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SDSU Offers a Professional Certificate in the Business of Craft Beer

In San Diego, the craft beer industry is growing as we speak. There are more than 100 craft breweries available in the city, which is why the city was recently named the Top Beer Town in the United States. Are you a craft beer enthusiast with a dream to open a brewery in San Diego? If yes, then start applying now at the San Diego State University.

The Professional Certificate in The Business of Craft Beer obtained at the SDSU is designed to train course attendees for the different situations they may encounter in the craft beer industry and to provide them the necessary knowledge to be successful in their business. The program has quite the lineup of on its advisory board.

Members include Karl Strauss, Aztec Brewing Company, Green Flash, Helm’s Brewing Co. and Prohibition Brewing Company. In addition, Bill Sysak, Stone Brewing Co.’s craft beer ambassador, will be teaching the introductory class along with additional lectures by Hamilton’s Tavern owner Scott Blair.

Essential Information About the Courses

Anyone with a passion for the craft brew community and a desire to open a brewery in San Diego should consider taking the course. Some of the advisors will be hosting the classes at their breweries, which means that course attendees will have the opportunity to learn from some of the most well-known brewers in the country. Due to the active participation of professional instructors, the courses give you the chance to experience the extraordinary world of craft beer by exploring the past and also the present of the craft beer history, trends in progress, and what will the future bring for this growing industry. The certificate has two levels: Level I is an Essential Certificate, it takes six classes to earn it and can be completed in one academic year; and Level II, which is an Expanded Certificate and it will take nine classes to earn it. This certificate can be completed in 1.5 academic years.

The advantages of the SDSU Certificate include the following:

  • Gives the holder the necessary skills to enter the craft beer industry;
  • Offers an active participation learning experience with tastings and more;
  • Gathers together industry experts in the classroom;
  • Reveals an overall acknowledgment of craft beer;
  • Examines the past and present history of the craft beer;
  • Improves craft beer knowledge for consumers and employees;
  • Prepares future craft beer representatives;
  • Provides industry connections and networking chances in the San Diego beer community;
  • Offers professional improvement and raises the craft beer knowledge.

2017 Summer Courses Information

  • CB 0001 Exploring Craft Beer (05/02 - 06/13) - This six-week course will take you on a journey through the world of craft beer, and will offer a general overview of the craft beer and its importance in nowadays culture.
  • CB 0006 Front of the House Management (05/25 - 06/29) - This course will last for six weeks and is made to provide students with the necessary tools in order to plan and manage a craft beer restaurant, bar or beer tasting room. The main topics include bar/dining, beer program management, event planning, staff training and beer tour management. Off-site classes will provide students a first look at the demands and rewards of partaking this great craft with its patrons.
  • CB 0010 Brewing Basics (07/06 - 08/03) - This course will be an extension of the CB 0001 course. Students will get a deeper understanding of the brewing terminology and also an insight on how raw ingredients and brewing practices result in the wide variety of beer styles. The goal of this course is to provide students a stronger foundation of the art of brewing, so that they may handle the needs of the industry in a more accurate and perceptive manner. The course will include multiple field trips.
  • CB 0011 Draught Systems (06/26 - 08/07) - A six-week course that will focus on the introduction of draught systems from Front of the House Management and go into detail regarding the different types of systems available. The topics for this course will include safety, equipment, layout and design and more. The goal of the course will be to get a better understanding of the intricacies of draught system technology.

Necessary Information: To attend the CB 0006, CB 0010, and CB 0011, you must be 21 years of age and have completed CB 0001: Exploring Craft Beer

Additional information:

  • All the courses have a date limit for registration, make sure to check the date and fees for your desired course.
  • Course sessions run from 5-8 weeks and are held once a week 6-9 pm.

Those who complete the first course will be able to take the Cicerone® Certified Beer Server Exam at a reduced cost of $29. In order to register for this program, you must be 21 years old. Each course will allow only one absence. For more information, call 619.594.1138 or visit

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