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Don’t Drink and Drive! Call Aall In Limo & Party Bus for a Sober and Safe Ride!

Don’t Drink and Drive! Call Aall In Limo & Party Bus for a Sober and Safe Ride! By Posted on 12th February 2018
Don’t Drink and Drive! Call Aall In Limo & Party Bus for a Sober and Safe Ride!

You may think that millions of people do it, that there can be no harm in just jumping in the car and going home after a few drinks.

But you would be wrong because alcohol can affect your:

  • judgment
  • depth perception
  • motor function
  • vital skills

When you put the keys in the ignition and start driving after drinking, you are not only risking your own life, but you are risking the lives of others as well.

Of course, no one can put a price over the value of a person’s life; still, the risk you're putting yourself and others when driving under the influence of alcohol will always be a huge one. Not to mention that the minimum penalty for the first time DUI (drinking under the influence) conviction in California can be quite tough:

  • approximately $1,800 in fines
  • 48h in jail
  • three months restricted license
  • the obligation to attend a certified alcohol treatment program
  • driving privileges suspended
  • possible vehicle impound
  • 3 to 5 years probation period
  • alcohol/drug testing

Other financial effects can include:

  • an increased insurance cost
  • having a criminal record
  • days missed at work to attend treatment programs
  • court appearances

'Don’t Drink and Drive' Campaign Awareness

It’s not difficult to imagine how one wrong choice can cost you somewhere around $10,000. One other important aspect to have in mind is that the amount of drinking actually makes no difference. Whether you’re a bit over or well over the limit, the consequences will be just the same in the eyes of the law.

These are all of the reasons why we joined the ‘Don’t drink and drive’ campaign and why we encourage our clients to help us raise awareness over this issue by posting on their social media the importance of staying safe and not driving under the influence of alcohol. Also, we are providing you with a useful tool that will show the effects of different blood alcohol content levels, and we offer a few tips that you can rely on in order to avoid DUI, as well:

  • Drink zero alcohol beers when going to a party
  • Make sure you always have a taxi number on your phone
  • Hand over your car keys to a friend who stays on soft drinks all night

As expected, we are not alone in this – others have also embraced the ‘Don’t drink and drive’ initiative, important names such as:

  • Ad Council has a very strong position on drunk driving prevention. Since they launched ‘Friends don’t let friends drive drunk’ campaign in 1983, more than 68% of Americans stated that they have tried to keep their friends from driving after having a few drinks. Aall In Limo & Party Bus supports Ad Council in the struggle to raise awareness over the dangers of DUI.
  • THINK is calling on friends to look out for each other and don’t let someone drive if that certain ‘someone’ is under alcohol influence. THINK really gave this some thought, and so did we. Raising awareness over the dangers of DUI is crucial, especially what concerns the young generation.
  • ‘Don’t risk it’ also has some nice planning ahead tips for those who want to avoid getting behind the wheel while not entirely sober. We think they have some pretty interesting ideas that are worth getting checked out.
  • ‘Drive Safe SD’ gets a little bit more real. Their ‘Don’t mess with death’ campaign sheds some light on the situations in which people lost their lives in accidents caused by alcohol consumption. We share their point of view, as the dangers of DUI can sometimes be really inconceivable.

Aall in Limo & Party Bus Is Your Trusted Designated Driver

Bottom line, it would be best to keep yourself and your friends safe if you’re planning to go out and drink a few beers.

Here, at Aall In Limo & Party Bus, we offer the best solution around to go out, party hard, and get back home safe and sound.

We are much cheaper than a DUI conviction too. So, choose to remain safe - don't drink and drive!

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