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VIP Limo & Party Bus Transportation for San Diego Brews Cruise

The Fifth Annual San Diego Brews Cruise is here! The San Diego Bay view is one of a kind, if you wish to enjoy it aboard the Hornblower Adventure Yacht, we will take you there in our stylish Limo or luxurious Party Bus. It’s all up to you, gather your friends that enjoy tasting a good beer and book one of our vehicles to take you to this fantastic event!

The Cruise Tickets Include:

  • 3 Hour Cruise of San Diego Harbor
  • Unlimited Tastings of all Limited Release Beers
  • Brewmaster Send-Off
  • Souvenir Cup
  • Access to all entertainment

San Diego Stone Brews Cruise

When: May 25, 2018, from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Where: 1140 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

Price: $79.74

The cruise will feature unlimited samples of over 20 different Limited Release and Iconic Stone Craft Beers, including special releases and limited production from guest breweries There will be two floors of entertainment including live music from Sega Genecide (90's and 00's Party Band), and local club DJ, Eddey Haze. 5 Star quality food will be available.

Tips on How to Enjoy Beer at San Diego Brews Cruise

Have a List of Beers and a Plan

San Diego Brew Cruise usually provides a beer list that is usually announced in October. This year there will be unlimited samples of over 20 craft beers. The participating breweries this year are:

  • Ironfire
  • Lagunitas
  • Thorn Street
  • Fall
  • Knotty Brewing Co

Make sure to check these breweries on your list and start planning what samples of beer you might want to try.

Remember to Balance Your Taste

Don’t begin by tasting a beer that has an international bitterness unit of 90 because you won't be able to taste anything after it. Begin by tasting lower and work your way up.

Make Sure You Taste the Beer

When you decide to start tasting beers make sure you take your time. Hints you should consider:

  • Aroma - smell the beer, because half of the taste is actually our olfactory perception. Wrote down somewhere in your mind that specific smell.
  • Appearance - Get a good idea of the look of the beer. The color, cloudiness and head retention are some of the main aspects.
  • Taste - When you taste a beer it is recommended to drink just half of the sample at first. Make a note of the properties of the beer (tart, bitter, sweet).
  • Mouth Feel - What did the beer taste like? Did it felt chewy, silky, fizzy? The texture will have an impact on your perception of the beer.
  • Second look - Finish the sample. Have you noticed any changes from the first taste to now? Did you experience a flavor that was not present in the first swallow? Most of the beers are very complex and can’t be fully appreciated with just one taste.

Store Information About Your Favorite Beer

The San Diego Brews Cruise will have many beer tasting samples, unfortunately, there is not enough time to learn about them all. If you find a beer that you really enjoy, write it down and put the info in your pocket. Later on, you can buy it and enjoy at home.

Last but not least hire an experienced driver

This annual San Diego event involves alcohol, no one would like to avoid drinking when there are so many beer samples around. Don’t worry about having to look for a designated driver, Aall In Limo & Party Bus is here to offer you transportation to and from the San Diego Brews Cruise. Our experienced drivers will be on time to pick you up and drive you safely and in style to this fantastic event. Choose between a Limo or a Party Bus and let’s hit the road!

Get to San Diego Brews Cruise With Aall In Limo & Party Bus!

Our experienced drivers will be on time to pick you up and drive you safely and in style to this fantastic event. Choose between a Limo or a Party Bus in case you need more space and let’s hit the road! Call us at 858.336.1894 and book your limo today!