, who was of legal age, had been drinking. The driver and another friend of theirs were drag racing after the event when the truck that my friends were in swerved, hit a culvert and flipped, throwing them out of the back of the truck. The news was devastating for all of us. That accident happened when we were sophomores, but it had such an impact on us that we honored the three deceased at our graduation. The next tragedy resulting from drunk driving was the death of my half-brother almost 14 years ago after the vehicle he was riding in was hit by a drunk driver. He was only 19 years old and had a 1-year old son. He had been a troubled teen, but was finally getting his life together. The fact that someone dies in a motor vehicle crash involving alcohol-impaired driving approximately every 51 minutes means that you or someone you know will be involved in a drunk driving accident within your lifetime. In fact, statistics predict that 2 out of 3 people will be the victim of a drunk-driving accident at least once in their lifetime. There is no overcoming these kinds of events. The memory stays with you for a lifetime. The only thing that you can do is to try to raise awareness and put your focus into volunteering and talking to others about the effects of drunk driving.

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There are many reasons one should not drink and drive. To begin with, drinking and driving is extremely dangerous for the driver as well as all other individuals on the road around that individual. Drinking decreases one's awareness of the world around them and makes individuals more risky than they normally would be. It also impairs an individual's ability to make quick corrections or movements, things that necessary for good driving. There are many terrible things that can happen from drinking and driving, the worst of all being death of yourself or another person. Aside from death, individuals can suffer traumatic brain injuries from these accidents. As a future physical therapist, I have learned about and will be working with individuals with traumatic brain injuries. This type of injury can completely change someone's life. It can cause mood changes as well as physical changes and can prevent an individual from being independent like they once hoped to be. In addition, an individual could suffer a spinal cord injury. This is another injury that would change someone's life forever. You would no longer be able to do the activities that you loved and would likely have to rely on someone else to complete daily tasks. However, the worst consequence of all would be death. Many times, in an accident, the individual who was drinking and driving is not the one who dies, but rather, it is the driver or passenger of the car that they hit that typically dis. This would be a horrible thing to do because you would have to live with the fact that you killed someone else for the rest of your life. The individual that was hit was doing nothing wrong, but because of your mistake, their life was taken from them and their family and friends' lives were changed forever. At the end of the day drinking and driving is never okay or a good idea. It is always a much better and safer idea to appoint a designated driver or call someone else after you have been drinking. The risks definitely outweigh the benefits and are something that everyone should consider before they go out drinking for a night.

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When I was faced with the choice of either having to be picked up by my mother from a friend's house or drive myself back home and hide the fact that I had been drinking, I, unfortunately, chose the latter. Albeit it was not the smartest nor safest choice that night, and considering my memory of said night is a bit hazy, I wished younger me would have chosen differently. I admit that I have been the culprit to drinking and driving in the past, however, I understand now the kind of danger I had put myself and others in that night. When I find that I am under the influence nowadays, I know to call a friend or Uber to get to wherever it is I need to go, and I hope with the availability of Uber's and other such business' that others will know to make the right choice when it really matters. An estimated 28 people die every day in America as a result of drunk driving, whether it was them who were the culprit or an unfortunate victim. People that drink and drive must understand that one wrong slip and they could end the life of someone they never knew. Someone that had a family and people that loved them, just as injuring themselves could affect those around them. I have also experienced friends who wanted to drink and drive while at college, and knowing how many other drunk college kids are running around campus on the weekends only heightens the stakes for what could happen. Due to this I always make sure my friends and peers have a safe way back to their dorms or houses because personally, it feels criminal to knowingly let someone try driving themselves back. Yes, I have made poor choices in the past in regards to drinking and driving, but because of those experiences I now understand how lucky I was not to crash or hurt someone else and I will always follow such precautions from here on out.

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How do I write this essay without thinking of myself as a hypocrite? I know how...I received a wake-up call. I used to think I was invincible; nothing would happen to me or my family. I would go out with friends at least twice a week, meet up with them at bars and drink the entire time including shots. All the while knowing, I had to drive home so that I could be home for my babies when they woke up. One of these nights, like hundreds like them before, I climbed into the drivers seat and headed down the interstate. I swerved off the road and into a ditch, hitting a concrete culvert before coming to a stop. I somehow managed to walk away without any signs, scratches, cuts or broken bones. I still ask myself "how in the world did I not die or crash into another vehicle"? I will tell you why. God. God was with me and protected me from what he knew was just a mistake I made and that my babies needed their mother. That was 17 years ago and I have not gotten behind the wheel after drinking since then. In fact, I don't even drink now unless we are at home and not going anywhere. Even then, it's probably once a month. I took my second chance and ran with it. Drinking and driving kills. It may not always kill you literally, but every chance you take getting behind that wheel, you are playing rushing roulette. You are taking a huge chance at risking your life and everybody else's on the road. All family members on each side will suffer the consequences; not just you as the driver. Now that my kids are all teens (oldest is 20), I remind them that I don't care if it is 4:00 in the morning and I don't care how far away you are from home, call me. Call me and I will be there to pick you up with no questions asked and no punishment involved.

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Drinking and driving leads to devastating tragedies around the world. Majority of the people in the United States have been affected by drinking and driving. It can change a person's entire life in an instant. If a person decides to get into a vehicle intoxicated they are being selfish, because their act can harm themselves and people around them. When I was 7, I had a best friend named Becca. We grew up together and never left each other's side. One day I went to school and Becca was not there. That morning our teacher told us Becca was in a car accident and had been in the hospital. After school I told my mom what happened, but she already knew. She told me that Becca was hit by a drunk driver coming back from Mass that night. Becca died the day after I found out and it affected our school and her family forever. Attending a private elementary school every prayer went to Becca's recovery along with her family and friends. However other prayers went to the driver. It was a hit and run, and the person was never found. But we still prayed for them, because not only did what happen affect our lives but it affected his as well. This experienced taught me, there are more than 2 or 3 people involved in a car accident cause by intoxication. Loved ones, peers, and entire community are involved. Getting behind the wheel intoxicated not only hurts the people in the car, but it also hurts the people everyone around them.

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Does life still hold value? Sometimes I notice an exceptional difference in perspectives on life between myself and those around me. In my eyes, life is the greatest gift and opportunity that the world can offer, and I believe all life to hold extremely high value. Unfortunately, many people take this for granted, and it can often escalate to a complete, blissful ignorance in one's actions. Alcohol in excess has wreaked havoc on my life and my family since before I was born. I was brought into this world without a single man in my family and without a single sober parent. My grandparents were alcoholics, and this habit cost my grandfather his life in a car accident before my mother was even two years old. My grandma then raised four children alone while struggling with her own alcoholism, which unfortunately led my mother down a dark and similar path of substance abuse. Because of this, I was forced to take responsibility for myself and my siblings at a young age. I have grown up independently of any spectacular adult influences, besides those of some teachers I met along the way. I recently came home from my first year of school to be faced once again with the stresses of food costs for my brothers, my grandmother's mood swings, and my mom's absence. It was only one week later that four friends of mine and young members of my small town community were hit by a dump truck in a tragic car crash while the driver was under the influence of alcohol and distracted. My friend from high school, Dylan, was killed instantly as he was laying in the backseat with no seatbelt on. In a town like mine, you know people from kindergarten onwards. It was the first death I have ever personally experienced, and the driver who is also my age walked away from the accident he caused without a scratch. Dylan's death rocked my community and my perspective on life has only grown in appreciation since. We used to high jump together on a track team with no jumping coach, and I tried to be his mentor. He was only 17, and deserved so much more. This is only one example, but so many lives are lost needlessly because of drunken drivers, and I cannot stand the ignorance of those who would risk anyone else's life just because they have the convenience of a car. There are other options, and there are ways to avoid tragedies like this one.

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Her name was Stephany. She was a genius. At least on my count she was a genius. What she lacked in height she made up in smarts. I met Stephany through a friend in middle school, but our relationship really blossomed in high school. Freshman year in geography class, she sat one seat behind me. We shared a common obsession with Adventure Time and we were both in a student technology club, which turned into something of a family the four years we were in high school. Stephany was a late bloomer when it came to driving. I remember bursting into a fit of laughter when I found out she was learning to drive in a huge SUV. The idea of her maneuvering a car that was 20 times bigger than her was hysterical to me, yet at the same time it made her seem so powerful. Stephany was insanely responsible. She was the type to tell you that your shirt was wrinkled and made you take it off so that she could iron it. Therefore, when I found out that she had been hospitalized due to a car accident I was in utter shock. I received the information late one evening during the first semester of my freshman year. I had already been having a pretty bad day prior to receiving the information about Stephany. Honestly, the text felt like a joke. I was waiting for my friend to throw in some laughing emojis. As time rolled on, my room began to feel small. Emotions that I had never felt began to wash over me. I couldn't distinguish grief from anger and anger from confusion. I wanted to know what happened; I needed to know what happened. What hurt the most was that there was no way that I could get home to see her-I was miles away in the middle of Missouri. The next day I finally received clarification about what had happened. Stephany was supposed to meet two of my other friends at the train station to make their daily trek to school. However, she was running late and decided to drive. While driving Stephany saw something in the road and swerved to avoid it causing her car to hit a medium and flip over. The only thing I could imagine was that she spent that last few seconds of her life alone. In that second I lost my friend as I knew her. Stephany experienced serious brain injuries and her face was mutilated. The scariest part of this whole accident is that Stephany was being responsible. She wasn't under the influence, she was wearing her seatbelt and she was avoiding debris on the road. Stephany's accident really put car safety into perspective for me. It goes to show that even in the most responsible of situations you still have to be very aware of the road and your vehicle. Cars are very powerful machines that can take your life at any moment. By adding being under the influence or even distracted driving into the mix one is forcibly giving the car their power. In addition, I believe drinking and driving is selfish. One is not alone when they drink and drive. If the driver gets in an accident, they are not the only ones getting hurt. Family and friends are forever affected by this accident, especially if it is fatal. Also, if someone else is injured in the accident that is another group of people that is affected. Drinking and driving is like playing the machines at the casino. There's always a 50/50 chance that one will survive. The scariest part of people that drink and drive is if they win the gamble and make it home safely one time, they believe they will always be safe to drive under the influence. I choose not to drink and drive because I want my family to see me graduate and have a prosperous life. I have goals and aspirations that I need to be alive to achieve. In fact, this upcoming fall semester I plan to study abroad in Italy. I know traveling the world was something that Stephany really wanted to do, so she has been a big motivation for this decision. She was a driving force and big motivation for me which is why I want to carry on her legacy by doing something she'd always wanted to do. However, planning such a big trip is expensive. My mom was super on board when I told her about this trip and Stepahny's influence, but I know this is financially straining for my single mom. I want to help her take some of this financial burden off of her shoulders. As I further progress in life, I will always live by the motto "arrive alive." There's no reason for me and anyone to drink and drive. It's unsafe and comes with a list of consequences some people aren't even aware of. While Stephany didn't drive under the influence, I will always use her story as a guiding light for why it is important to be responsible on the road and not willingly give your power to your vehicle. We only get one life, why not intentionally gamble it away?

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Rachel Amaris Elliott was killed by a drunk driver in 2008. Laura Gorman was killed by a drunk driver in 2006. That drunk driver was her best friend. Nancylee Salerno was killed by a drunk driver in 2012. Karen Mertes was killed by a drunk driver in 2007. Robert Lurig drove drunk and crashed to his death in 2014. Aaron Pennywell was killed by a drunk driver in 2011. In the year 2013, a classmate of mine was killed by a drunk driver. Something that people have in common is that we have those that care about us. Another thing is that we all have a goal in life. Some of us are just starting to pursue after that dream. Others are in the middle or just steps away from getting to where they want to be. And there are the ones that have finally reached it. It takes so much time, sweat, and blood to reach a goal. Now, for someone, whether or not it's theirs, to make all effort go down the drain it only takes a drink, then a grip on the wheel and a foot on the pedal. "In 2015, 10,265 people died in drunk driving crashes." So many people's lives are gone in an instant, and that affects the people who loved them. People get depressed, angry, and search for lifestyles they think will make them happy, but only causes themselves to get hurt. When my classmate died, so many people were lost, confused, and depressed because she was a part of their lives. She brought her own happiness into other people's world, but that was now gone. We all leaned onto one another to for support and became stronger. We learned about the details of drunk driving and vow never to do it.

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Almost exactly one year ago, I received a text message that immediately brought me to tears. Shaking, crying and steaming with frustration, I could not understand what I was reading. My sister, three years older than me, was just like me-- athletic, devoted to academics, honest, and the last person you would suspect to be in trouble. While at work, I received the text message from my best friend. I knew something was wrong when she continually called and texted me until I finally answered. She warned me that she saw my sister and her friend, in the local ice cream shop parking lot, being arrested. I knew my sister planned on going wine tasting that day to celebrate graduating college, so my heart immediately dropped and my mind filled with questions. I could not understand why. In school we are always told the dangers of drinking, let alone drinking and driving, but you never really think much of the consequences because you know you would personally never get behind the wheel after drinking. Let me tell you, the consequences are intense and depressing. I found out a week after the incident that my sister listed me as her one contact in jail. She spent over 24 hours in jail; she had to sober up first, and then she was not allowed to be released because she was a medical risk. My sister was depressed to the point that releasing her from jail concerned people who witnessed her in that state. After she was released, she did not leave her room for weeks. She was embarrassed, disappointed in herself, depressed and ashamed. She was twenty-three, and would not be able to touch alcohol for at least six months. She had to wake up every morning, drag her miserable self out of bed at five in the morning to go get her urine tested. She had to be driven by our dad anywhere she wanted to go. She lied to friends and coworkers who asked her to go out with them after a shift (she had to babysit), lied about why her dad was driving her (his car was in the shop), and lied about where she had to go every morning (the gym). From personal experience of watching someone I love go through the consequences of drinking and driving, it is not worth it. You only had one drink? It is not worth it. You only have a short drive? Not worth it. You are apparently "good" at drunk driving? Do you even hear yourself? Not worth it. It only takes deciding to drink and drive one time to change your entire life.

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Drinking and Driving forever changed my family. I remember being in the seventh grade when our teacher came back into our classroom and asked to speak with my cousin. I could hear the squealing cry of my cousin from outside in the hallway. Although I was supposed to stay in my desk I couldn't help but run out into the hallway to see what was happening. She screamed "it's my mom!" I didn't know what she meant because she could barely speak as she had tears streaming down her face. I soon found out that my aunt was hit by a man drinking and driving during the day and they were unsure of whether she would make it or not. With many prayers from our community and constant hope, she did make it and was released from the hospital. However, she is not paralyzed from the waist down. The fun loving, outgoing aunt that I once knew no longer existed. It was now constant depression which effected my cousins as well. Sometimes I wonder if she was just one second later or if she had gotten a flat tire, would she still be the aunt that I once knew? I believe that with uber, lyft, and the many other options that we have rather than drinking and driving, it should never be an option. We shouldn't allow ourselves to drive drunk or our friends to drive drunk. An uber is a few dollars, while the guilt and effects of drinking and driving are forever.

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I grew up in a dry household; not only do my parents not drink, but the majority of my close relatives don't either. Because of this, I had no interest in drinking throughout my most formative years, and I actually hadn't had any alcohol until college. I remember being a college sophomore and attending my first fraternity party with my older sister, who was then dating one of the brothers. She encouraged me to drink, though since I often drove us to the parties, I passed. I remember winning countless drinking games like beer pong and flip cup, where, because everyone else was drunk, I appeared to have a superpower. Eventually, I became more and more comfortable at these parties. I knew a lot of the brothers by the end of fall semester, and they all looked after me because my sister was dating one of them. However, at my sister's 20th birthday party, things changed for me. The party was thrown on March 18th, 2014. The drinks included jungle juice made with leftover green beer, liquor, and condensed fruit juice, and drinks made with the scattered remnants of the wild St. Patrick's Day party from the previous day. Now, living in Michigan, the weather was about what you'd expect for an evening party: below freezing and snowy, yet everyone dressed as though it was the middle of summer (for example, I was wearing a mini-skirt, pumps, and a t-shirt). My friend Eric*, who was one of the brothers, went out with his then-girlfriend, Amy*, and another one of the brothers. They decided to go to the bars and a couple of other parties, driving because it was simply too cold to walk and it wasn't in style to wear coats. They had been drinking already, but no one seemed to care that they were getting in the car to go, or, rather, everyone else was so intoxicated that their state of inebriation didn't seem to matter. So, off they go. The party rages on throughout the time they were gone and was still going when they got back about 3 hours later. Amy and the other brother staggered into the house looking panicked and yelling something about Eric. No one else paid attention; they were all too drunk to notice the look on their faces. Amy saw me looking at her and rushed over to me; it was terrifying. "He won't get out of the car," she said, "Eric won't get out of the car. He's drunk and refusing, and trying to fight us. He wants to sleep in the car." I remember telling her that it was too cold for him to sleep in the car. Her eyes widened as she asked what we were going to do. Thankfully, by this time some of the other brothers tuned-in to our conversation and went out to retrieve Eric from the car, but they came back empty-handed. It took a lot of coaxing, but I finally got Eric out of the car that night. I'll never forget the weight of him leaning on me, practically knocking me over as I struggled to get him upstairs and into bed. I know I won't forget the look on Amy's face as she worried that Eric would freeze to death overnight in the car. In that night, I knew I would never get in the car with a drunk person, or drive drunk. I was so grateful that everyone had made it home safely, but I remember wondering the next day - and many times since them - how we could all have been so caught up in our own good time that no one noticed three drunk college students driving out of the fraternity parking lot? That, if they had crashed or harmed someone else, how devastated would we all feel knowing that a simple birthday party had provided the means to take someone's opportunities away? Because that didn't happen, Eric is now a Commissioned Officer in the Army and Amy is now a dietician and body builder. Additionally, I have, to this day, never gotten into the driver's seat of a car after having had a drink, nor do I allow my friends to. *Names have been changed to protect identity

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Driving is a privilege that most of us get to experience in our life. Drinking is also a privilege that most of us will experience, but together those two can make a deadly combination. And I feel that the people who do drink and drive are taking advantage of those wonderful privileges that we are allowed in the free world. It's sad that people would think so little of others and only themselves. My dad had a really close cousin named Aaron, who rode a motorcycle and one day a drunk driver hit and killed him. This was the driver sixth DUI, and he got to survive the crash. My dad to this day will not drive a motorcycle and it very cautious of others on motorcycles. We planted a tree in a corner of our yard in honor of Aaron's memory, it has now grown tall and strong and watches over our yard, like Aaron's spirit is here with us. Drunk drivers may not realize this when they sit down at the wheel of their car, but they have a choice, a choice right in that instant to either save a life or take a life. Now, not all drunk driving accidents result in death, but they could, and that is what makes it so terrifying. While corporations and the government has really taken a strong stance against drunk driving, with signs, adverts, and even commercials. I still feel people don't take them seriously, I have had a friend who drove under the influence, and I couldn't believe it. It makes me nervous to be driving on the road when anyone could be under the influence and suddenly lose control of the car. It's terrifying that my little brother is going to be driving, and at any moment it could all be taken away, by someone who makes a bad decision, a life changing decision. I feel like maybe if people start teaching kids earlier not to drink and drive, then it wouldn't be as big of a problem in the future.

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Growing up, I have been exposed to someone who allowed alcohol to take over their body. My father was an alcoholic who did not always make the best choices. When I was younger, I was not always able to see the wrong that my father was doing, but looking back now I know that he was not the role model I thought he once was. My father was not always the caretaker of my sister, brother, and I. My mother took on a lot of pressure to work and also care for us children. When my mother would come home from work, my father would immediately leave to go have some drinks at the bar. I remember staying up till almost two in the morning crying to my mother because I thought something happened to my father. She would reassure me that he would come home soon and nothing had happened to him. I did not understand what he was doing and why he would be coming home so late. There would be times when he would have to be taking care of us children, and he would take us places with him. Those places would include where he could have drinks, and where us children could eat snacks and be entertained. There was a place that he called "The Club" that we would go to very often. It was essentially a bar where they also had a few games and tables. As my father would be talking with friends and drinking, we would eat snacks and play games. At the time, I always looked forward to going places with him because he would make it a fun time. I would wonder how all of these people drinking would get home safely. Ultimately, every single person there besides us children had alcohol in their system, and would just drive themselves home afterwards. That means that many of times my father would take both himself and us children home with alcohol in his system. First of all, that is completely unsafe for him. He was not 100% aware of what he was doing, and could cause harm to himself. Second, it was unsafe for people driving around him. He could have at any time gotten in an accident and potentially taken the lives of the innocent people around him. Lastly, it was unsafe for us children. Having no control over the situation and our safety was scary. Although we may not have been able to see how unable to drive our father was, he most definitely was not in the right state of mind to be driving a vehicle. When I was about thirteen years old, I remember sitting in my kitchen watching a television program. I suddenly heard a knock at the door and saw a police officer standing outside. Behind the police officer stood my father, handcuffs and all. This shocked me because I had no idea how my father could be taken by a police officer. I completely looked up to my father and did not believe he was able to do anything wrong. Later on, I found out that my father was driving home drunk with his best friend sitting in the passenger seat, and my younger brother, Bobby, sitting in the back. At the time, Bobby was only ten years old. Looking back now, I cannot believe how foolish and selfish my father was at the time. The fact that he was doing something so reckless and unsafe with my younger brother in the backseat is completely unacceptable. Bobby was completely dependent on my father in that situation and to know that my father could have taken Bobby's life by being so thoughtless is disgusting. Although my father never got in an accident or caused harm to another individual by drinking and driving, he allowed alcohol itself to ultimately cause his death. By becoming an alcoholic, he eventually drank himself to death because of all the damage he caused to his body. As hard as my father's death was, I can find relief in the situation by knowing that no one else was harmed by the choices that he made. I genuinely know and believe that my father loved us all so deeply, but he was not the wisest when it came to making the best decisions. It is scary to live in a world where drinking and driving has become so normal. I hear of stories more often than I should of people who are taking the lives of innocent individuals all because of a careless decision they made. While I am driving, I am constantly cautious of the people driving around me. I have no idea whether or not they have alcohol in their system, and I do not want to become another individual who has been affected by this inconsiderate epidemic. I want others to see the importance of relaying this message and making smart choices. If there is a situation where an individual should not be operating a vehicle, they should turn to someone who is capable of transporting them safely. A positive from my experiences with my father is that I know I will never become what my father once was. His actions have shown me what I do not want to do in my life, and have shown me how it can affect the people around you.

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Drinking and driving is one of the most selfish things a person can do. Drinking and driving not only endangers the driver's life, but it also endangers anyone who might be in the car with them and the other drivers on the road. There are also a multitude of other options besides drinking and driving, such as calling a sober friend or some sort of service to take you home. Driving under the influence should never be an option. A young woman who works at my church was pulling into the church parking lot one morning to go to work when a drunk driver ran a red light and crashed into her car. He and his passenger then got out of his car and started running. The woman was taken to the hospital with multiple broken bones and a severe head injury that injured her brain. She was completely unresponsive, and has been in this unresponsive state for the past six months. We continue to pray for her daily and she continues to heal, but that crash affected her life and the lives of the people close to her in a way that could not be imagined. That is what drunk driving does, and for many families the outcome is much worse. We are lucky that this young woman is continuing to heal and is becoming more and more responsive to stimuli, but some families do not have this hope. Their children, their spouses, their parents, or their friends do not have the chance to heal, and their lives are cut too short. This happens far too often and needs to stop. There are so many alternatives to drinking and driving it seems absurd to even consider it as an option when it can end so badly. With the variety of apps and tools at our fingertips, like Uber or Lyft, it is extremely easy to have a car pick you up and take you home. There are also services that provide free rides if you are intoxicated so you do not endanger anyone's life. Another thing you can do is ask a friend to be your designated driver if you know you will be drinking. This will also ensure that there is someone who is sober around you who can make sure you are drinking responsibly. With the possibility of horrible car crashes and so many ways to avoid drinking and driving, I think it is obvious why you should not drink and drive.

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Drinking and driving is a topic of extreme significance to me since it has had a detrimental effect on our schools and community. On May 8th, 2015, my friends and I were hanging out and having fun when we received the news that close friends of ours had been in a car crash. It was terrifying when we found out that our friends, Jon Manolios and Emanuel Malaj had not survived. The boys had been drinking and driving and ended up going 82 miles per hour through Stony Creek Metro Park, they lost control, the car went airborne, and flipped. The was one of the scariest nights of my life, losing two friends to alcohol. A lot of teens think that they're okay, and that they can drive, when that is never the case. Just a small amount of alcohol can destroy lives. Their deaths did not just affect their families, but their friends, schools, and entire community. In a way, it brought a lot of awareness to drinking and driving. A lot of students and even adults learned their lesson, not wanting that to end up the same way as our friends. Drinking and driving should be avoided at all costs, no matter what. It's not a personal matter, it's a matter that effects the entire community we live in. It's important to prevent driving under the influence to not only save lives, but to ensure a safe and supportive environment for all of the community. I have learned through my friends, Jon and Manny, to never get into a car drunk. There will always be other people to get you a cab or Uber, or even drive you home. Nobody should ever drink and drive, and we as a community need to instill that as a value for all of us, that no matter the situation, driving under the influence isn't worth another life.

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Drinking and driving can be dangerous to yourself and others, with potentially harmful impact on communities of people. It can be difficult at times to prioritize the safety of yourself and others, particularly when engaged in drinking alcohol, which is why it is important to plan ahead when drinking and prior to intoxification to arrange a safe ride home. I see the impact of drinking and driving through my practicum placement this year, where I train under a licensed psychologist at a psychiatric hospital. Many of the patients I work with are struggling with grief and loss from friends and family who are incarcerated, injured or past away due to consequences of substance use, therefore I notice the impact on loved ones and their psychological health. I have also seen the impact of negative consequences if drinking and driving in communities and the sense of safety or security in that community being affected by the unfortunate and even unintentional actions of one individual. I, myself, have struggled with prioritizing my safety at times with the believe that consequences are rare or unlikely. However I firmly believe that by planning ahead and arranging safe transportation, with services such as Aall in Limo, we can help protect the safety and security of ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.

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Drinking and driving is serious. Serious enough to have almost killed me a couple years back. As a huge fan of cruising and driving down winding roads occasionally, occasionally id drink and drive. What i did not realize is that once you past the legal limit your are no longer at the right state of mind. After my parents where deported i lost my head and fell to two vices. The first was smoking and second... That's right, drinking. Driving is a privilege that people mistake as a right. By drinking and driving you forget that you not only put yourself at your own risk, but potentially put any one at the risk of your uncontrolled action. I was lucky and so was the driver. Me and an ex had been drinking and she had decided she was going to drift just like in the movies. I had a basic understanding from doing it a couple times and the miles I had put on my '91 Camry. We had the music blasting and she was approaching a 15 mile an hour turn at 70. I reminded her what to do when the wheels lost traction instead of telling her to slow down... thank you Tequila. They say your life flashes before your eyes when your about to die. It doesn't. Three near death experiences showed me that. All that crosses your mind is could have I avoided this, all the things I wish I had done, and those you loved most. Funny she wasn't one of them. We hit the turn so hard she caught the drift. She wast sober either and she just laughed as the car began its drift. I knew i should have pulled the E-break, but instead I just stared at the wall of mountain facing the front of the car as the car slid side ways in the intended direction. She realized she had no control of the car and panicked. She floored the gas and the car turned more towards the mountain. She realized the gas. Do not ever drink and drive. When you catch a drift your wheels have lost traction and momentum whips the car in the direction the wheels are turned to or the centripetal force had already led you, mostly. To end a drift all you have to do is make your wheels catch traction and in whatever direction your wheels are pointing when traction catches, you will be launched. When your wheels loose traction all they need to do is slow down enough for the wheels make contact with the ground so hitting the brakes or releasing the gas. The car was drifting side ways on a two way single lane 15 mile turn going at least 60 miles an hour. The front of the car was about 5 to 6 feet from the mountain, the rear was facing a ditch. When she let go of the gas it took a couple of seconds before getting launched at full speed to the mountain side. The car hit, flipped and spun all the way to the edge nearly going into the ditch about 20 to 30 feet from the impact. Thank god for seat belts. I had a concussion and my head was cut open after it shattered the passenger side window. the car looked like a stepped on can of coke. it was a miracle we survived. When you drink you don't make rash choices. Do it amongst trusted friends when you have a ride or are at home. Never ever drink and drive. Some one could have died that day. we could have hit a person or another car. Just don't do it.

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Drinking and driving is a very dangerous thing that is sadly very common in todays society. What makes this act so dangerous is that not only is the driver's life at risk but also any passengers in the car and those in cars around them. Drinking inhibits your ability to make good judgements and slows reaction time when behind the wheel. Thankfully I have never been in a situation where I was drinking and driving or was with someone who was but, with how common underage and adult drinking is, I'm sure I know people who have been in these types of situations. Knowing that my friends, peers, family or even a perfect stranger could be putting their lives and those around them on the line is a frightening thing to think of. While getting rid of drinking and driving completely is a bit of a stretch, there are actions that can be taken to avoid these life threatening conditions. Having a designated driver is probably the best option if someone knows they are going to be drinking. This simple preventative measure can help someone to avoid adversity or misfortune when they are under the influence of alcohol. I have been fortunate enough to not have been faced with many adversities in my life. By being aware and refraining of becoming under the influence I can keep myself from facing difficulties others might experience if they choose to drink. Drinking can lead to challenges in someone's life and drinking and driving can lead to even more. The impaired judgement can have lasting consequences for themselves and others that could be irreversible. The potential difficulties associated with such a dangerous act are why people should refrain from drinking and driving altogether and focus on keeping themselves and others as safe as possible.

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Drinking and driving is a current issue many young drivers face in America, and it often leads to tragedy. Drinking and driving not only puts yourself in danger, but is a selfish act that puts the lives of other innocent people at risk. When you drink and drive, you are not capable of using heavy machinery, such as a vehicle of any type. Your physical discipline is weakened, your focus is skewed, and, as alcohol is a depressant, your reactions are delayed. Therefore, you face many ways to get into an accident, regardless if you realize beforehand you may cause one. The delayed reaction will cause you to respond to an oncoming threat slower, thus making it less likely that the situation will resolve itself. When you drink and drive, you no longer choose yourself, and instead you show disrespect to the entire world. You show disrespect to and lack of caring to your family, who may never see you again, who will miss your presence at family occasions. You disrespect your friends, by telling them that a couple of drinks behind the wheel mattered more than spending time with them ever again. You disrespect all other drivers on the road, who were responsible enough to drive sober. You show disrespect to the family of the person who you may kill due to being under the influence. You display an even larger amount of disrespect to your entire state, who's citizens will be forced to pay more for insurance because of your choices. And, above all of that, you disrespect yourself, by telling yourself that you don't value your life enough to make the decision not to drink and drive. No good can come of drinking and driving, and it is drenched in negativity. So, rather than drink and drive, consider all of these people - your family, friends, significant other, the person or people you may crash into, their families, the citizens you share the state with, and yourself. It is ultimately a choice between life and death, and when that question is asked, the answer should be obvious. It is worth getting in trouble by your parents, or having to wake your friends up in the middle of the night, or sleeping wherever you consumed your alcohol, because regardless of how bad the consequences may seem, the chance of losing your life is the ultimate repercussion.

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Drinking and driving is not only dangerous, it is unfair. When a person consumes alcohol then drives, they are not only putting their life at danger but also innocent lives around them. While I have not had a personal experience with someone drinking and driving, I have a strong opinion on the topic. Drinking and driving is irresponsible. It is practically a dead wish. The driver is also putting other people in danger just by getting behind the wheel.

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Drinking and driving is like allowing a child to drive a car- dangerous. In just recent years, driving under the influence of alcohol has become illegal, but many people still don't commit to such responsibility. Yes, driving is not a game it is a responsibility which under any circumstance should be taken serious. Unfortunately, many adults and irresponsible drivers don't look at it this way. Driving under the influence of alcohol puts people at risk, and can lead to death. Driving under the influence of alcohol puts people at risk. I know this from first hand. Once during my senior year of high school my friends and I went to the annual city fair. As planned, one of my friends mother took us there. When the sun went down it was time to go home. To my misfortune, I had to go with a girl in our circle who was known as "the party one". And so I got a little nervous. She along with her boyfriend had been drinking a couple of beers through the day. I was scared but since I had no other option I got in her boyfriend's car. The first thing I did when I got inside the car was put my seatbelt on and check around to see that there were no loose items that could cause injury if we had an accident. When we were all in the car I asked my friend and her boyfriend if they had their seatbelts on. Her boyfriend said a joke about me drinking a beer to relax and she laughed. I didn't because his hands that gripped the steering wheel had three lives at stake. As he drove I grabbed the handle at the top of the roof for extra security. My eyes pierced at his eyes through the rear view mirror. I saw that his eyes looked tired and sleepy, probably from all the alcohol and I needed to do something to get his attention. I can feel that he was going off the road and the car wheels made a loud sound but that didn't do much. So I started to spark a conversation about his plans in the future. I saw that his eyes opened up a bit but was still going off road. I offered him the opportunity to stop over and see if we could call someone to come pick us but he just laughed at my idea. He told me he drove perfectly with or without alcohol. I told him that if we could drive a bit slower because I wasn't feeling well and he seemed annoyed. Luckily, it seemed to work. I got home safe and after a while I called my friend to make sure they were ok. One of the reasons why he shouldn't have been driving that night was because his drunk self could of killed the three of us and other people too. Also, we could of have crashed against someone else's vehicle and put their life in danger. Lives were at stake therefore he should have been taken his driving serious. Luckily we got home safe but that doesn't happen to everyone. Drinking and driving for some has been a misfortune. For some people it has cause deaths, left some in a comma and others in a wheelchair. According to Centers and Disease Control Prevention, "[e]very day, 28 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This is one death every 51 minutes." We can see that driving under the influence is dangerous. When a person has alcohol in their systems drives they are not only putting their life on the line but also their loved ones. Let's also not forget about the fact that people surrounding them are also put in danger. Apart from it all, the leading cause of death for adolescents ages 16-19 are motor vehicle accidents. This means that we should pay more attention to our drunk drivers because it is obvious that giving DUI's is not doing much change. All in all, no one should ever drink and drive because it is harmful. When someone drinks everyone's future is put at stake. For example, the person that drank alcohol could lose their life, they could even kill a loved one and even cause an incident to the people that surround them. Next time when someone drinks and is planning to drive remind them how their families would feel if they were to lose their life. And let's not forget about the pain that everyone as a community would experience if an accident was to occur. If they seem to not listen tell them to drive slow, offer to drive them, and even remind them of everything that could occur like ending up with a DUI.

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Drunk driving takes up to one third of the number of accidents in the United States, which is a big number that should not be increasing yearly. This is a topic that is increasing a lot with teenagers, which should not be happening since they are not allowed to drink until the age of 21. Although, it is not just teenagers the ones adding up to the one third, but other people too that are driving and drinking. The main problem that I have seen from personal experiences is that friends or family do not think that they are drunk or even intoxicated with alcohol. Many people tend to think that with a few drinks they are still able to drive properly, but as soon as alcohol enters your body it interferes with your senses and brain, putting every live in danger as they are in front of the wheel. That is why it is very important to always have a designated driver or call for a taxi or uber, to protect the lives of everyone out there. They do not just put their lives in danger or of those in the car, but also the other people driving by them, that might end up in a crash. Besides, the consequences fall from getting a ticket, having their license remove, up to taking away their own life or someone else's. For those reasons it is very important to have everyone educated about the consequences and risks they are putting themselves under if they drive under the influence of alcohol. The whole family should be informed about it to prevent from their own family members or friends to drive if they are drinking and if they are going to drink then know who is the designated driver that will not drink or have a ride back safely. These are practices my family and friends and I do to prevent any accidents and keep everyone safe.

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Drinking and driving is very dangerous so you absolutely should not do it. It can be harmful to you as well as others. If you're going to drink, do not even think about getting behind the wheel of a car, truck or any vehicle. To stay safe, drink and stay where you are. It would be even better to just not drink at all to avoid any problems. Drunk driving is not an excellent choice at all. Avoiding drinking and driving saves people's lives and keeps everyone safe. If you're out and you want to drink you shouldn't consider driving no matter how much you drank. It's best to have a designated driver that doesn't drink. If you don't have a designated driver, ask for a ride. Drinking and driving puts so many people in danger. You will be impaired so you may not be able to react the same as if you were sober. I haven't experienced drinking and driving personally but I still experienced it in some way. A few times I have been in the car with my father after he had a couple of drinks. I tried so hard to convince him not to drive but it didn't work at all. At the time, I wasn't driving so I couldn't even take the keys and drive us home. My sister was with us too and we both were a little scared. All we could do was pray. There were only a few adversities I faced and I overcame them well. My father doesn't listen when I try to convince him not to drive and it upsets me. I care about his safety as well as mine and others. After a while things just got better slowly but surely. My father made better choices and everyone was good.

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Drinking driving is an issue that touches me personally, having had an uncle pass away due to a drunk driver two days prior to Christmas. Alcohol as an item dehydrates your body so that you have an impairment which allows your perception to be faulty, but also give the impression that it isn't as bad as one might think. Drinking impairs a driver more so than the driver would assume. With a 1 ton or more vehicle moving at 40 mph a death is very easily attained. The combination of impairment from the alcohol and your blood stream and an extremely heavy speeding vehicle. It will kill people, and if not at the very least you can go to prison for quite some time. According to the cdc, in 2015 alone, 10,265 people died due to an alcohol impaired driver which is 1/3 of traffic related deaths in the United States. The reason that nobody should drink and drive is because it can end lives, not only yours but other people's as well. Additionally, it is significantly important because yearly 111 million people self report that they were drinking and driving; however, only 1.1 million are arrested for driving under the influence. In other words, less than 1% of people driving under the influence every year are caught. Which explains the extremely death toll, related to driving under the influence. Throughout my life I have dealt with the trauma my dad's family has gone through due to my uncle. Frequently, my dad cries over the problem. The hardest part is because my uncle did nothing wrong and did anyway. When you drink you put yourself in danger, when you drink and drive you put other's lives in danger. Don't end the lives of others because you "have to" get home, at the moment we have many different types of vehicles that will drive for you; Uber, Lyft, Taxis, etc. Say no to drinking and driving and say yes, to life.

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You should not drink and drive because it is a danger to yourself as well as the others around you. Drinking and driving is just not worth doing due to the high risk. Driving is already dangerous because anything can happen at any given moment, and when you are not on full alert due to alcohol, there can be serious consequences. It is a selfish act that can potentially harm or kill other innocent people on the road. Also, I have had many friends who have served jail time, paid thousands of dollars in fines and drivers license suspensions due to getting DUIs. There is nothing in the world that can take back those bad decisions.

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Drunk driving remains a top issue for motorist safety across the United States. According to the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 28.7 million individuals admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol. Additionally, 27 people will die as a result of accidents caused by intoxicated driving according to the 2014 Traffic Safety Facts by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Despite these shocking statistics, individuals continue to risk the safety of both themselves and others on a regular basis when deciding to drive under the influence. These accidents affect not only the involved individuals, but families and communities as well. Unfortunately, I am all too familiar with the impact that a drunk driving accident can have on families. In early 2015, a drunk driver running a red light hit my mother. Going 50 MPH, he slammed into the upper-front portion of our family SUV, sending the vehicle spinning and ultimately hitting a light post to stop. The drunk driver fled the scene on foot while my mother was literally trapped in the vehicle, floating in and out of consciousness, waiting for help to arrive. My family and I are immensely fortunate that my mother survived the ordeal, despite a portions of her hip being shattered and lasting nerve damage that acts as a painful reminder of the accident even today. The dangers of drunk driving are numerous and well documented. Individuals who decide to get behind the wheel after having had too much to drink are putting themselves and other innocent individuals in unnecessary danger. Excuses to drink and drive are diminishing daily with technological advancements and resources available, including the availability of resources like Uber or Lyft. Furthermore, even if these technological services aren't offered in individual's towns, the option to call a taxi or cab is ubiquitous in nearly all cities or towns. Having gone through the initial fear and shock of having a family member seriously injured in a drunk driving accident has only furthered my appreciation for resources and awareness aimed at preventing drinking and driving. There are too many resources available, such as ride applications, taxis and cabs, or party bus services to justify getting behind the wheel while under the influence. As these alternative modes of transportation gain popularity, I am hopeful that the stark drunk driving accident numbers decrease.

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Dangers of Drinking and Driving: There is not one positive, smart or rational reason to accept drinking and driving. There is no way to justify that there was a reason for it, no acceptable excuse, nothing. But still every day someone is killed due to the hands of a drunk driver. I am a college student and I have chosen to never drink, yes there are still a few of us out there. I have seen friends go to parties and post on social media all the drinking they do and then I have seen them post themselves driving after. I know that its only time before something happens. I have tried to express my feelings and concerns but they chose not to listen. I then chose not to go to parties or put myself in a position where I would be harmed. It is not only college students who think they are invincible, its high school students up to Grandparents ages. There are repeat offenders with multiple DUI infractions and 1st time drinkers. Drinking is not specific to one gender, race, religion, sexual preference, rich or poor. I believe that so many people do it because they are addicted to the alcohol and the more you drink they less you are to think rationally. I hear from kids I go to school with the famous saying "It will never happen to me". And each time they go out and nothing happens to them they are more convinced. I wish there was a way to make them see that it only has to happen one time and someone could be dead. It takes multiple DUI's to make a serious impact on drunk drivers. In order for it to truly make a difference the punishments need to be harder, police officers need to wait outside the bars and be ready to arrest anyone that gets behind the wheel. The technology is cars is so much better than ever before, it would be nice if it detected alcohol in your system and would not start. I am sure this would upset more people then impress them because our society is out of control with drinking and now having certain drugs legal in some states.

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During my undergrad experience I had three friends get three separate DUIs in three months. I can't help but blame myself sometimes, for not being there, for not being a designated driver, for not stopping them. I was probably working on finals, or too busy, but I can't help and wonder if I could have stopped it. They have court dates, two of them left school, and one of them is still recovering from the wreck. Drinking and driving isn't a one time thing, I've noticed. You do it once and you get confident, cocky. I have a one drink, one hour rule. If I have one drink and I'm leaving in less than an hour, I need a ride. Any more than one drink and I don't get behind the wheel at any point, no matter how much water I chug, no matter how much bread I eat, no matter how close I am to home. When you drive drunk you don't just endanger yourself, you endanger others: a father coming home, a mother out for a late night medicine run, another college kid sloshing their way home. It hasn't been the easiest because alcohol is easy to get and usually plentiful, but when I want to drive drunk, I remember my friends and how it changed their life in an instant, forever, and I call a Lyft.

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During my childhood, I never understood what alcohol was and what it could do to your mental state. I still never fully understood until I got to college. Alcohol scared me, especially during my freshmen and sophomore year of college. This was due to the fact that one of my best friends drank every weekend and she never seemed like herself; sometimes she could not even walk. My friends made me realize how much alcohol truly changes a person, which is why I was always frightened when my friends went to an off campus party on a weekend. I was always nervous that they did not have a ride and then they would drive drunk. I heard plenty of horror stories about car crashes that were caused due to drunk drivers. These were the only things I could think of while trying to fall asleep while my friends were gone. I always told my friends that they could call me at any time of the night if they did not have a ride. I kept my phone on loud while my friends were gone because I did not want them to drive drunk of get into a car with a drunk driver. I hear about too many tragic drunk driving stories on the news. When I hear about these events, I first pray for those impacted, and then I thank the Lord that the victims were not any of my loved ones. I have feared for my older brother's life while he is out drinking with his friends. I sometimes lie awake at night until I hear him walk through the door. One night, he came home and he was still a little drunk. I knew he drove home. I was livid. I yelled at him and told him how irresponsible it is and how he could have killed himself or someone else. Ever since that day, I worry about my brothers and friends and I am frightened when I am driving late at night because someone could be drunk driving. No one should ever, under any circumstances get behind a wheel even if they are slightly intoxicated. That will save lives. I am thankful and grateful that I have never experienced a drunk driving tragedy, and I hope that I never will have to. I pray that everyone who goes out to drink has a friend or family member that will drop whatever they are doing to pick up their drunk loved one; I would not hesitate for a second to pick up anyone.

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I had an incident with drunk driving when I lived in my home country. My friend was driving he didn't look drunk at all but he really was, I don't know if it was just me that couldn't tell, but he ended up behind the wheel and all of us ended up crashing into a tree. It was a big accident and it could have been worst but it showed me that drinking and driving can't be mixed, now that I live in the USA that experience is even more meaningful and I never by any means mix driving and drinking, not as a passenger or a driver, it could ruin your life in a second, it's not worth it.

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I feel as though life is composed of probabilities of things, that either occur or don't occur. Aside of it being wrong to drink and drive, I feel as though too many things are not in your favor when you are intoxicated. You have a probability of going to jail, prison, killing some one else, or worse your self. I recall in drivers ed seeing so many videos of people that got in car accidents where a drunk driver was involved, and people had severe burns, or lost limbs, or died, typically not the drunk person. An adversity that I have experience is the struggle of going to school and dealing with my auto immune diseases. At the age of 15 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, a year after I broke my knee cap playing basketball for my school. I have experience many things in my life, for example I lost my dad when I was 6, he was a DEA agent and past away when I was in 1st grade.

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Suddenly his eyelids lift as the light of the room floods into his retinas. As he stares at the ceiling of the hospital room, it lets him recall his last memory; the spot light from a police car, and the red and blue lights dancing around it. At this point the anxiety and hangover comes over him and questions start circling around in his head, as a piercing plan slowly spreads against his legs. Am I going to jail? Is anyone in worse condition than I am? Oh shit! I was in my brand new truck! How am I going to afford any of this?.. The pain in his legs becomes worse, as he lets out a disgruntled groan. A nurse rushes in. He notices that just his mother and the nurse are in the room. Not his wife, nor kids that felt like he chose drinking over them. The children, one girl and two younger boys, no longer speak to him and do not respond to the text messages he sends them on their birthdays or Christmas day. The ex wife does call to let him know how well the kids are doing without him, and occasionally asks for money. Can you blame her? He chose to leave their home in order to continue getting drunk, even choosing to move in with his parents, giving himself less responsibility and more money to spend on alcohol. The truck he recently bought was the first responsible, or in the end irresponsible, decision he has made in years. As the nurse continues to talk he remembers the events that led to this point. It was a Sunday. On Sundays he would like to day drink. He starts the day by buying a handle of vodka to sip on throughout. He does not want to eat anything, due to that fact that it may kill his buzz. As the day turns to afternoon he goes to visit his favorite bartender at the hole-in-the-wall restaurant, located three and a half miles south on the busy street that his parents live off of. At the restaurant he drinks four twenty-two ounce IPAs. He is obviously intoxicated, and the bartender cuts him off. He becomes angry and stumbles to his truck. Once he pulls into his driveway he must get out to open the gate, at which he accidently puts the car in neutral instead of park. As soon as he steps down from the truck it begins to roll back slowly, then quickly. He gets pulled under like a rag doll and the front wheels turn over his upper thighs. As the truck rolls back onto the busy street, he watches while lying helplessly on the ground, a car traveling at the correct speed limit of forty-five miles per hour T-bone the driver-free truck. The nurse asks, "Are you alright?" He responds with an empty stare at the light, "No.." This is my uncle's story; comical in some ways, I won't lie, I giggled after I learned that everyone was okay and no one was badly injured. The lady driving the car suffered no injuries and my uncle's legs were badly bruised. But alcohol abuse and drinking and driving is no laughing matter. As someone who likes to drink and party I have learned my lesson by this story. My uncle is not the only one in our family that has had a problem with alcoholism. I have witnessed many of my family members going through DUI cases. I myself got a DWI in high school. This scared me and made me turn my life around. I joined the National Honors Society, raised my grades and started to prepare for college. I graduated college in four years with a 3.4 gpa. I am now enrolled to start my master's degree at George Washington University. In conclusion, drinking and driving should be avoided at all costs, using a ride-sharing application or a company like Aall In Limo & Party Bus, is a much more fun and cost effective choice when deciding to go out and drink. After all, it is much more inexpensive to pay for these services than it is to pay the many costs of a DUI or DWI. Plus, drinking and driving can be a threat to your own, as well as other people's lives. The burden of someone else's death is much higher than having to leave your car at home for the night. Thank you for inspiring young adults to do the correct thing when it comes to drinking and driving. This scholarship would help me to achieve my educational and career goals. Thank you for your consideration.

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As a young adult, I have seen far too many lives be destroyed by drunk driving. Just last week, a recent high school graduate from one of the high schools in my home town passed away when he accidentally drove a car full of his friends off of a cliff. My little brother's close friend was one of two surviving passengers and the driver who passed away was a good family friend. Needless to say, tragedies like this are almost commonplace in today's society. Drinking and driving is completely preventable today thanks to businesses like Lyft and Uber. Even at Cal Poly, when a fraternity throws a party they are required to register sober monitors that can help drive people home if needed. When someone makes the decision to drink and drive, it means they have completely disregarded the variety of resources available to them. They completely disregard their own safety as well as those around them and show no sympathy to the family and friends of those who may be effected by their poor decision. If they are lucky enough to survive a drunk driving accident, they at least have a DUI to look forward to as well as the possibility of a lifetime in prison. Therefore, I firmly believe that anyone who drinks and then gets behind the wheel is fully deserving of any consequences they may face. I appreciate that businesses such as AALL are making efforts to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving.

Natalie H. - Southern Virginia University - Read Essay »

It is widely known that in order to drive we need to be alert, awake and in a healthy condition. We see multiple signs on the freeway indicating where drivers may take a rest if they are too fatigued. Those with vertigo or bad eyesight are legally not able to drive. When one is tired, dizzy and cant see well, they can not make fast decisions and may not be able to see things clearly on the road. This leads to possible accidents and even death. The possible side effects of drinking are blackouts, hallucinations, behavior change, numbness and fatigue. If one drives with these symptoms they are in danger of themselves and may cause danger to others. There is an impactful video on drinking and driving. A man was driving home with his wife and children in the car. It was Christmas time and as he was driving he was thinking about his children and how excited they were for presents. He was thinking about how grateful he was for his family. All of a sudden another car crashed into them killing everybody except for him and his one son. The other driver had been drinking and driving. The man illustrates how difficult it was to process that his whole family was gone in one night. The other young driver talked about how much remorse he felt and how he wanted to take back that night. The Father was able to forgive the young man but it was hard for the both of them. This video touches me every time I watch it. Drinking and driving can lead to horrible tragedies that I would never want to experience. Everybody has loved ones that they wouldn't want to lose. If everybody could think of their loved ones before they drink and drive that could be beneficial. When I was young I was a victim of abuse. Through the process of talking with therapists and with my mom, I came to realize the severity of that situation and how big of an adversity it was. I saw my mom, my siblings and my grandparents struggle to understand and cope. My mom was emotional and began to work harder to support our family. Through the years I learned how to talk about my feelings and how to trust people better. I still don't like to think or talk about it. However, I have overcome that trial by talking with others and depending on my loved ones. I can sympathize with victims of drinking and driving because I understand what being a victim is like. I understand sorrow and sadness. In order to decrease the amount of drinking and driving victims we need to educate people about the nasty effects it has. Educating teenagers at school, drivers license divisions, at home, on television and through billboards is working. If we can continue to use these resources and increase them, I believe that we would see a difference. I don't want to drink because of multiple billboards that I see as I drive. Advertisements on television has opened my eyes and helped me see how big of a problem drinking and driving is. I don't want to be the reason someone becomes a victim. I wouldn't want to take someone from their family. I don't want be sad or cause sadness. Those are the reasons why I shouldn't drink and drive. I am grateful I made the choice a long time ago to not drink. I hope that people will continue to fight against drinking and driving so that we will not have more victims over this.

Natalie J. - Oregon State University - Read Essay »

Every two minutes, a person is injured in a drunk driving crash. And, on average, two in three people will be involved in a drunk driving crash in their lifetime. This is according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Drunk driving has been a problem in the past and still is. Not only does drunk driving affect the driver and anyone in the car with them it also puts other cars on the road in danger. Living on a hill going down right off of a sharp corner, I have had my fair share of witnessing car crashes in my yard. I have also had two cars collide on the corner because someone in one of the cars was drinking. There is a distinctive sound to someone driving off the road. There is the sound of tires screeching on the road, a moment of silence followed by a crunching of metal and glass breaking. Drinking and driving is not worth the risk. I saw a lady land her car in the tree in my front yard with the nose down. She had to wait for the paramedics to pull her out of the car's back window. In a few months I will be 21 and will be able to go out and drink. I know that I will never drink and drive because I do not want to end up in that kind of situation. I also will not get in the car with a drunk driver because there is always another way home. Injuring or killing someone while being under the influence results in going to jail under the state of California. So you ask why avoiding drinking and driving is important? Simple. It is important because I value my life and others as well. It boils down to it is just not worth it.

Nicole B. - Kent State University - Read Essay »

For obvious reasons, drinking and driving is always a poor decision, made by an unfortunate amount of people. Statistics shows that every 39 minutes, someone is killed by a drunk driver; this means 36 people die everyday because someone made a stupid decision. My earliest memories of the drunk driving discussion started happening when I was in elementary school. Along with drugs, we began to learn the basic dangers of consuming too much alcohol. Once I was in middle school, they began to emphasize it even more. During my junior high years, I joined a group called PANDA, which stood for prevention and neutralization of drugs and alcohol. In this group, we did a lot of fun activities about being safe when it came to these substances. The most fun (and the best lesson) was when a police officer came in and brought drunk goggles. These goggles had varying levels, from "buzzed" to "wasted." When we put them on, we were asked to walk on a straight line that was drawn on the ground. After this, they emphasized that if we were like this just when we were walking, imagine trying to get behind the wheel of a car and drive home. It would be impossible. Yet for some reason, people still make this mistake. One of my most prominent memories on this topic occurred when I was in 6th grade. My language arts teacher had given us a poem. We shared the piece of paper with the person next to us as she read the poem aloud. It was a first person perspective from a girl who was hit by a drunk driver and bleeding out on the pavement. The poem was addressed to her mom, as she asked her why this happened to her, why was he not injured, that she could hear the paramedics saying it wasn't looking good. The very last line of the poem I will never forget: "This is the end mom, I wish I could look you in the eye, and say these final words to you, I love you and goodbye." I looked up after she finished reading to find most of my class in tears, including myself and my teacher. She said we did not understand how precious our lives were. I ran into that teacher a little over a month ago and brought up that poem and how her reaction stuck with me; because if the teacher was crying, I knew it had to be something that was to be taken seriously. To assure myself that I would remember this poem, I still have the copy she gave me to this day. It's in an envelope in my room addressed to my senior year of high school self from my 6th grade self. And to this day, I have made sure that no matter where I am, who I'm with, or where I'm going, there is always a designated driver. And if no one volunteers, I take it, because the last thing I want is for one of my friends to end up like that girl from the poem, dying alone on the pavement, gazing up at the sky as they quietly wish their mom goodbye.

Nicole O. - University of Illinois at Chicago - Read Essay »

There was a time when I thought drinking and driving was not a big deal and that having a drink or two before driving was acceptable. That all changed in the summer of 2012 when we were on our way home to Chicago from Michigan. Before we left I noticed an empty wine glass in the sink but I didn't think anything of it because I didn't see her drinking before we left. Once on the road I realized I should have said something. We were going 80+ on cruise control, weaving in and out of highway traffic. I sat silently in my seat praying to God that a cop saw us and pulled us over. By a small miracle, my prayer came true. I was never so relieved in my life to see those blue lights flashing behind us. The cops performed sobriety tests and a breathalyzer to determine the driver was over the legal limit. She was arrested and I, at 18 years old, drove myself and my 14-year-old brother the rest of the way home. We were horrified. I thank god every day that we were pulled over before anything worse could happen to us. Ever since that night my views on drinking and driving have changed. I never get in a car with a driver who has had a sip of alcohol, I never allow myself to get behind the wheel of a car when drinking alcohol, and I never let my friends or family get behind the wheel after consuming any amount of alcohol. My personal story is a lucky one and not every story ends in just a DUI. In fact, according to the CDC, nearly one-third of all traffic-related deaths resulted from alcohol-impaired driving crashes. This statistic must change. The social stigma around drinking and driving must change. One drink can alter someone's life completely, whether it's causing harm to themselves or others. Drinking and driving is not something to take lightly and I hope that one day we can live in a world where no one gets behind the wheel after the consumption of any amount of alcohol.

Noah R. - California Lutheran University - Read Essay »

There are several reasons why I strongly believe that you should not drink and drive. First of all family is the most important thing to me , there have been several families in t his world that have lost a loved one due to a drunk driving incident . I have a younger brother named Elijah, he looks up to me in everything I do . My brother and I are only 4 years apart so we are close but at the same time competitive. I played football and developed great talents and a passion for the game. At the time my brother was playing baseball, he was persuaded and convinced by my father to transition to play football because he thought he could be like me on the field. My brother and I have generated a common interest which was wanting to be great at everything we do. We also developed a new sense of friendship I would say, we would train together , I would wake him up and take him to my workouts and everything I did to be great , I took him with me. All the hard work paid off once he was one of three freshmen to be lettered up to varsity. One day him and his teammates had a two a day practice and the other practice started at 7:30. They went to get polar pops at the gas station before the second half of practice and something I thought would never happen, happened. My brother and his best friends were involved in a severe car crash with a drunk driver who had been drinking since 2pm that afternoon. My brother was immediately sent to USC medical hospital. I was with my mother at the time and she just started crying because she used to work in the hospital and they only send you to USC is it is super serious. My brother was unconscious for a while with a broken arm and bruised rib cage. His best friend and a kid who I love like a younger brother, Khalil, had to get brain surgery and this killed me and all the families on the inside. All of this distraught, all this pain over another person's stupid actions. That man chose to drive that day. This was all over the news, social media everything. Before my game on Friday night the team we played came together with us and prayed for my family and the other families that were involved. I wouldn't want anything like this to happen to anyone I loved ever again. I know God has been watching over us and he has blessed me with my brothers and his best friends for a second chance. Drunk driving should really be cracked down on. Just imagine you losing your brother , mother , sister , father or even your own life…

Olivia S. - Biola University - Read Essay »

Drinking and driving is unfortunately a frequent occurrence these days, and many people die as a result every year. I don't know that the real question is why you shouldn't drink or drive, since we have all heard of people who have hurt themselves while driving drunk, or hurt others. I think the real question needs to be, "how do we get people to stop driving drunk?" I have friends who have driven drunk. They believe that they are capable of driving either because they do not believe they are "really all that drunk" or that they do not want to inconvenience others to get a ride. I want to be able to change their behavior, but I realize how hard that really is. If we look at the response that they don't really know how drunk they are, then how do we get them to change their behavior? You have to have some level of decision-making capability to make wise choices, and if alcohol inhibits this ability, then there may be no real way to get them to think or reason or apply any level of logic to help them make better choices. The response, that they do not want to inconvenience others, is actually a lot easier to dismiss, since there are other choices like calling for a taxi, or an Uber to get them home. I do think that we can get back to the question of how to get them to make wise decisions while impaired. Getting an Uber, again requires some logical thought, and if drinking is impairing this ability to think, then they will never get to the Uber decision either. One of the difficult things to predict is how people will respond to alcohol since it metabolizes in the body over time. This means that a person could have a drink at a party and feel fine when they leave, but a few minutes down the road their blood alcohol concentration levels or BAC levels could rise substantially. The legal limit of BAC levels is currently .08%, however, a person can experience the effects of being drunk well before this level. I like the idea of certain technologies that limit the driver's ability to start their car until they breath into a Breathalyzer, but again, different people respond differently to alcohol, so there may still be people who feel very drunk well before the legal limits kick in. I think the only truly effective way to stop people from driving drunk is to build a society that starts to take responsibility for one another. We need to do more to encourage people who are having parties, where alcohol is served, to actually have a sober person taking keys and checking for sobriety. We need to encourage people to step in, to step up, and to be a designated driver. We have to place a higher premium on mutual responsibility instead of acting as if other people's behavior doesn't affect us. I love the campaign that declares: "Friends don't let Friends Drive Drunk". We need to continue to drive this message home. "Wouldn't you rather take your friends keys at the party than at the morgue?" could become a new, more forceful message. It is never too late to step in and take responsibility. Where drunk driving is concerned, now is the time for action.

Omar N. - New Mexico State University - Read Essay »

I have run out of fingers to count how many times I have almost been hit by someone driving like an absolute idiot. Most of those times were definitely due to drinking as well. I personally do not drink and do not care if others do. But when others drink and then choose to operate a vehicle, they show complete disregard for the safety of others. Even if you think you will be fine, there are always other people's lives at stake. I have probably seen it all: swerving, swerving into lanes without any warning, driving in the middle of two lanes on the lines, slamming on the brakes abruptly for no reason, even the inability to maintain a constant speed. While it can be a bit bad at times in the city I live, an hour away in Texas is much worse. In Texas, drunk driving turns into an even greater danger when you have five lanes of traffic and idiots incapable of driving, either due to texting or trying to drive somewhere after hitting the bar. Even if I did drink, I would never drive while intoxicated. When one drinks, they do everything at a lesser capacity than they typically would, similar to being extremely tired. You are not as alert as you should be, your judgment lacks, and your awareness of your surroundings is numbed. For me, this is a recipe for disaster, especially since I drive a stick shift. I do not understand how people can get drunk and then decide that a chance of arriving alive is good enough. Just last night I dealt with one of these drunks. I was getting off the highway behind this Volkswagen and as soon as he got on the off-ramp he slammed on the brakes, dropping his speed from 70 to 30 for no reason at all. There was no traffic in front of him and the road was clear. He then made it to the stop sign at the overpass at about 20mph. He turned left and then abruptly stopped after getting into the lane. Then he proceeded forward a few feet at around 10mph and slammed on the brakes another time. Once again, there was no traffic here either and the road was clear. He inched forward a bit and did the same. His car was operating fine and it was making no questionable noises, but this driver was acting erratic. After a bit more stop and go for no reason, he decided to take off full throttle past a gas station. I have no answer for this behavior other than he had clearly been drinking, no surprise for a Friday night. As a result, I have seen way too much idiotic behavior on the streets to justify myself drinking and driving or even drinking period. The cops have been cracking down on it lately but they could still do a much better job. People seem to lose all sense once they start drinking and I will happily refuse to join that club.

Pamela G. - Fordham University - Read Essay »

Throughout my life, I have overcome many challenges. Some of these difficulties were expected, and others were not so expected. These experiences have helped to shape me into the person I am today as well as the morals I live by. One of those very important rules I live by is doesn't drink and drive. As everyone is raised, they are taught wear your seatbelt in the car, don't talk on the phone while driving, don't text while driving, and especially don't drink and drive. Even though we are taught these lessons throughout our life, many also believe that "it won't happen to them." As a naive adolescent, I believed that I was invincible and that all the warnings from my parents were unwarranted. I believed it wouldn't happen to me. However, I was so wrong. On a typical Wednesday night, I was driving home from my weekly dance class. I was stopped at a red light, doing everything right and my world was changed forever. While sitting at that light, I was hit by a drunk driver. It was unexpected, it was unplanned, but most importantly it happened to me. Right after I was hit, I could not move. I could not get out of the car, and I could not stop shaking. I was crying and scared and all of a sudden a stranger appeared at my window. The man asked me if I was ok and told me the ambulance was coming. All I can remember was the dark sky filled with the sound of pouring rain and lights and sirens from the emergency vehicles. When the first responders arrived the removed me from the car and brought me to the hospital. I was told I was hurt, but would physically recover. I was sore and hurt, but most importantly I was scared. For months after the accident, I could not dance, and I could not lead my normal life. I was scared that something like this would happen again. I was scared because I was doing everything right and something still happened to me. I was in shock, and I did not know how to handle what happened. In the months following the accident I visited many doctors and tried to plan my next steps. I was supposed to be leaving for college in a few months, but I did not feel ready. Meanwhile, I was required to make depositions and speak with lawyers, as the man who hit me would be going to trial. Even though I was hurt and I was concerned for this man. I knew this man did not do something right, but I still felt sympathetic for him. All in all, when someone drinks and drive it can not only cause injury or death but can cause emotional suffering for many. After my accident, I was physically injured, but my emotional health was also damaged. My family was coping and so was I. But my family was not the only ones affected in this situation. The man who chose to drink and drive also changed his and his families life forever. When someone drinks and drives it does not make them a bad person, but it does make them a person who made a bad decision. It is important not to drink and drive because it is a bad decision and it not only can change the driver's life but can also change the lives of everyone affected by accident.

Persi G. - Biola University - Read Essay »

I heard the news from My dad, first. My aunt was driving my 8 year-old cousin to school. At a four-way stop my aunt stopped, looked, and proceeded to drive forward when a large semi-truck hit her from the side. The driver was overspeeding and didn't press the breaks in time for the stop sign and hit my aunt-- is what I thought had happened. A simple mistake that anyone could have made and could not have really prevented, I thought in my child-like ignorance. The car rolled a few times. My aunt recounted the scene to the police officers and our family and said that as the car was flipping over she looked behind her, attempting to save her child. It was too late. She watched as her daughter, Hannah, flung from window to window, bleeding from her head as the car rolled, she died on the spot. The truck driver was drunk and arrested for manslaughter. His decision to drink while his brain was impaired because of alcohol, forever changed the life of Hannah, her parents, and me. I was 9 years-old when I heard about this tragedy and it devastated me. No words could console our family. Her mother did everything right, followed all the traffic rules, and for the past 7 years drove Hannah to school on this road. The funeral was even more difficult because my 8 year-old baby cousin died from something so selfish and easily preventable. She had her whole life in front of her and it was all taken away. The grief, the drunk driver caused on my family, was unbearable. At her funeral we could not see her face because "the accident caused a lot of unpleasant damages to Hannah's body" my mother said. Drinking and driving has several consequences the worst being self-harm and killing lives of other innocent drivers on the road. Currently, the driver is still living out the consequences of his decision that day. Drinking has proven to have drastic affects on the human mind, consciousness, and judgement. Now trying to successfully drive, while these effects are already in motion, is unethical. My family showed the driver grace and did not press charges, but the driver was still taken in because of the death. I have heard many stories like my cousin Hannah's. Life is so precious and is a beautiful gift. So when asked "why shouldn't people drink and drive?" the easiest answer is the consequence often results in losing your own life or the life of a fellow human. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "EVERY DAY IN AMERICA, ANOTHER 27 PEOPLE DIE AS A RESULT OF DRUNK DRIVING CRASHES...IN 2015, 10,265 PEOPLE DIED IN DRUNK DRIVING CRASHES - ONE EVERY 51 MINUTES - AND 290,000 WERE INJURED IN DRUNK DRIVING CRASHES" (MADD). Hannah has now become another drunk driving statistic, but to me she was my baby cousin who did nothing of her own to die. Currently I am a college student and have shared this story in assemblies and with countless people to raise awareness of the seriousness of drinking and driving. I am a strong advocate for college students calling ubers and having designated drivers when drinking. The little I do is all in remembrance of my baby cousin Hannah, who could not live to go to prom, drive a car, go to college, have a drink of her own, or have any experiences that I am privileged to have today. Save lives--don't drink and drive. Madd. "Drunk Driving Statistics." MADD. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 July 2017.

Quinn T. - University of Wisconin - Read Essay »

Drinking and driving is selfish. Not only are you putting yourself in harm, but also every other innocent driver on the road. I grew up in a very small city outside of Madison, Wisconsin with only about 800 students in my high school. Although he had a small amount of kids, that didn't mean we had less vehicle accidents or fatal crashes. In the year of 2014, we lost our school's prom queen to an alcohol related crash. The driver of the car happened to be under the influence and it ended up taking the life of a beautiful girl and injured a few other passenger. After this accident, the whole community was devastated and the school did a thorough job at going over safe driving. We never imagined that this could happen again until the next year when we lost a student in my own graduating class to his own drunk driving accident. It's hard to believe that accidents like this are occurring in your own hometown and to your friends. I didn't need these two tragic accidents to get it through my head that drunk driving is unsafe and wrong. I grew up with a father with a little bit of a drinking issue and pulled in the occasional DUI. His personal consequences were pretty rough alone, with him spending a year in jail. But the toll it took on my mother may have been worse. She was left worried every night that he wouldn't come home safe. That is the selfish aspect of drinking and driving. The driver only thinks of themselves and not the other drivers around them, the passengers, or the people worrying about them. These experiences have hurt me but I believe that in the end, I am smarter. I know first-hand the consequences of drinking and driving and how dangerous it can be. Our word is working avidly on making the roads a safer place with messages on road signs and organizations like Uber. I feel like this is definitely a step in the right direction, but we need better education on how dangerous drinking and driving really is. All I can hope is that others do not have to go through what my community and high school had to go through due to alcohol.

Rachel M. - University of Oregon - Read Essay »

Drinking culture is not what it used to be. When our parents were growing up, it was something that wasn't spoken of, kids hid it from their parents and snuck around. In result of this, kids would drive drunk because they weren't comfortable enough to call their parents to pick them up and feared the consequences of their parents anger more than the consequences of driving under the influence. Driving culture has changed a lot since then. I'm fortunate enough to have the relationship with my parents where they trust me to make smart decisions as far as drinking goes and have always made it clear to me that under no circumstances am I to drive home after any amount of drinking, even if that means they have to pick me up. For kids who don't have the relationship with their parents that I do, driving services like Uber and Lyft have definitely had a positive impact against the dangers of drunk driving. I find that the biggest issue with drunk drivers is not that they get behind the wheel at the height of their intoxicated state, but that they feel they're making a smart decision by driving once they FEEL sober enough, despite how much they drank or how much time has passed. The problem with this is that whether you feel sober or not, you still have alcohol in your system and are not suited to drive until at least 24 hours after your last drink after all the alcohol is out of your system. Drunk driving is an issue that affects everyone, not just the driver. Not only do they put themselves in harm's way, but they put other innocent lives in danger. No one should be subject to losing their life or the life of a loved one due to a drunk driving accident, whether they're sober or not. Drunk driving affects a multitude of people, and it is 100% preventable.

Rachel S. - New York University - Read Essay »

For me, the list of reasons why someone shouldn't drink and drive goes on and on. As a 30 year old, I have never been in a situation where I had to, or chose to, drink and drive, but I have been in situations where I have seen friends or acquaintances do this. A major issue that has come up for me, and I'm sure others can relate, is finding out someone that you know has driven drunk but at the time they don't seem to be drunk at all. Some people are able to hide their intoxication very well, making you unaware that you should prevent them from driving. I have heard from many people that they believe they are "better" drivers when they drink, or feel no effect from alcohol while they are driving. That is something I will never understand. If we look at it from a scientific perspective, this is impossible. The chemical reaction that occurs within the body, absolutely impacts how one functions on every level. Ones reaction time slows down and their vision is impaired to list a couple responses the body has to alcohol. My personal feelings have always been that if you have enough money to drink all night, then you should be able to put money aside for a cab ride home. There is not a single dollar amount worth your life, someone else's life or even the possibility of being incarcerated for your actions. Hypothetically, let's say you drink a very small amount and feel able to drive, and you end up in an accident, due to another driver or pedestrians fault, you can still be held accountable legally due to your lack of judgement to drive under the influence. The possibility of being incarcerated is terrifying. Of course I value life, my own and others but I think it would be terrifying if I was caught drinking and driving and had to go to jail for any period of time for it. Also, I don't know how I would ever be able to live with myself if I hurt someone because I made a terrible decision that could easily be avoided.

Ramila K. - Piedmont International University - Read Essay »

I think no one should drink and drive because it is very risky. When you drink, your body and mind is controlled by alcohol not yourself. Who controls your decision, your body is very important question that each one of us should ponder. Drinking and driving has never done any good but it has always harmed individual, family. I am from Nepal, a small country in South Asia. I have heard and have seen so many stories where the same person is like a 'monk' when he/she is not drunk, but the same person becomes so violent when he/she gets drunk. Life is too dear to lose it when someone who makes a wrong decision of drink and drive takes away your precious one time life. This life is a one time journey, even if you want there is no reincarnation, so you cannot take away another person's life just because you want to feel good by drinking. Many times it is not another person whose life you are taking, but it is you who is at so much risk when you drink and drive. You can get killed. Without alcohol also you can feel good. You do not need to be servant of alcohol and put yourself at risk or put someone else at risk. Life is so beautiful. You can enjoy it with out the help of alcohol. Thank you.

Raul G. - DePaul University - Read Essay »

Everybody loves to go out and have a good time whether it is a party, cookout, or just a relaxing day at the beach, but almost always alcohol is involved. When people are out, they always think of the "here & now", but fail to realize what will happen in the future. That person that is seen stumbling into their car after the fun is over, definitely is not the driver people want on the roads. Drinking and driving is a serious concern that can pose lifetime affects on everybody, and one poor choice can cause the lives of many innocent victims. "I just had a couple, I'm ok to drive." Is a phrase that can heard all too often. When a person is inebriated, they often tell themselves that they can drive home, but thinking they can do it is a mistake. I've been in numerous situations where I have seen people who are drunk and think they can drive, but they cannot. There was a time when I was out with my friends and one of them had to move his car. I tried to stop him along with others, but unfortunately nobody was able to stop him, and he ended up flipping his truck into a ditch. Thankfully, nobody was injured and he was safe, but imagine if he was a driver with passengers in the vehicle, the outcomes could have been horrid. Being a driver on the road, I hate knowing that there are other people out there driving under the influence. Even before I started driving, I took an oath to never drink and drive, and I have still upkept that promise to this day. Sometimes people try to convince me to "just have one", but it is not worth the risk. Knowing that I personally do not drink and drive is a great decision. Not only am I keeping my passenger's safe, but I am also avoiding the unnecessary punishment if I get pulled over. Living in this day and age is incredible. With all this technology, there are so many other ways to get home aftyer a long night out. When prompted with the question "Just have one", I respond to them "Is that one drink actually worth it?".

Rebecca D. - Sacramento City College - Read Essay »

Every 15 minutes, someone dies as the result of an avoidable car crash caused by intoxicated driving. This fact is well known and accounts for thousands of lives lost, imprisoned, and tortured. Knowing this fact, I coordinated a teenage drinking and driving prevention event at my high school called Every 15 Minutes. The event was two days long and would come as a surprise to the students at my high school. Early on day one, a "car crash" would be staged on the road in front of my high school. The acting victims of the crash were well-known students of our school, moulaged to appear injured by the crash. The rest of the school was called out to witness the proceeding events and consequences of a crash caused by a drunk driver: the ambulances arriving and carting classmates away, firefighters extricating friends through the roof of the mangled car, policemen putting handcuffs on the student who owned the locker two spaces down, the parents of the victims hugging their child over a hospital bed. When the mock crash was over, students were ushered back to class to return to their day as usual. The students who participated in the car crash never returned back, their empty seats left as a reminder. For the rest of the day, a heart beat would sound over the intercom every 15 minutes as another student would be escorted out of class by chaplains, demonstrating yet another life taken by intoxicated driving. In total, 25 students "died" in a crash as a result of drunk driving. These 25 students were driven to an overnight retreat where speakers who lost loved ones spoke of their experiences, their hopes, and their wishes for each student in the room. In the morning, the students were driven back to school to join their classmates at their own "funeral." Debriefings continued for the remainder of the day and a solemn feeling of responsibility lingered over our high school. Despite a clear understanding that the death of the students were staged, many students were deeply moved to ensure their and their friend's safe driving practices. Whether it was the result of the program or not, no students who attended my small high school drank and drove after Every 15 Minutes. The students understood, just as I did, the long-reaching consequences of an avoidable tragedy. They felt the loss of their friends, the separation of a family, even a feeling of agony for being responsible for ending another persons' life. My friends, Perla and Danial, had thanked me for putting on the program. They said that they believed the school had really felt the gravity of drunk driving. We did not yet. After the Every 15 Minutes program, no students drank and drove. Sickeningly, this did not prevent the rest of the world from intoxicated driving. Three weeks after the program, Danial and Perla were driving together to a school event in the evening at the same time a drunk driver. The driver hit Danial and Perla's car and had killed them. Every 15 minutes, someone dies as the result of an avoidable car crash caused by intoxicated driving. The fact is surprising, but seems rather insignificant as long as the "someone" is not someone you know. As long as "dies" just means "at a retreat for the day." As long as "intoxicated driving" is not tied to your name. Perla and Dania lost their lives. Their parents lost their babies. Their siblings lost their big bro and big sis. Their friends lost them. Their teachers lost them. Their classmates lost them. The future lost them. And the woman who hit and killed these two beautiful, intelligent, and kind students lost everything too. She lost her job, her freedom, her future, her morales. The poor woman will forever live out her life knowing she is responsible for taking the lives of two teens and for damaging the lives of those closest with them. With drunk driving, the world looses, everybody looses. There is only loss. Yet it is a loss so easily preventable. Perhaps if the woman knew, even slightly, of what the loss she must now endure feels like, she would have called a cab, stayed home, or not drunk at all. Every 15 minutes, someone dies as the result of an avoidable car crash caused by intoxicated driving. Intoxicated driving is always avoidable. Death is always permanent. And "someone" is never just a someone.

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My freshman year of high school my high school had a car towed out onto the field and parents ready to talk about an experience that tragically change their lives forever. That car was a car from an actual drunk driving accident that happened in Tucson and those parents were real parents of children that have been killed by driving drunk I getting hit by drunk drivers. As a normal freshman I ignored what they said thinking I can't even drive yet why should it matter to me. Then they brought back the exact same thing two years later my junior year, I again watch them act out what happens in a drunk driving accident and slightly listened to the parents talking and pleading for the children and my high school to not drive drunk and not allow anyone that they know to drive drunk. I ignored it again not really thinking much into it as I focus on education and I thought fine driving drunk to be a very selfish and stupid thing that at the time I thought would never affect my life. Little did I know that my senior year I would be sitting in my best friends room and look at my phone to find my mom calling me many times to when I pick up the phone for her to tell me that my dad had been hit by a drunk driver and was in critical condition. I rush to my house to pick up my mom I was at the time I had driven our second car to my friends house to see her new puppy. As my mom got in the car she explained to me that she just got in the car not 30 minutes ago from the police officer that was on the scene. The man that hit my father his car had rolled over a barrier and totaled our car completely. This man worked in a hospital he had a family he had children and he was three times the legal limit driving drunk at 5 o'clock on a weekday afternoon. I was so upset that this man how could he do this to his family and my family I found it so selfish that just because maybe he wanted to have a good time with his friends or maybe he had been having a hard time in life that he got drunk and decided to drive. When we got to the hospital my dad was covered in blood his arm splintered up yet a huge cut on his four head and I ran into the room and hugged him. It's now been months since this tragic incident has happened in my father has recovered amazing he has a scar on his four head and many months of physical therapy but he's alive and well. Four years ago as I such as a freshman in the stands of my high schools stadium I would've never expected to be here writing about my father being hit by a drunk driver on his way home from work. The thing is I am and I find that it's changed my life for the better as my dad was somebody that I always looked up to and I always will look up to, it's hard to not to say bad things about this man who hit my father as it upsets me. It's a reminder for me that drunk driving can affect anyone at any time and that's why it's important that they do what they did my freshman and junior year. I also think it's important for social media to push things like this instead of social media promoting following certain accounts or something irrelevant and needs to promote more ways for people to get home when they're drunk. Even if someone's had two beers and thinks they're OK they could make it home safely but they also could hit a child they could hit a grandmother. I remember posting on my Snapchat when it first happened a picture of my car on the news, it was a Nissan rogue 2015 in sliver and everybody on my Snapchat knew that was my family's car because I always post pictures after I clean it or after my dog goes for ride with his head sticking out the window. In the caption I wrote if you ever need a ride home and you feel like you could drive yourself no matter how much you've drank message me and I will come. I find that we are all humans and we all make mistakes but drunk driving is a mistake that we can choose not to make. Yes it could be a little more expensive after you've bought in 10 drinks at the bar to order an Uber but if you were to drive yourself home and crash into somebody else or hit a pedestrian it will be hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is why you shouldn't drink and drive, and I know if it was me even a month before my father's accident happened I would read this and brush it off like usual. So I leave you with this what would you feel if you saw the person you care about the most, The person who changed your life, their car on the news totaled and the news reporter saying they're in the hospital and the conditions unknown because they were hit by a drunk driver? I'm sure you thought about your spouse, or your parents or grandparents what if because you decided to have a couple drinks and thought you were OK to drive hit someone else's spouse, parents or grandparents? When you decide to drive drunk not only do you hold your life and with the danger of fatally dying or hurting yourself you could possibly hold someone else's life in your hands if you hit them.

Robert H. - Marquette University - Read Essay »

Drinking and driving is such an important issue to be talked about today, especially since it can be so uncomfortable to discuss. Having been exposed to what can result from it very early on in my life, it is an issue that stays extremely close to home. When I was still a senior in high school, one of my mother's friends was struck and killed by a drunk driver. I, however, still understand that certain students decide to go out and drink and then drive themselves home. Much of this can be due to peer pressure, or the issue of returning home by a specific curfew. There are a number of reasons why drinking and driving needs to be addressed, but the most important fact is that when doing this, someone is potentially risking the lives of many others around them. This would be many others that didn't make the decision to drive while under the influence, but could still harbor the consequences of someone else's actions. I was driving to a dance class this past summer, and was struck by someone who was under the influence of drugs, not alcohol. While this is not the same, and nobody was hurt, it is an incredibly scary experience. Not only due to the result of the accident, but also because when someone is in an altered state of mind, it is incredibly difficult to reason with or explain to them why what they did was wrong. Finally, the last reason this needs to be addressed is because in the USA, people as young as 15 are on the roads (with parental supervision), and as young as 16 can be out alone. During high school, children are often in a state of personality development where they aim to rebel against their parents, and establish a sense of individuality. This dangerous combination can permit and enable students to make rash decisions, and avoid considering consequences. With teenagers in this very impressionable age, it is important to educate them against drinking and driving. Just one bad night where they go out and make one wrong choice and literally affect the rest of their lives. I have experienced quite a bit of adversity in this topic, especially in school. In college, where many students drink to excess, they also believe that they are "immune" from certain consequences, or are more in power of a situation than they actually are. This has resulted in me making the decision to take friend's keys and letting them sleep in my personal bed to avoid them going on the roads. It isn't always fun to be the responsible one, but it is extremely important to me. I am willing to make those temporary sacrifices to possibly save one of my friend's lives. I have overcome it by having an extremely powerful support network. I have other friends that have been affected by drinking and driving in one form or another, as well as a network of friends that are sober. They are my people I can always count on to help me get someone out of a bad situation, or prevent them from making a decision they might regret. As I stated before, reasoning with someone who's drunk or has been drinking is quite difficult. But with the right people, I have been able to help more than a few of my friends from getting behind the wheel, and possibly endangering their lives and the lives of others. Drinking and driving is something that isn't discussed as often as it needs to be. It can affect any one of us with a driver's license. It's a pretty simple concept, to stay sober when you have to drive. We can make a difference on this issue, and I want to thank you for bringing light to this.

Roberto M. - Northeastern University - Read Essay »

Drinking and driving is one of the leading causes of accident-related deaths in the United States. To me, drinking and driving is a result of selfish behavior; consciously getting behind the wheel and putting innocent people at risk is not only senseless, but also cowardly. With access to numerous modes of late-night transportation like Uber and Lyft, there is absolutely no reason why someone should drive while intoxicated. When one decides to drink, they realize they are putting their health at risk. But your health and ONLY your health are at risk. It is a simple case of accepting consequences for your actions. The second you decide to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, you change that simple principle. Now, not only is your life at risk, but every single person on the streets that night is at risk of injury, or in some cases, death. There is absolutely no reason to put these innocent people at risk because of your stubbornness. Whenever you are drinking and are about to leave, think to yourself, "Is it really worth it?" Is it really worth putting innocent people unnecessarily at risk? Is it really worth not calling a cab or getting an Uber? Is it really worth potentially losing my leg or arm because I thought I was not that drunk? In the grand scheme of things, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding no. Efforts to prevent drinking and driving especially amongst teenagers are being implemented, however increased education and awareness are absolutely paramount in continuing this endeavor. By targeting adolescents at a young age, we can change their mindset before it's too late. This issue will not cease to exist until we treat the problem at its core, and it is the responsibility of everyone to prevent anyone who may be even slightly intoxicated from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Safiya R. - Oakwood University - Read Essay »

Drinking and driving destroys lives and families... One minute this man was driving with his family heading home; it was a regular Sunday night. The next minute he work up with an aching body and to his family without life. The young man the killed them was drunk. Walking up every morning to an empty house can kill someone emotionally so that young man killed everyone in the car physically and spiritually. He may even killed himself spiritually. Both lives changed in a blink of an eye... Now what?... Don't drink & drive...

Samantha R. - Palmer College of Chiropractic - Read Essay »

Drinking and driving is commonly addressed in advertisements all over magazines, social media, and TV, but people continue to drive under the influence. The tough thing is that we are entitled to a free will. The one thing that we tend to forget about is those around us that are affected by our choices in the matter, they don't have a free will to what we do. They are shackled to our decisions, and sometimes they are the only ones who suffer the consequences. Growing up with alcoholic father, I can't begin to tell you how many times I stayed up late, waiting for him to come home. I didn't want to see him face-to-face, but hearing his truck come up the driveway was the knowledge that he had been spared another night of driving home while drunk. I would stay up sometimes until midnight or 2 AM, despite having school the next day. If he had somehow died in an accident or been arrested, it would have been the family that would have been affected. We grew up in low income, and my dad made most of the money. His selfishness to drink and drive could have ended catastrophically for all of us. If he had been tossed into prison, I know that my mom wouldn't have been able to pay the bills by herself. It was always a tough reality to face, knowing that my dad would rather partake in alcohol and drive than think about his family and the effects his actions would have on us. But that's the world we live in. A night of drinking and getting behind the wheel is more important to some than the family who would be forever destroyed. Sometimes it's not even the family of the driver, but the family of someone who is hit and killed. Driving under the influence is and always will be a selfish act. If everyone stopped and thought about others, then maybe he would make different decisions.

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Drinking and driving does not only impair your motor skills but also can ruin your life. When you are intoxicated your brain can't process information as fast as it should. If you are driving and something happens in split second your brain doesn't have time to react the way it should. Personally drinking and driving has really affected my life in a very negative way. My aunt has had her licenses revoked for 2 years now because she was drinking and driving and the sad thing is I don't think when she gets her licenses back anything will change. My aunt being like that has really showed me the affects drinking can do to a person and how getting behind the wheel intoxicated can really change you life for the worse. During high school we lost a student at my school and another student at another local high school. It was tragic, they were so young and had so much to look forward to. To many people nowadays are getting behind the wheel of car when they had a couple drinks, the next day they are dead or so worse they killed an innocent person. For the rest of their life they will feel terrible and have to live with the guilt of what they did. Everyone thinks they are invincible, that there is no consequences for our actions and what we do. The truth is everything we do has an ending point and when you decided to get in a car after drinking the end results are usually end up horrible. Not only can you die but if you get pulled over by a cop you will lose the privilege of having a drivers licenses. Even worse you can go to jail and lose your freedom. You could even lose your job if you get a D.U.I and if you have a professional license such as a doctor or nurse that can be revoked as well. There is so many things you can lose if you drink and drive so before you step your foot in a vehicle while you are drunk think all the things you can lose, you life, your family members, your job, your license, and even your freedom. Those things are not worth loosing compared to the value of your life and how happy you would be without making a simple discussion.

Samantha S. - Lincoln College of New England - Read Essay »

Nobody should ever consume alcohol and be behind the wheel of a car. Alcohol impairs people's judgment, motor skills, and reaction time. Drinking and driving can lead to very serious injuries and possibly death of the driver, loved ones in the car, or innocent bystanders. Drinking and driving is never worth the risk of possibly hurting yourself or others. Drinking and driving effects family and friends if somebody is seriously injured or killed; it's a very selfish and thoughtless act. Before you get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, ask yourself "can I deal with the guilt of hurting others? Is this worth it?" My friend once got in a very serious accident after going out for drinks with her friends. She was the passenger in the car, the driver thought that she was still okay to drive regardless of the fact that they had just left the bar. They were driving down a straight road on a clear night. Devastatingly, I woke up in the morning to hear the news that they had lost control of the car for unknown reasons and ran off the road, down a hill, and into a fence. The driver was pronounced dead on the scene. My friend was thrown out the windshield and sustained very serious injuries including a broken neck. She was told she was very lucky to be alive. Almost every day I drive by the flowers placed on the side of the road, that are still being replaced to this day. This serves as two very important reminders to me. First, that driving while intoxicated can lead you down a very dark path, even if you think you're okay - it's better not to risk it. Secondly, if you die due to your mistakes, your loved ones are the ones who have to deal with the pain and suffering of losing you. I don't want to ever put the people in my life through such a difficult time when it could have been avoided. Drinking and driving is never worth the severe pain that it can cause to yourself and to others. There are always other options rather than getting behind the wheel of a car. Please consider calling a friend or family member, paying for a cab, Uber, Lyft, or even a limo or party bus. Avoiding drinking and driving can be life changing. Driving drunk puts you and everybody around you at risk. There are very serious legal penalties put into place for a reason. This selfish act has already killed and injured so many people, it's time we start thinking about our actions and their consequences and put an end to it.

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To be honest, drunk driving is usually okay. Usually, intoxicated driving will not be the difference between life and death for either the drunk person or the surrounding people. However, statistics don't lie. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 27 Americans lose their lives daily due to drunk driving accidents. Two out of three people are involved in at least one drunk driving crash in their lifetime. Whether you like it or not, drunk driving is a dangerously disguised form of murder and suicide mixed together. If only my older brother realized this years ago. My brother John was 19 at the time. We were very close, and John to me was a role model of sorts. Unfortunately, John was the master of keeping his whereabouts private, and none of us suspected a thing when he told us he was going to his friend's house that night. The next time I saw him was not at home, but in a prison cell. John had killed two women, a mother and her child, at three o'clock that morning. My whole entire world was shook. What John didn't realize was that by driving under influence, he had accepted the fact that somehow getting back home was more important than the lives of those driving around him and their families, his freedom, his reputation, his car, and most importantly, his family. You see, the potential costs of drinking and driving outweigh the benefits by so much. I'm thankful that I have gotten to learn this lesson through the life of my brother, and it is my biggest wish that everyone who reads this comes to learn what I did: no excuse for needing to drive under influence can possibly exceed the pain and sorrow that too often comes with it.

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There are so many reasons not to drink and drive. The number reason being it is against the law. Driving a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or greater is illegal in all 50 states. Another reason not to drink and drive is because alcohol impairs your motor skills, meaning you will not be as good of a driver drunk as you are sober. Alcohol significantly impairs your judgement and reaction time. Thus, you could get in an accident and injury or kill yourself or an innocent person. I believe drinking and driving is a selfish act. Saturday February 16th, 2011, I lost my cousin due to a driving under the influence (DUI) accident. My cousin went out to a party with a group of friends and unbeknownst to his friends the driver had one too many drinks at the party. The driver still decided to drive himself and his friends back home (including my cousin). On their way back home they had a head on collision accident with another car and their car flipped into the woods and slammed into a tree. Out of the 5 passengers in the car, my cousin was the only passenger that died. The pain, anguish and void my family felt and still feels today is one I never want anybody to ever experience in life. I spoke with my cousin the day before the accident and he was planning on coming to my 21st birthday dinner on February 17th, I never knew that was the last day I would ever get to speak with him. The consequences of drinking and driving are not worth it. A DUI accident and killing an innocent soul results in a lifetime of guilt, pain and jail time. Drinking alcohol for individuals 21+ is not against the law however it is our job to drink responsibly. If you decide to go out with friends and have couple drinks, do not think you are sober enough to drive home. Call a Lyft or Uber, call a sober friend or family member to drive you home. There are other alternatives to driving under the influences, it is never worth the risk. I am an advocate for the "It Can Wait" campaign at my job AT&T. I go to various high schools and colleges and share my experience with them and advise them that no text is important, no drink is that good to risk your life or the lives of others.

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Now days if someone asks me why we shouldn't drink and drive my question back to them is "why SHOULD you?" We hear the sob stories, the jail stories, the wrecked your family stories, but if it has not happened to you personally, I can't believe you wouldn't. But I can only hope that stories like mine touch you enough to make a vow to not drink and drive. You see, when I was a little girl, I hung out with the coolest, sweetest, most fun-loving uncle you could imagine. He was the youngest of five kids (only 29) on my mom's side and was favored by everyone. Girls flocked to him and he had a contagious smile and free spirit that made them melt. He really had it all. And when I was a middle school aged girl, he had stayed the weekend with my parents, sister, and I. He had me babysit his 1 and 3 year old at the time for one of the days and celebrated my sisters 8th birthday on Sunday before he headed back home (a 35 minute drive). The next morning I woke up to my dad at my side telling me news that changed my whole life before I knew it. He was dead. That happy, fun-filled weekend was gone and so was he. A drunk driver crossed over lanes and hit him head on. He didn't have a chance. His arm was ripped off and he flew out the windshield while his 2 little babies were laying on the pavement crying for their daddy. While it changed my life, it took me until my 30s to see the ripple effect it had around everyone my uncle loved. His kids were left with an abusive mother who lost total control of her life which in turn left them without a dad and without a present, loving mother. As they grew up their lives were very confused and they have a long road ahead of them. My mom had gone into fight mode for the next 13 years protecting her niece and nephew. My sister and I were left to defend for ourselves in a depressed home with an unhappy marriage. The man that was behind the wheel served jail time and heavy fines. My grandparents who raised my uncle have a heavy heart with the rest of us as they buried their baby. My sister silently suffered from depression because she blamed herself for having a birthday that gave him reason to travel. And I silently hid in the shadows of my own demons trying to find will to get through the rest of my school years and many spouts of depression thereafter. So why should you drink and drive? What gives anyone the right to take away so many people's lives? Nothing does. We shouldn't drink and drive. We know this. But it is so easy to decide that you will be fine. That you will get home ok. Maybe you will...maybe you won't. But if anything take one moment and decide who could this effect? Because it just takes a pebble to start ripples that never end. And I often wonder if the man that was behind the wheel still thinks about the horrific night. Does he suffer more than us or was he able to move forward and forget? Regardless, it broke all our hearts that simply couldn't be mended whole again. And no matter how many years have gone by, I still see the trail of scars everywhere I go. I see it in everyone's eyes at gatherings without him, on his birthday, on the day of his accident, as I pass the site of his accident, at weddings and my own wedding day, as I worry if someone does not arrive home at night at the time they say they will, and as I watch his kids as adults still struggling to find their way. Don't be that person, don't ruin everyone's life. Call uber, call a taxi service, call your friend or family!! Anyone! But just follow the simple tag line DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

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Drinking and driving is the most selfish decision anyone could make. Not only does a drunk driver risk their own life, but they risk the lives of their passengers, and they risk the lives of everyone else out on the road. It is incredibly selfish to risk such a delicate thing as life. The drunk drivers doesn't consider the family or friends they will leave behind who will wonder what could we have done differently to prevent this and then live with that every day of their lives. They don't consider the lives of their passengers or other drivers on the road. In my town the worst drunk driving incident drove a stake through the heart of everyone who lived here. A high school senior with a promising baseball scholarship was set to graduate the following week went to a party at his church. One the way home, a drunk driver hit the car he was in and killed him instantly even though he wore a seatbelt and never touched a drop of alcohol that night. His innocent life was taken too early due to the selfish decision of a drunk driver. If the drunk driver survives the crash they're likely to get into, but someone else does not, then they have to live with that for the rest of their lives, knowing that one poorly made selfish decision took away innocent lives. There are so many opportunities today with technology for transportation that nobody should be drunk driving. Uber, taxi, friends, or even your parents are there for you to call, nobody wants to see you or anyone else die from drunk driving. There is no excuse for it and the pain it can cause creates a lifetime of burdening thoughts for you, your family, or someone else's family.

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Choosing the Right Influence in a World Gone Wrong We live in a world of full of distraction, especially when it comes to hand-held devices. We live in a world where we must be entertained all the time; our own thoughts are no longer enough to entertain us, unless we're expressing them somewhere, because what's the point of having a thought if no one else knows about it? I'll be the first to admit I am not a multi-tasker. I can walk and chew gum at the same time, but walking while talking (on the phone), I cannot do. Having unilateral hearing loss, when I have a phone pressed against my hearing ear, I am cutting myself off from the rest of the world. What's more, I can listen to the radio while driving, but texting, not at all. We can't keep one eye on the phone and one on the road. When I've had a Stevia Coca-Cola cocktail (with a shot of coconut rum and seven maraschino cherries, yes, I'm a lightweight), I am so relaxed, too relaxed to drive. I have sense enough to know this. I love my life, and will never do anything to compromise it. I choose not to drink and drive not just for my own safety, but for the safety of others, not just those in my car, but those on the road. Most of us belong to someone. If you kill someone, you take not just that person's life away, but you are taking that person away from someone's life. When you get behind the wheel of the car while drunk, you are operating a deadly weapon you aren't equipped to handle properly. It amazes me that people find the money to drink, but not to get a cab home, which, around our area, would be the equivalent of three drinks. If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out, so if you can't afford to get a cab, you can't afford to drink. Don't drink and drive, because one night of fun can be a lifetime of hell. What's more, a drunk driver is put in with the worst criminal offenders, those who committed their crimes not due to carelessness, but to malicious criminal intent. Even for those who aren't injured or killed, the family members of those who go to prison for such crimes still pay, such sentences separate a father from his children and a girl from her parents; it can destroy marriages. When you drink to the point where you cannot make a rational decision, you have drunk too much. The first drink may have been your choice, but there comes a time during the night when it's not your choice anymore, but the drunkenness is making the choice for you. You shouldn't drink and drive because you could lose your license, your job, your reputation, your freedom, even your life.

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Overall, the most the biggest reason to avoid drinking and driving is to prevent taking lives whether it is another's or your own. However, another reason to avoid drinking and driving is to avoid an arrest and conviction which could hurt future career opportunities. As a woman in an MBA program, it is important to encourage more young women to study business and this is hard to do with a criminal record. I am one of three female students in my graduate class and I believe receiving a scholarship would assist in my goals of increasing the female population at my university. I would appreciate having more women in my classes because of the alternative views that they would bring to the discussions. Women in the business world have a different approach in that they use their communication skills to their advantage to build these needed relationship skills. I have used these communication skills so far in my academic career to work tirelessly to have a 4.0 GPA. In addition to working full time, graduate school has become an important part of my life that fulfills my need for constant ideological and practical challenges. I hope in the near future, more women enter the business field to have the same positive experiences that many business professionals are afforded and to do so they cannot have a DUI on their record.

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Growing up, I'd question why would anyone want to drink and drive? Or what kind of person would put others at risk? We've all heard the news and the bad car accidents associated with it. It wasn't until I hit drivers training that I really felt strongly about it. You get those people in class who grew up surrounding it so to them it was accepted. Then the others who were never exposed to drinking and driving. Personally, I was one who was never exposed and really felt strongly about never drinking a driving. However, years passed and now being a junior in college, drinking is everywhere and until a family member or a close friend does this, it makes it easier to say "it's okay. Just don't do it again." Of course, it's not a one-time thing like one would have hoped. One time turns into many. To a point where taking the keys and making them stay even with an argument from them saying they are fine. My uncle has three DUI's. He's ruined his chance to drive. He's very fortunate to have never harmed someone with his bad decision. Not only does drinking and driving hurt others but it hurts the person who chooses to drink and drive. Getting a license taken away effects the way one will be able to work, hold up their responsibilities, and everyday life. A large chunk of independence is gone. I've seen the short-term effects where it's a one-time think and everything has turned out fine. I've also seen the effects of a DUI where it really hurts the drunk driver. From short term to long term I couldn't feel comfortable knowing I put myself and others out there at risk. No accidents have occurred with my friends and relatives but just knowing they could have is enough for me. It's a scary thought. I will never drink and drive.

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Drinking and driving is a very important and sensitive topic in our society today. My father is a driving school instructor and has taught me about how serious drinking and driving is. Hundreds of families every year are affected of the tragedy that comes when one person decides to drive knowing full well that they are under the influence. Everybody has the ability to find an alternative ride home whether it be a friend/family member, cab or an uber. Its because of this that there is absolutely no excuse for someone to drive while under the influence. The main cause for driving while under the influence is, in my opinion, lack of education on the subject. we need to get more public service announcements on it as well as a class that focuses on the dangers of it.

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Nobody should drink and drive. If you choose to drink you must choose not to drive. Every single day people's lives are changed forever as a result from drinking and driving. I don't believe car accidents that have drinking involved can be called accidents. Sadly, when people ingest alcohol, most believe they are fine to drive. That's because alcohol gives a false sense of well-being. Alcohol makes you believe you are invincible. Alcohol alters your thinking. The one drinking almost always walks away with no injuries and everyone else gets injured or killed. My mother and father are both alcoholic. I grew up in the rooms of AA. My mother herself has three drunk driving arrests. The first two arrests were before I was born and the third ten years ago. Both my parents are sober. They both want sobriety today. Watching my parents go through what they have gone through as a result of their own drinking has shown me I do not want alcohol in my life. I had to make healthy decisions for myself when my parents drank. My mom was not in my life during 9th, 10th and 11th grades in high school. I had to detach from them with love and not freeze in the fear I had. I believe growing up in the rooms of AA has helped me make healthy choices for myself. My mom and I are working on getting our relationship back in order. My mom makes an amends to me everyday she stays sober. Same with my father. The two of them are divorced but are able to see each other in AA meetings and they put recovery ahead of everything else, such as past hurts and resentments. I believe we are all excelling due to staying free from alcohol.

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Drinking and driving can prove very to be a very bad choice for so many reasons. If someone chooses to drink and drive they could hurt themselves, others, or both. When a person chooses to drink and drive they are showing a blatant disregard for everyone around them, and themselves. By a person choosing to drink and drive then they are also telling everyone around them they do not care about what happens to them or what they do to others. I appreciate lift and uber because they give people a cheap alternative to drinking and driving or calling a cab, especially if you are not in a city. People sometimes would think a cab is too expensive and if it is late then they could not call anyone because they would all be in bed. But uber and lift are great ways to avoid the high fee and still avoid driving while drunk. My mom asks me all the time to drive her home if she's had 1 or drinks because she does not want to risk something happening even if she is not drunk. I think that is a good way to be. I think designated drivers are a great way to avoid drinking and driving. Even if you are not drunk even having 1 drink can impair a person enough to have a fatal accident. I have never minded being someone's designated driver if it means everyone on the road and including the person who drinks gets home safely. Also, if some drinks and drives it can affect whether you get into a country or not. Canada will not allow anyone with a DUI into their country. If a person were to drink and drive and has work in another country they would not be able to do it. There are so many consequences with drinking and driving that it is not smart or safe to do it at any time. With so many other ways to get home after drinking, no one should be drinking or driving ever.

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I have been a bartender for 10 years now. I take great responsibility in serving alcohol to the public. I have seen far to many people in the food and beverage industry get a DUI or get into a serious accident due to drinking and driving. I only wish people could truly understand the cost and danger. Not only are you putting yourself in danger on the road, but you are also putting thousands of innocent people in danger as well. Could you live with yourself if you killed a mother and her family? Or possibly someone you know? I know I could not. Not to mention if you get pulled over under the influence a DUI is not cheap. It costs thousand of dollars and possibly some or all of your freedom. I had a friend, notice I used the word had. His name was Tell Allen. He was a great person, full of fun and laughter. His best friend hung himself and he turned to drinking. Not even a week after his best friend had passed. He drove his motorcycle drunk and crashed into a tree losing his own life. Now I am not discouraging drinking ( as my job depends on it) but I do preach about safe drinking. Please have a ride planned or a person you can call. Or even an Uber. As a local bartender I feel it is my responsibility as well to keep you folks safe. I keep a list of local cabs behind the bar. So please!!! Ask your bartender or server! No one wants you to drive drunk. No one! Your life and others around you are too precious. So please plan your night right. Get a ride. Your life and others could depend on it!

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There is never a benefit to drinking and driving. First of all, it is obviously illegal and can put you in jail, suspend your license, and cost thousands of dollars in bail, legal necessities, etc. However, for the most part, that reason never seems to suffice, especially for young alcohol consumers. Statistically speaking, 31% of car accidents are caused by alcohol impaired drivers. Therefore if we were to eliminate drinking and driving from the equation, we would simultaneously eliminate nearly a third of the traffic incidents taking place. This would also dramatically decrease the number of fatalities caused by accidents. Upon intoxication, one's level of self awareness as well as awareness as to what is taking place around them is very clouded. Therefore, drinking and driving is not only dangerous to the driver, but also to passengers and others on the road. In my life specifically, I have witnessed a pattern of kids believing they are the exception. For some reason, whether it be fearlessness or a lack of brain development, or both, teenagers and young adults tend to believe they are invincible - that they will never be a statistic. However, I have witnessed the untruth of that statement. My brother has always been a dauntless and somewhat mischievous kid, and we have known that since he was little. He was never afraid of the doctor or getting shots when most kids would cry at the sight of a needle. He never feared authority or being punished because, to him, the act was always worth the result. This was until he was 18, driving home from a party after drinking. He and his friend were driving my parent's car and, due to intoxication, found it a good idea to be going 90 MPH in a cul de sac. They ended up rolling the car and wrecking it. He ended a seemingly innocent and fun night with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charge, a totalled car, and a broken friendship. Thankfully and miraculously, neither of the boys had a scratch, but the consequences of their stupidity seemed to have a positive effect.

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Being 18 years of age and I have already lost 2 friends from drinking and driving. You should not drink and drive because you not only put yourself in danger but you putt others as well. Drink and driving or even DUI's are very hurtful to the community. I have two older sisters and all of us have experienced the depression and emptiness of losing a friend to someone else's actions. My first experience was November 22, 2014 that was the day I lost not only a classmate but a true friend. That was the day he took his last ride on his motorcycle. Please avoid drinking and driving at all costs is it worth it really to put yourself or others at risk? No it's not! You would never want to be responsible for the murder of a kid, mom, dad, grandparent, friend or student, so stay safe and call someone to pick you up, or make sure you have a designated driver. Goodluck and safe driving.

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Drinking and driving is one of the most selfish and irresponsible things that a person can do. Not only is someone taking their own live and the lives of others in their car into their own hands but there are also subjecting others on the road to their irresponsible decision making. According to the CDC, everyday in America 28 people die from driving while intoxicated. That number only includes the people who were drunk while driving, it does not include the people who die because of another person driving drunk. There are hundreds of children who are left without parents because of one bad decision. I have experienced seen first handed what losing a family member to drunk driving can do to a family. Our family friend Wendy died on fateful night in April as a result of drunk driving. Her and her boyfriend had just left a bar and where on their way home on his motorcylce when he swerved off the road. He lost control of the back tire as they hit the gravel on the side of the road. The bike slide out from underneath them and they both went flying into the trees next to the highway off ramp. Wendy died on impact. Everyone was in a state of shock when we heard the news because we had just seen her a couple of weeks prior and she was perfectly okay. Now our friend was gone, however we did not have to deal with the pain that her kids did. Her kids now had to grow up without a mother and they had to live with the fact that the only reason their mother was not there was because she chose to get on a vehicle with someone who had been drinking. The reason that drinking and driving is so frustrating and devastating is because it can turn rational and good people into poor decision makers. Many people who decide to drink and drive are not irrational people, in fact the reason they decide to drive while intoxicated is because they can rationalize why they can drink and drive. They may tell themselves that it will be just this one time, or that it is so late at night that no one else will be on the road or that it would cost too much to call an Uber or that their destination is so close that they would be home before a cab had a chance to show up or that they only had a couple of drinks. There are so many seemingly rational ways to explain why it is okay to drive but the fact remains that nearly one-third of all traffic related fatalities are linked to driving while intoxicated. Despite the fact that anyone who choses to drive drunk has made a terrible decision, it is wrong to judge them based on this one action. This is something that I personally struggle with a lot, I am quick to blame however it is important to remember that these people have usually done so many other good things with their lives. We must focus on that to honor the life they lived while also learning from the mistakes they made.

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Drinking and driving, unfortunatly this happens more often then it should. Many families are torn apart because individuals refuse to admit that they are drunk. When my husband was a young adult he was invited to a party. He was on his way when his grandma called him. She told him it wasn't a good idea to go, but ultimately it was his choice. He felt guilty and decided not to go to the party. That evening a bunch of people got drunk, one of them was killed in an accident as she was driving home. My husband could have easily gotten drunk that night, he could have been one of the stupid ones to drive home drunk, he could have been the friend that died that night. Thankfully his grandma called him. Thankfully he listened and chose not to go, but it could have been him. My husband hasn't had a drink in over eight years why? Because eight years ago his friend died and he doesn't want to risk being the next friend that dies. He has a family now, he has responsibilities now, and he doesn't want to leave his family because he had to much to drink. Unfortunatly people die or are injured because of drunk drivers. They don't drink, they don't drive drunk, and yet someone who does drive drunk hits them and injures them. I have a friend who's father is a pastor. He has never had a drink, and he is a safe driver. A few months ago he was driving home after visiting someone in the hospital. A drunk driver ran a red light and hit his vehicle. The drunk driver walked away without an injury, the pastor however ended up in the hospital with injuries. He is fine now, but it could have been much worse. People feel as though it is their right to drink, as though they have enough control to drive, but it has been proven time and again that they don't! If someone wants to drink they can, however they need to be responsible and have someone else drive them home.

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Drinking and driving should never happen, but despite the public education and awareness, people still drink and drive. I am no better because I used to do that as well. There are random DUI (Drinking Under the Influence) checks, and when I barely passed my DUI test which consisted of the walking test, breathalyzer, and the eye test, that was my wake up call to stop drinking and driving. The media clearly covers many incidents where there are deaths involved from drinking and driving. The results of the survivors related to these events are either severely injured physically, cosmetically, and paralyzed for life. Thinking of how people are suffering in the result of drinking and driving should be enough motivation to prevent others from drinking and driving. I understand it is not always easy to resist the temptation. When you're in a social gathering and peer pressured into drinking without being aware that you are driving, it can be a challenge to resist drinking. I ask my friends who drink and drives this question, "would you trade your life to satisfy your needs to drink and drive?". That question usually gets many people thinking, and it works in convincing people to stop drinking and driving. My friends and I prevent this issue by catching an Uber if we are confident that we will end up drinking in an event or a social gathering. There are penalties for being caught driving while under the influence of alcohol higher than the legal limit. I had friends who had their drivers license revoked for an entire year due to DUI. The consequences are not worth risking for because those that drive on a daily basis for commuting, driving is a necessity. Especially those who live up on the high hills on top of a mountain will require driving to commute anywhere. The best way to prevent drinking and driving is to not risk it at all in the first place. Find a designated driver or catch a cab if anyone is planning to drink when they're out.

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I am an advocate for safe driving. A drunk driver hit my mother when she was a child. My mother was riding her bicycle when a random car ran a stop sign and hit her. The person never stopped, they continued driving. As a current college student, I must say safe driving is heavily enforced at my school. We have free ubers and "joyrides" as my school calls it. For me personally, driving under the influence is such a despicable crime, I cannot understand why so many people continue to do it. Lives are in danger, not only the driver but the passengers as well as whoever is around. With the option of calling a taxi, an uber, lyft, or even bringing a friend along to be the designated driver, there should be no reason behind driving drunk. I heavily enforce this among my friends. If every person enforced this concept around other people, it would help illuminate the number of DUI's that occur. An adversity of mine that I have overcome was dealing with a drunk step-father. My step-father always drinking a bottle of beer, always found reasons to put his hands on me. He would physically and mentally abuse me during my pre-teen years. Growing into my teenager years, I began to count my days for when I went to college. This how I tried to overcome my adversity. Now I am off to college and out the house so I do not have to deal with that situation anymore. However, I find myself going through a new situation with school. Every government and school scholarship I apply for, it forces me to include my step-father's income since he is married to my mother. However, that is extremely unfair to me because although he brings a lot of money to the family, he does not even give me a dollar for my schooling. That leaves me without financial help from the state and my school because of his income, when his income has nothing to do with me. But this adversity I will overcome and I will find a way to pay for college, and that will be another story to tell.

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Imagine an average Friday or Saturday night, you're relaxing at home after a long week of work instead of going out with friends. You put on the newest movie arrival on Netflix on, and settle in. All of a sudden, you get a call from your friend who went out. You answer to hear "Accident, she's hurt bad," and try to unscramble the words your friend is spitting at you. You manage to find out where they're at, and find your one friend being pulled out on a stretcher in an ambulance. The car they were driving had a smashed windshield, and the driver's side couldn't be seen. You notice the other car, a truck, and see that the driver for that one was barely injured, but still being tossed into the back of a cop car, screaming belligerently, and drunk. Your friend who was driving hadn't had a lick of alcohol in her system. Yet, she was still injured and thrown into danger because of someone else's poor decision to get behind the wheel way past the legal BAC limit. Your friend now has to go through surgeries, medical bills, trauma, and a car. The other driver could face jail time, and has to live with his choice for the rest of his life. Choosing to drive while intoxicated is the most selfish thing anyone could do. I've heard all of the excuses, from "oh we can just take back roads," "I'll just drive a little slower," "I only had a few shots usually I'm hammered from at least six," and "I've done it before and it's not that hard." Taking the risk of your own life, people in the car with you, and other drivers, is unjustified. Deciding to stay sober behind the wheel, or to get an Uber or drive with a sober friend, is the best decision when going out and could save several lives. Being smart and acknowledging the real-life risk you take when driving under the influence of alcohol and deciding not to could be the best decision you make.

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The irresponsibility of drinking and driving is one of the riskiest decisions a person can make. I believe that people should not drink and drive because of the tragic events that drinking and driving create. There have been multiple times where incidents are televised of vehicular accidents that result in death or life changing injuries due to a motorist driving while under the influence of alcohol. These and other reports later televised display the repercussions of that individuals actions, leading to incarceration, license suspension and depending upon how many offenses, license revocation. These damaging effects on families who have lost loved ones due to such a selfish act are irreparable. It is understood that driving under the influence can lead to reckless driving. There a host of options to avoid this, a designated driver who opts to maintain sobriety to ensure the safety of others or various car service options to ride in. Having a DUI on your record may affect your employment and/or personal relationships. It is inevitable to avoid punishment once caught in the act of drunk of driving and because of the safety concerns involved, a lesson must be taught and hopefully learned. I am fortunate not to have been a victim of drunk driving or a passenger of an individual that didn't value their own life enough to be a responsible driver. I have witnessed the outcome of someone else not behaving with the respect for others to not drive under the influence. This coupled with not wearing a seat belt resulted in the driver being ejected from their vehicle to their death and the passenger suffering injuries that to this day have affected their quality of life. I don't advocate drinking at all and not because I'm against alcohol, it is just a personal preference of mine. It is up to everyone to know their own limits and once a person feels that they are reaching the cusp of those limits he or she should submit themselves to self-control. As with anything done in this life, once an individual goes through with something, good or bad it is irreversible. Why compromise your freedom, the life of yourself or someone else by driving a vehicle intoxicated.

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Drinking and driving is a very bad idea for many reasons. Besides the fact that it's illegal, it can severely mess up your life and other people's lives. As soon as someone makes the conscious decision to drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel of their car, they're putting everyone's lives at risk. Be it theirs, any potential passengers', and everyone one else on the road's as well. The decision to drink and drive even affects more people than just these as well, because as soon as someone is injured or killed in a drinking and driving accident, that person's family and friends are affected by the accident. Too many people to even count are affected by people choosing to drink and drive. I myself have been affected by it, not seriously but still affected. When I was a sophomore or junior in high school one of my best friends was severely impacted by a drinking and driving accident involving his cousin. Unfortunately, it was cousin who had made the decision to get behind the wheel of his car after drinking and wound up seriously injuring himself and killing someone else. He got in a wreck with that person, killing them on impact. He was hospitalized for his injuries and had to stay there for months as he was in a coma. My friend kept telling me he wanted his cousin to wake up and get better but also not at the same time, because him waking up meant he'd have to face the reality and consequences of his actions. Long story short, his cousin is still serving his sentence in prison for drinking and driving and killing someone in the process. My friend's cousin's actions affected so many people in my hometown and my friend refuses to drink and drive as a result. So some good came of the accident, but unfortunately only after someone lost their life. I could go on and on about why drinking and driving is bad, but one of the biggest risks of drinking and driving is that people could lose their lives over it, and honestly it's not worth it. Nothing is ever worth taking someone's life.

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The reason why you should not drink and drive is because no one wins and lives are lost. It's no secret that drinking under the influence can lead to some pretty serious consequences and penalties, A DUI charge on your public record can negatively impact your life, both personally and financially. You can lose your license, you could lose your job, you will face a hefty penalty for the crime, and your arrest will become public knowledge. You will be forced to live with guilt knowing you killed or injured someone. Knowing you killed someone or seriously injured someone is something you have to live with for the rest of your life. When you drink and drive you are not only putting yourself at risk and innocent people on the road, but you are putting the person that in the car with you in danger of losing their life. Three years ago a close friend of mind lost their love one in a hit and run and she was devastated. My best friend had to leave school and seek therapy for what happen. Who wins in this situation? No one, when this happen I was so lost because it was my family and I ask God way did this happen. My thoughts is if you go out to drink and you know you can't drive call a taxi, uber, lift or a friend everyone. If you kill someone while drinking and driving you will have to live with it and pay the consequences. If you get behind that wheel and someone dies it will affect your family and the victim family. I have experience lost of a good friend a sister. I have over come this tragedy by praying to my God everyday and asking him to forgive that person.

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I grew up in a family that has a long line of addiction struggles. Growing up I witnessed a lot of questionable decisions being made by the adults in my life. My grandmother has had over fourteen DUIs throughout her life and has almost taken an entire families life because of her problem. She still stuggles today with her dependency on alcohol and her struggle with self control to no get behind the wheel. Seeing someone I once looked up to make the decisions she has really changed my view on drinking an driving. I have taken a sobriety oath to never drink and drive. It breaks my heart knowing that there are people out there who get behind the wheel intoxicated. Putting other people's lives in danger isn't something to take lightly. I've leaned through my families mistakes that drinking while under the influence is not something I ever want to partake in and will spend the rest of my life advocating against it.

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We were coming home around 11:00 o'clock at night, headed west bound on the 210 freeway, when I awoke to the sound of my dad's voice speaking worriedly into his cell phone. I stirred from my drowse in the passenger's seat of his Ford truck, and took a moment to become aware of my surroundings, and then I saw it. Ahead of us the freeway was clear, save for one small Toyota truck swerving maniacally between all four lanes of the freeway. It felt like a dream at first, as I had never witnessed a drunk driver in my life; the car was throttling from left to right, nearly wiping out a small sedan that had built up enough to courage to try and pass. It was a frightening experience primarily because the young man driving could have run into the center barricade at any given moment or crossed paths with the few cars trying to accelerate ahead of it. My father spoke urgently with the California Highway Patrol on his phone and within minutes after placing the call, a black and white Ford Explorer emerged from behind us, lights flashing rapidly. At last the small truck was pulled over, though with some difficulty, and just as we passed by the CHP and truck, I saw the driver- a teenager no older than myself, perhaps eighteen. For the remainder of the evening I began to wonder why the kid had been drinking and driving in the first place and why on earth he was on the freeway! The recklessness of one drunk teenager nearly cost the health and safety, if not the lives, of many other innocent drivers that night and that infuriated me above all else. People should not drink and drive primarily for the safety of others, whether it be a passenger or another car. The cost of wrecking one's own life is great but harming or killing those around you is far greater. Anyone who even considers driving while being intoxicated should consider the immense amount of damage they could do during that brief amount time in their lives. Seek an alternative means of travel where you are the not the driver, but someone sober and coherent is. Nothing is worth the cost of your or someone else's life. Nothing.

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My parents, teachers and coaches always preached to me that drinking and driving is the most selfish and despicable behavior. They would say things like, " A DUI will ruin your life," or "you could kill yourself, or someone else!" I heeded their words and never committed the act but the weight of those words, the true burden of drinking and driving was unknown to me until I joined the Theta Mu chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta. A few semesters before I started, a loved and devoted member Annie Morgan McCloud was struck and killed by a drunk driver. Watching her parents softly weep, and plead with us to stand against drunk driving and protect ourselves and our sisters from what happened to Annie was heartbreaking. Although our class may have been to young to be blessed with meeting Annie, her vivacious spirit, love of dance and dedication to her school and sorority were tangible to every member. Since her tragic death Theta Mu has been dedicated to keeping UNCW students safe and alive. An annual dance showcase is held to memorialize Annie and her iconic love for dance. Our homage to Annie gives Theta Mu the chance to provide students with tickets for discounted taxi rides, seminars on responsible alcohol consumption, and as of early 2017 a fully endowed scholarship in her name! Having graduated from UNCW and on my way to the University of Arizona for law school, it is my goal to take the passion Annie's legacy inspired with me to a new campus and through my law career. No matter age, education level or whatever other meaningless parameter people use to justify their intelligence, everyone should have a constant, tangible reminder just how despicable drunk driving is. We should ceaselessly fight for awareness, prevention, and proper prosecution until no parent, sibling or friend ever has to bare the weight of such a careless and preventable loss.

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Many years ago, when my sister and I were just young children, our parents were almost taken away from us. They were nearly killed by a stranger, by someone who chose to get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol. My mother and father were on their way home to us after an evening of running household errands. They spent the first half of their car ride recounting the day's events and discussing what to make their daughters for dinner that evening. In an instant, the conversation stopped. When my mother awoke, she opened her eyes to the sight of red and white flashing lights approaching. Their vehicle had collided with a utility pole after a van, driven by an intoxicated driver, had stricken the broadside of their car. The van driven by the drunk individual had careened into the passenger-side door and had propelled my parents' vehicle clear across to the other side of the intersection they had been preparing to cross. My father's head pressed against the wheel as he sat unconscious in the driver's seat. The driver of the van walked away, unharmed. By the grace of God, my parents survived that accident, and they are alive and well today. However, for so many others, this is not the outcome. When individuals make the decision to drive while under the influence of alcohol, they put themselves at risk. More importantly, they put others at an even greater risk. Imagine if my parents had not survived the accident. If that were the case, not only would the drunk have ruined two lives, they would've ruined four. They would've ruined the lives of their two young daughters waiting at home for their return. Too often, families lose loved ones and friends due to the actions of complete strangers. These strangers are those who decide that they don't care enough about their own lives to care about the lives of others. To this day, my family advocates for driving safely, and for making smart decisions when getting behind the wheel. My sister and I are the lucky ones - the ones who did not lose their parents. But what of those who did? What happens to them? It is the responsibility of people like us, who know how much damage a drunk driver can do, to spread the word of how important it is to drive safely. We must never let anyone forget how dangerous driving while drunk can be to not only themselves, but to everyone around them.

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In this day of age of drinking and driving, it has reached its panicle in some ways. According to a 2015 research study from the Department of Transportation, found that nearly 30 people die every day from drunk driving. But what's more frightening is that according to a study published in 2015 from the University of Michigan, they estimate that almost half of all 10th graders drink alcohol. The sad part is I have some of my old friends that like to drink, and in some ways, it makes me kind of depressed thinking they could be the cause of them being seriously injured or killed over something that's so easily preventable. If there's an absolute fact of about how I am effected from distracted drivers, it would be from the lack of judgment from young drivers to make better choices. It puts unnecessary hardships both emotionally and financially for families to go through. But what we do today as leaders within our nation and community we can help lower the amount of driving accidents that occur. What we do on a continual basis is from the actions we do repeatedly to form habits. While just passing laws and regulations sounds overly simplistic to stop drunk from driving, I don't think it builds an incentive for people to hold them more accountable to them self and the problem. I think what would motivate people to be more accountable towards their actions would, if as a nation and a global community we could grow our leadership skills. From my experience, leadership skills is a critical asset in to solving problems. Leadership skill quality I think is measured by how well we are influencing other people to do a greater good and set examples to follow. I think this concept can be applied to both our national leaders but as well to a community. However, I think there is an opposite side of the spectrum as well. According to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2015 the U.S. Government showed that 44 billion dollars in alcohol related crash costs were found annually. This is a tremendous amount of money being spent on this. I think the government should help fund better influential public service announcements. I feel a lot of the commercials you see today (In the U.S.) don't bring the true reality of the very real consequences of drinking and driving. But this can come from the current advisements we see today. A lot of the commercials I see try to down play the reality of what could happen, which to one degree to another makes me kind of upset. It's both a waste of time, money but doesn't influence true realities. That is why I think local, state, and federal leaders should help found public service announcements. I think how we can instill better leadership skills in younger drivers is to have public service announcements on social media platforms. According to a 2016 report Pew Research Center states that nearly 80 percent of high school readers use Facebook. I think if there would be advertisements on Facebook of public announcements, it would help influence young drivers who are also drinkers to teach them to make better choices currently or in the future. Many people I think underestimate the true realties of distracted driving, so let's education them before it too late. References Department of Transportation (US), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Traffic Safety Facts 2014 data: alcohol-impaired driving. Washington, DC: NHTSA; 2015 [cited 2016 Feb 5]. Available at URL: http://www-nrd.nhtsa.dot.gov/Pubs/812231.pdf Miech, R. A., Johnston, L. D., O'Malley, P. M., Bachman, J. G., & Schulenberg, J. E. (2015). Monitoring the Future national survey results on drug use, 1975-2014: Volume I, Secondary school students. Ann Arbor: Institute for Social Research, The University of Michigan, 599 pp.. Blincoe LJ, Miller TR, Zaloshnja E, Lawrence BA. The economic and societal impact of motor vehicle crashes, 2010. (Revised). Washington, DC: NHTSA; 2015. [cited 2016 Feb 5]. Available at URL: http://www-nrd.nhtsa.dot.gov/pubs/812013.pdf Greenwood, Shannon, Andrew Perrin, and Maeve Duggan. "Social Media Update 2016." Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech. N.p., 11 Nov. 2016. Web. 23 July 2017.

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Regardless of how much someone claims they can drink and still be fine, you should never let anyone drink and drive, because the consequences can be fatal. It is incredibly sad how easy it is to find someone who has either been in a drinking and driving accident or has lost someone in one. Both of my parents had multiple stories to tell me about people they've lost, or even witnessed get into fatal accidents due to drunk driving. The worst part is, most of their stories took place in high school, with friends either drinking and driving or being killed by someone who had chosen to drink and drive. Driving instructors and other adults in my life have always made it very clear to NEVER drink and drive, under any circumstance. I personally have been incredibly fortunate to never have been in or know anyone who has been in a drinking related crash. However, after researching the real costs of drinking and driving and hearing first hand stories, I was quick to realize just how widespread the issue is in our country. "On average, one in three people will be involved in a drunk driving crash in their lifetime" (NHTSA). One in three people will BE INVOLVED in a drunk accident, that is insanely high! After reading about this statistic, I went and asked my parents what drunk driving experiences they've had, if any at all. Neither my mother nor father had to take more than a second to think, they both instantly responded with a "yes". Both of my parents had friends in high school that died because of drinking and driving or because of a drunk driver. Luckily I have made it through high school, without ever experiencing and drinking and driving accidents or even knowing anyone who has, I have been incredibly fortunate. As my mom went on, she said that after witnessing her friend die in an accident, she could not drive on that road for an entire year since the horrid memory and fear of it happening to her stuck with her. Another terrible story that I was new to me was learning of my alcoholic grandpa being arrested for drunk driving when my mom was only a year old. I have always known that my grandfather was an alcoholic, but since he has recovered, I never knew the extent of it. I asked my mom for more details, but my grandpa had never really opened up about his drinking. Because of this example in my mom's life she has always been adamant about setting a good example to her kids and rarely having more than a single drink at a party, but absolutely never getting behind the wheel after she does. Which has taught me and my three other brothers a lot about the dangers of alcohol and the importance of safety in a vehicle. One of the most important reasons that nobody should ever feel like it is acceptable for them to drink and drive is because you do not only unconsciously put your own life at risk, but every other person that is on or near the road at risk. We have all heard it a countless number of times; alcohol impairs you, you can't make decisions as well, you can't control yourself like normal, and your reaction times are much slower. Of these three things that you lose after having a few drinks, are all absolutely crucial to operating a vehicle that is capable of ending in a fatal disaster. My dad told me a story about his high school friend who decided he was okay to drive after drinking at a party, but when he went around a corner, he couldn't react fast enough to control the car. He ended up flying off the road into a tree and died in a burning car because of a single bad decision. Another instance I heard about was another drunk driver who drove into oncoming traffic on the highway. The drunk driver was unaware of his actions driving head on into a head-on collision with my grandpa's good friend. His friend ended up dying, being decapitated by the steering wheel of his car, and leaving his wife severely handicapped from the impact. The drunk driver only suffered minor injuries. All because the driver was not able to process what he was doing under the influence. Which has to be the most important thing; the biggest reason that you should absolutely never get behind a wheel or in the car with someone who has been drinking is because your life is not the only life at risk, the life of every other driver, biker, child, etc. that you pass become endangered all because of one decision that could be easily prevented. It only takes one time, one bad judgement and you could ruin not only your own, but countless of other lives. But there is a simple solution: have plan if you are to drink, have a sober driver, give up your keys, as long as you do not get behind the wheel, you can prevent so many unnecessary deaths. That is exactly you should not drink and drive. EVER. Works Cited "Drunk Driving." NHTSA, 29 June 2017, www.nhtsa.gov/risky-driving/drunk-driving#driving-after-drinking. Accessed 8 July 2017.

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People should not drink and drive because it can cause serious consequences. Many people do not think much of it when they get behind the wheel after they have been drinking. I have been told most of my life that drinking and driving is a dangerous activity. Schools always put posters up about drunk driving and yet people still do it. My personal experience about drunk driving is watching my dad take these kinds of cases into his lawyering practice. I have seen pictures and he has told me about the thousands of dollars in damages and by hearing about it and seeing things like that, it has made me think about what and how to avoid drunk driving when I am get older. It has made me think about situations more carefully. The way to avoid drunk driving is to be the designated driver, the designated driver should never drink because that person will be the one to take everyone home from the event that evening, and if they drink, it does not matter how many drinks that they have, they increase their chances of getting in an accident or being pulled over by a cop and being charged with drinking while driving. Drinking effects your ability to make decisions and it clouds your judgement on things. You think you may be driving fine, but in reality any kind of alcohol in your system will affect the way you drive. There are lots of ways to find reasons to decline a drink from a person, one just has to make the right decision and have a reason not to take the drink from them because if one does, then the person will put thier life in danger and the lives of others, and then that may lead to the person getting arrested, or having a fatal car accident. People have a choice to either take a drink or not. Their next decision lies in their hands.

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Drunk driving. A disturbing topic that is brought up every single day. An unsolved problem that has utterly effected millions of people. A reoccurring nightmare that has destroyed the innocent lives of many. We ask ourselves a question that may never be answered, and that question is simply, "Why?". After witnessing these awful tragedies through the local news, social media, or sometimes even in person, many people still manage to get into a vehicle after consuming large amounts of alcohol. I personally knew someone who was killed in a drunk driving accident. We were never close friends and we never hung out, but I would see his face almost everywhere. His name was Michael Wells. We competed against each other in a wrestling tournament about a year before the incident. He defeated me 4-3, but it was one of the most hard-fought wrestling matches I've ever been in. On Friday morning, May 9th, 2015, I can clearly remember my mother waking me up to tell me the horrific news. Mike was dead, along with two other teenagers. It really didn't hit me until I attended his funeral. Seeing the appalled expression on his fathers face and hearing the shakiness in his mothers voice really got to me. The whole entire family was absolutely traumatized by the dreadful loss of their beloved son. To this day, I still can't imagine what his family is going through. So therefore, Why shouldn't we drink and drive? Because life is precious in so many ways and it is truly a gift from God. My question for you is, why would you want to take the risk of losing this beautiful life of yours? Leaving behind the mess of your wrong choices for your loved ones to deal with is truly disgraceful. I deeply think about what I have experienced and how sincerely blessed I am to have parents who have raised me with the morals and values to make wise choices. We can avoid this problem from happening by: taking away someones keys after they've drank; or calling someone who is sober to pick them up. All in all, drunk driving should not even be an option for someone and every single one of us has the power to avoid making this vile decision. Think about your life and the ones you love before getting behind the wheel drunk. Every individuals life is a precious gift, and it's most definitely not worth losing. So now ask yourself; Is it worth it?

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Last fall, I threw my mother a surprise engagement party. After a fun evening of celebrating, I stayed behind another hour or so to make sure I felt comfortable driving home. As 10 o'clock rolled around, I decided to make my way home. On the last 30 seconds of my commute, I pass a local, townie bar around the corner from my house. This particular night, as I am about to pass the bar, a large pickup truck speeds out of the parking and starts doing donuts on the middle of the road. Terrified, I had to swerve off to the side of the road and I immediately called 911. The truck continued to do donuts until it started to drive off down the street instantly hitting a tree on the side of the road. The driver miraculously was able to back the car up and then speed off into the night. This night was probably one of the most terrifying of my life. As that truck almost hit me, I swear I thought I was going to die. It didn't help that I was in a new car, which made me even more nervous. This was also the night I told myself I would never get behind the wheel of a car under any kind of influence. I can safely say I have never been fully inebriated while driving, but there were a few times I may have been borderline questionable. I am obviously not entirely proud of that, but that experience made me realize that I would never want to make anyone feel the way I felt that night. Like most people, I unfortunately know at least a few people who have left the earth too early from drinking and driving. One of those people was cousin, John. I didn't know John super well as he was about 8 years older than me but I have been told a million times by my family that I remind them so much of him. Even though his accident was just over 12 years ago now, our family still aches and feels the effects of his passing. Leaving behind your family and loved ones if just not worth the risk.

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Love is an intense concept; a deep and passionate emotion experienced for or with other people, it is something felt more than described. I believe Love is everywhere; it is breathed, felt, seen, and even smelt. Love is the foundation of our closest relationships, yet it is too easy to forget the importance of loving others. Dylan never forgot this. I met Dylan in September 2016. He lived a few doors down from me in my university dormitory. When I first met Dylan I was utterly blown away by how much happiness spewed out of him! From the moment I met him he loved on me, and I continued to witness him do this to every single friend that he had. In fact, Dylan's life motto was the scripture 1 John 4:19, "We love because He first loved us." Making people feel loved was Dylan's highest priority, it was his daily pleasure. I felt Dylan's love in a multitude of ways; hugs, smiles, compliments, and warm hands. Everyone that knew Dylan knows about his hugs! Dylan was family to me, he was my brother. After a long hard day it was the best feeling in the world to return to the dorms and see Dylan. He would come on the hall and dish out hugs left and right, and they were not just typical hugs. He would wrap his warm arms around you, smile, and squeeze until you made him let go! This was love; it made you relieved, warm, and happy. This was Dylan's personality, he was a teddy bear and love encompassed the entirety of who he was. On April 13, 2017 everyone in the dormitory was heading home to be with their families for Easter weekend. We were all packing up our belongings and saying our goodbyes to each other. I walked down the four flights of stairs to the bottom of the building to leave, and I saw Dylan and his girlfriend in the lobby. He walked up to me, gave me one of his usual tight hugs and said goodbye. I wished him and his girlfriend a happy Easter weekend and told them how I could not wait to see both of their faces the following week! Dylan and his girlfriend were the last people I said bye to. I got in my car with my things and made the long six hour drive home. That night when I arrived home around 11:00 PM, I was happy to see my family again but extremely exhausted so I began getting ready for bed. As I lied down I received a message from my residence advisor at 12:27 AM informing my dorm hall that Dylan had been in a car accident and that he was not doing well. We later found out that he had been in an accident on the freeway at around 9:30 PM, as he was heading home to be with his family for Easter. He was only in a minor fender bender on the freeway, which set off the airbags and prevented his car from starting again, leaving him stranded. He called his mom to let her know that he was in an accident. She told him to stay put and call 911. Dylan put on his hazard lights, called 911, and while he was waiting for California Highway Patrol there was a distracted driver behind him. The distracted driver was not paying attention, saw Dylan's car at the last second, and swerved sharply out of the way. There was another person in a pick up truck traveling behind the distracted driver. By the time the distracted driver swerved, the man in the truck had no time to stop and plowed into the back of Dylan's stopped car at 60 mph. Dylan's airbags had already deployed, so with this second impact Dylan's head hit the steering wheel. Dylan's mom and dad were on their way to the scene to pick Dylan up and take him home. When they arrived all they saw was a smashed car, glass everywhere, and their baby's head laying out the window. No one should ever have to witness their child in such a condition. In one second Distracted Driving harmed my friend, and altered his family's lives forever. Dylan was immediately taken to the UC Irvine Medical Center for treatment. No one knew the extent of the damage in his body. He was put into a machine to have a CT scan taken of his brain, where doctors found extensive bleeding and swelling and immediately took him into surgery. The surgery was successful and it seemed that there might be some hope. In fact, we found out that there was absolutely no damage to Dylan's body from the neck down, which was fantastic news! All we could do is cross our fingers and pray that Dylan pulled through this and that his mind and brain would fully recover. For the next two and a half days the doctors continued to do tests on Dylan, and assess the condition of his mind and body. I could not help but stop for a minute before I began writing this, to reflect on why I am explaining all of this in the first place. One distracted driver, one drink, one text message, or tap of the radio, one slight turn of the head, just one second; that is why I am writing this. One second and one person who was tempted by Distracted Driving damaged my life forever. Distracted Driving can harm your life too. From the second I received that first message from my residence advisor my heart sank, and it ached. It felt like someone tore my heart out of my chest, covered it in lacerations and placed it back, it was unlike anything I had ever felt. To make me feel even worse, while all of this was happening in Irvine, CA, I was stuck in Northern California for Easter weekend. I tried to be productive on Friday and Saturday but my body was like drying cement. I sat in my room, informing people of what was happening, staring at my phone waiting for updates, and just hoping I could see my friend again. On Sunday I was in the shower getting ready for family to arrive. I was still silent, confused, and motionless. I just wanted to know what was going on at that hospital. I got out of the shower, and finally, there was a notification from Dylan's family! This moment was the most heart wrenching moment of my life. The doctors ran tests and concluded that all the parts of Dylan's brain that make up his personality and character were beyond repair, on Easter Sunday Dylan was brain dead at 19 years old. I sobbed like I never have before. Dylan had a pure soul, he was a living angel, a rose. Within seconds, Distracted Driving took him and turned him into wilted petals. This was the first time I ever lost someone I loved. I thought this would be the worst of it, but the agony continued for four days. I could not handle all the emotions that were running through my body. I packed up my things, and drove to Irvine, CA. "Why him? Dylan is one of the nicest people I have ever met… I feel like I haven't spent enough time with him," I wrote in my journal that day. A single distracted driver robbed me of the time I should have had with Dylan. I only knew him for eight months and he felt like family; I cannot imagine how his parents and two younger sisters felt. I arrived at the hospital Sunday night and stayed there on and off through Wednesday morning. "I hope to never see a friend on life support ever again. My heart is heavy, every time I go up the elevator to see him I get quiet… I want to talk to him but I feel like there is nothing to talk to. His hands are still warm. It reminds me of all those big warm hugs he used to give me," I wrote in my journal, "It's gut wrenching; hearing the 10 pumps put chemicals and fluid into his body, and the in and out breathing of the ventilator every 4 seconds." I was in that hospital for three whole days and every time I went to see Dylan I cried when I thought I had no tears left. Wednesday morning I had to say goodbye to him. The doctors took him into surgery so that he could donate his organs to save lives, Dylan is a hero. Those last five minutes with him were the hardest; holding his warm hands for the last time and walking out of the hospital are moments forever engraved in my mind. That Saturday was the funeral. I could not believe that I was actually attending my friend's funeral, it felt unreal, events like these were not supposed to happen. When I arrived, his mom told me that she decided that I would be a pallbearer. She gave me a flower to wear, I smelled it and it made me happy for a moment. It reminded me of Dylan's tenderness. I had to help carry his casket to the front of the stage during his service, and I had to lift him into the hearse at the end. This is something I thought I would never have to do, and it is hard to comprehend that all of this happened because one driver was not paying attention. The next day the flower I had worn wilted and dried, and there was no more sweet smell. It was the perfect analogy to how I was feeling. The following Monday was the burial, where I carried my friend to his final resting place. Once he was set in the ground, we grabbed flowers and reflected on all the greatness that Dylan brought to our lives. When we were done, we tossed these delicate flowers down onto his casket, it was an emotional sight to see. I knew that eventually these flowers would die, and the petals would fall. However, I am glad that the last view I saw was of these vibrant, beautiful living flowers resting on top of Dylan because it was a reminder that his soul lives on. A single distracted driver changed my life forever. Distracted Driving ripped away my friend, and took him from his mother, father, and little sisters. He is the reason I felt hopeless, the reason I experienced so much pain. Distracted Driving is the deepest pit in hell; scorching, humid, and destructive. Do not let Distracted Driving fool you, he tempts you with text messages and Spotify playlists, but he is connivingly toxic and wants to end you. Do not drink and drive. Drive responsibly and do not let Distracted Driving harm your life and your family. Because of Distracted Driving I had to say goodbye to one of the kindest people I know; I had to carry my friend to his grave and see him buried. The only tangible reminder I have of him is the wilted pallbearer's flower sitting on my desk.

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It only takes that one time in order to ruin or end your or someone else's life. I am saying this because driving under the influence (DUI) is a disease in our society and you won't release the danger you are in until it is too late. The infection is so bad that nowadays the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is studying DUI in order to reduce the number of impaired drivers on the street. The statistics say that every year 10000 people died from DUI related incidents and still millions of drivers decide to drive while impaired. The police are doing their part by arresting 1.1 million people for DUI last year, which is equivalent to 1% of the adult population in the U.S. Sadly, on average a person will drive under the influence 80 times until it is caught or it is involved in a crash. For the police, it is hard to look for all DUI drivers because sometimes a driver might seem fine on the road but their reaction times can be up to 25% slower just with two beers on them. What many people do not understand is that in many circumstances DUI crashes are not only due to the impairment but to speed, road construction, pedestrians, other non-DUI vehicles, animals on the road and many other factors. Just like I started my essay, it only takes one time for that combination of factors to cause an accident. During college I work as a resident firefighter and an EMT, which gave me many opportunities to see the horrific scenes of a DUI crash. The one I remember the most was a vehicle that crash against a tree, the accident was reported as a single passenger accident. During the rescue procedures, the driver just kept saying he was going to die for being drunk while driving. The next morning, police was called to a nearby farm where they found the body of the driver's best friend who due to alcohol and shock from a brain bleed decided to walk towards the farm. If you care about yourself or your loved ones, do not take chances of getting pulled over or being involved in an accident because it only takes that one time to kill your best friend and live the rest of your life with it.

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The best way to avoid drinking and driving is to have someone else there to hold your drink or go around with a stellar straw built into the top of the car that hangs down above the seat and allows you to suck while driving. The end of the straw would go into your drink that would be secured in pocket behind the head rest of the seat. No more will hands be needed when you wish to drink and drive.

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The question of whether or not someone should drink and drive is one that should be rather easy to answer. That answer, of course, is never under any circumstances should someone consume alcohol and then drive. Unfortunately, many people in today's society disregard this common sense, whether it be because of overconfidence or just pure reckless negligence. What most of these people do not realize is that they are making one of the most selfish, insensitive, and dangerous decisions that they could possibly make. Not only are they jeopardizing their lives but the lives of everyone on the road between them and their destination as well. They do not even take into consideration how it would affect those that care about them or those that care about the potential victims of this person's drunken vehicular locomotion. While the person who decides to partake in the consumption of alcohol should be responsible enough to make the right decision and not drive while intoxicated, it sometimes falls on others to help out in order to avoid a potential tragedy. Being the designated driver for a night out with friends is a role that I am no stranger to. Make no mistake, it is a role that I gladly take, as I know that having a sober driver at the wheel is the difference between us having a fun night instead of us having our final night. Though I am not happy to admit this, there has been one or two times where I had to coerce and practically force my inebriated friends into my car in order to prevent them from making the terrible decision of driving themselves home. Though a bit of a crude statement, I would happily clean up the puke off of myself from them once we got to their house if it means that they get home safely. I am no hero for doing this, I am merely doing the right thing. In conclusion, drunk driving is never an acceptable thing to do. While the fact that it is illegal is another reason not to do it, the biggest reason is that doing so can potentially ruin not only the perpetrator's life but the life of everyone around them as well. Drinking can be a very fun activity, as long as it is done responsibly. Drinking responsibly includes making responsible decisions, which includes making sure everyone gets home in a safe and responsible manner. While choosing to not drive drunk is an easy decision to make, it is still a very important one. Choosing to take a gamble and drive drunk may be the last decision that person ever makes.

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Drunk driving can harm more people than one might assume. When you drive drunk, you are putting not only yourself, but those around you, at risk. Being drunk makes you lose full control of your actions at the wheel and it is very likely that you will crash into something, or someone. Someone could be on their way to the grocery store with a child in the back, but get struck by a drunk driver in the process, and suddenly that child has lost a parent. Sometimes the people in the accident get out unharmed and sometimes they don't, but this is not something you would want to risk finding out. My mother was in an event involving a drunk driver. It was snowing that day and the driver of the other car happened to have been drinking alcohol before they got in the car. Their vision was impaired and the roads were icy, this resulted in their car hitting the car my mom was in, right on the door. My mother had to be taken to the hospital since her entire left side was injured. Even over twenty years later she still has a knee issues and has to have a few surgeries to correct the bone misplacement. This is a situation not to take lightly and there should be some precautions when encountering a possible drunk driving incident. People's lives shouldn't be harmed by something that can be easily prevented. The obvious way to prevent this event from happening is to just not drive drunk, but that can sometimes be easier said than done. Frequently people believe they are not as drunk as they really are, and they still continue to grab their keys and get in the car. There needs to be more designated drivers to stop this from happening. If there is one sober person for every four people who have been drinking, then there might be less drunk driving accidents. It just takes at least one person to be responsible and stop someone from making a bad mistake. I have personally overcome the issue by being one of those designated drivers. I find it extremely important for everyone to get home safely and I will not hesitate to stop someone from wanting to drive drunk. People drink and people drive, and they aren't going to just stop doing either, so there must be more awareness on the issue and people may learn to be more careful.

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Many people think that a drink or two will not affect their driving and implore that they are ok to drive out after leaving the party. Although some people realize they had one two many drinks when its far too late I think its important to always have a designated driver. Drinking is fun, as a 21-year-old I think I can say that. But its important to think of the big picture. Imagine being a drunk driver and in the car next to you there's an old man who has cancer and only has a few months to live. Imagine driving behind a woman who has had 3 miscarriages in the past 5 years and now that she has made it to the third trimester you ruin it all for her by being irresponsible. I think of others on the road as if they were my family. I don't want to think of someone's dad not coming home because of a drunk driver or someone's family member for that matter. Drinking and driving is unacceptable because everyone is going through their own battle and a drunk driver has no right to have so much control over someone's life. Just because the drunk driver decided to make a bad decision it does not make it okay to put others lives in danger. If you are capable of ordering a drink for yourself at the bar, or get a drink from the cooler at the party then you should be able to make arrangements for you to get home safely. There are so many transportation applications you can download now a days and free taxis exist! It is just a matter of doing a little bit of research. No one can save you from a deadly crash so you can be your own hero and save yourself by not drinking and driving.

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Drinking and driving can be deadly. You should not drink and drive because you can get in an accident. If you cause an accident and someone dies then you go to jail. You do not want to go to jail and wish what could of been if you had not been drinking and driving that night. The pain will also be too much because you will feel guilty that it is your fault that someone died and not only will you have to live with that everyday but the parents of that victim will too. For example, my cousin was a victim of drinking and driving and was left with life changing injuries and damages. He could not talk or walk or really do much of anything. It was like he was here but he was not here. He survived like that for six years until 2015. Now, imagine how I felt having to see my cousin's husband like that? Imagine how she felt having to watch her husband in that condition everyday? A person should never have to go through that so please do not drink and drive. Drinking and driving can lead to a DUI which can lead to you losing your job or not getting one. If you have a DUI,most of the times, a job will fire you or not hire you because they do not want someone that could be potentially dangerous. Not only has a job seen your DUI but your community could have heard about it too. With your community hearing about you drinking and driving, that could potentially hurt someone or have already hurt someone, they would not want to deal with you. They would not want to deal with someone who can cause harm so they will be extremely cautious. That being said you can also lose friends and even your family for being so reckless. Another example of drinking and driving was my mother getting pulled over for it and going to jail because she was being rude to the officer. That was hard for me because I had to watch over my siblings and make sure they were okay while she was in jail because we were all she had at the time. I also had to worry about was she okay in jail and when she was getting out ? After she got out of jail she stopped drinking and we worked on making sure she would never drive and drive again. You should not drink and drive because the consequences can be life threatening. You can also experience emotional damage by reliving that moment everyday which only hurts you more. You should not drink and drive because it not only saves your life in the end but others as well.

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