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Tips to Get the Most out of Your Party Bus Rental

Tips to Get the Most out of Your Party Bus Rental By Posted on 18th April 2021
Tips to Get the Most out of Your Party Bus Rental

A perfect way of transportation for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and other events is renting a party bus. This is also a great way to safely transport your family, friends, or employees to all sorts of events.

Below you can find some tips to make sure you get the most out of your party bus rental. Most of the companies want to have more details about the event so they can:

  • work out decorations
  • get tickets
  • take care of bookings on your behalf

Some companies specialize in such events. You should also have a good idea of the number of people attending the event, the number of hours that you will need service for, and the distance you expect to go.

Pick Your Route

Are you going to have a simple trip from Point A to Point B, or are you going to plan several stops at various places along the way? You will need to inform the party bus company about the route since many of them charge for fuel. Plan the itinerary beforehand and let the company know of it in order to inform your chauffeur.

Make Sure You Understand Party Bus Rental Prices

Every company has its own payment structure. Hourly or flat rate, the prices will vary. Make sure you understand any additional charges like fuel or any other costs. As advice, check just to be sure that they do not have any hidden payments that you will discover after the rental. Ask about the policy and how much you will be charged if you go over the time you initially settled. The price stated in the contract will be the final sum you will have to pay for the services you requested.

Pick Your Party Bus

Make sure you select the vehicle that fits your event. If you do not check the details, you may not have the elegance you wish for, so make sure to inspect the vehicles before you decide. When you check your party bus, verify every light and inspect every electronic device. If the bus is not in perfect shape, move on or report the malfunctions so you will not be charged for them, or you can negotiate a lower price.

Most companies providing limo transportation services will:

  • allow their clients to see the vehicles they own
  • provide their clients with all the necessary information about the vehicles' amenities, extras, the number of passengers they can hold, insurance, rates, and everything in between

Make Party Bus Rental Reservations

You should reserve a month in advance and confirm the reservation within a week before the event. Even if you are planning to rent a party bus for a wedding or another event that does not have a flexible date, the reservation should be made as far as a year before.

Select Your Refreshments

The fun part of renting a party bus is that you can party while onboard. Speak with the company about its policies and contribution to food and beverages. Some of the companies will let you bring your own food and beverages.

Select Your Music

Even if some companies offer radio or satellite radio, you may want to bring your own music on a CD or iPod. You will have to discuss this aspect in advance. Most limo companies have:

  • iPod docking stations
  • surround sound systems
  • subwoofers
  • connections for iPods, MP3 players, tablets, and others to set the party mood

Always Tip Your Party Bus Driver

It is a normal thing to tip the driver 18 to 20 percent of the initial tour price. Still, many companies have this tip already added to their full price, while others leave the tipping to the client.

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