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Temecula Wine Tours for Couples

Temecula Wine Tours for Couples By Posted on 6th June 2023
Temecula Wine Tours for Couples

The picturesque vineyards and beautiful rolling hills make Temecula Valley one of the top romantic destinations in Southern California.

Couples looking for memorable experiences in fantastic settings have everything they need to create long-lasting memories:

  • Guided tours and romantic picnics at the vineyards
  • Exquisite wine tastings and wine-food pairings
  • Dining in beautiful outdoor settings

Guided Tour and Romantic Picnic at a Vineyard

You don't have to wait till Valentine's Day to show your loved one how much you care; plan a romantic escapade to Temecula Valley. The local vineyards are renowned for their relaxed, fun atmosphere at their tastings and the quality of their wine selections.

Make a day of it and surprise your special someone with:

  • a wine-tasting tour at two or three wineries
  • visit one winery and take in the stunning views while sipping wine on an outdoor patio

Wine Tasting and Wine-Food Pairings

Nothing says romantic better than red wine paired with chocolate, and the wineries in Temecula offer quality wine paired with artisan chocolate, cheese and other delicacies. The local wineries offer a wide selection of wines for wine-food pairings, from light fruity roses to full-bodied reds.

Here are some of the beautiful wine-tasting rooms for romantic couples:

Dinner in a Beautiful Outdoor Setting

Take your significant other to a romantic dinner at Temecula Valley's restaurants. The top restaurants offer special menus created by award-winning chefs. According to OpenTable, these are the most romantic restaurants voted by diners:

Couple's Getaway With Aall In Limo & Party Bus

What can be better than a couple's getaway in Temecula? Share the experience with other couples and invite your friends for a winery tour.

Add some extra fun to the mix and book a deluxe party bus so that you can bond, laugh, and chat on your way to the wineries.

A professional chauffeur will pick you up and treat you like royalty all day. All year round, we drive couples in style to Temecula Wine Country for:

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