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Safe Driving on Board of a Limo

Safe Driving on Board of a Limo By Posted on 1st June 2022
Safe Driving on Board of a Limo

Safety is one of our major priorities and top concerns when we are on the road with our clients.

At Aall In Limo, we ensure a safe drive for our chauffeurs and customers by paying particular attention to:

  • the latest regulations
  • valid technical requirements

Therefore, we thought it would be useful to provide you with a quick overview of some essential tips and vehicle features that can enhance your driving security.

Safe Driving Tips

Whether you're driving or lying comfortably in the back seat, here are some basic safe driving tips you should consider before getting on board:

  • Get a traffic information GPS if you can - they are more expensive, but they are worth every dime. This system is constantly updated with information like traffic incidents and roadworks.
  • Make sure you've got your essential gear with you:
    • first-aid kit
    • tire change tools
    • jumper cables
    • flashlight
    • flares
  • Always keep the useful items at hand - distractions are the leading cause of car accidents. So, stay focused on driving and avoid searching for things like garage passes while you're at it.
  • Always mind the other drivers - this is the golden rule of safe driving; watch out for your fellow drivers. Try to anticipate their moves and be ready to avoid any sudden actions.
  • Create a space cushion - try to have a 2-second cushion between you and the vehicle in front.

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Prior Vehicle Inspection

At Aall In Limo, we thoroughly inspect all our vehicles before allowing our drivers to embark on a new journey. This puts us at ease and helps us ensure a safe and worry-free ride for our clients.

Vehicle inspection is still necessary even if you're not a rental car service provider because technical flaws often lead to accidents and personal injury cases. So, here are some fundamental aspects you should consider:

  • perform a prior vehicle inspection every time you go on a long journey
  • always check to see if you have a spare tire and jumper cables
  • the first aid kit and extinguishers should always be there in case of emergency
  • quickly check if your locks, lights, windows, and air conditioning unit are working properly before you set off

Legal Regulations

Legal regulations are vital for passengers' security. They are also essential factors in the case of a car accident claim. Every driver must be well aware of these rules that are meant to protect all of us while we’re out there driving.

In our domain, we deal with a specific set of regulations established by the US Department of Transportation that we strictly follow:

  • driver's qualification and medical exams are compulsory
  • driver's qualifications have to be recorded and updated
  • chauffeurs must comply with the allowed driving time limits
  • they all have to be able to present records of their duty status
  • all inspection, maintenance, or repair proofs have to be kept

Security Features

Last but not least, here are the best security features most modern vehicles provide:

  • driver seatbelt reminders
  • child seat anchorages
  • curtain and side airbags
  • car crumple zones
  • tire pressure monitoring systems
  • traction control
  • auto emergency braking
  • electronic stability control (ESC)
  • gear shift indicator
  • strong cabins fit for severe impacts

Our passengers' well-being and security are our top priority. We’re sure you feel the same when you offer someone a lift, so remember to be cautious and drive safely!

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